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  1. That's the exact same one I'm using. It would break my heart to do a clean re-install. Sooner or later I think you should implement the features of Advanced APB Launcher into the game itself. Some people don't even know that this launcher exists, like me for example, until about 1 year ago.
  2. LO goofball #1 "hey guys if we have to shut down the servers for that long we better choose a time of day when the least players are active on the servers or the community will have us hung" LO goofball #2 "nah whatever I don't care, shut it down during prime time, I gotta get home before Grey's Anatomy finishes"
  3. What a bunch of clowns these guys are. 10 hour "maintenance" during prime time. Are you making new weapon reskins? Clothing perhaps?
  4. What a great time, a 10 hour lunch break during prime time playing hours. You are even more slow-minded than Gamersfirst TEN HOURS?! Are you making Half Life 3? .
  5. I agree, how about you people who think this or that gun is too powerful learn to play instead.
  6. can you stop wasting everybody's time by working on your so called "weapons balance". the weapons were fine 10 years ago, the problem with this game has NEVER EVER been weapons balance. for those of you who complain about this or that weapon being too powerful, do some practice.
  7. today and the day before yesterday there was major packet loss (10%) for a period of like 6 hours. again, Citadel (EU), all districts. any effort to work this out, LITTLE ORBIT? or, you could just sit there and rake in money from ARMAS
  8. So some new district maps and contacts is what this game probably needs the most. Financial and Waterfront should be in a museum by now. Same goes for Abington Asylum.
  9. You don't want clanwars in an environment that is 95% random nothing is random
  10. also there is no way for clans to compete against each other, there should be some kind of system to set up clanwars
  11. People quit APB because of no new content, no new maps, not even new contacts in several years. And all the "new weapons" that they release are nothing but reskins of old ones. The game is great, but because of incompetent developers nothing new has been released since RTW sold it.
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