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  1. Just got the same glitch, this time the only way to get back weapons was to die. Little Orbit you need to fix this now
  2. I just had that happen to me for the very first time today, weapons disappeared when dieing with ammobox active in hand. All i had to do when i respawned was to click the button for consumables again.
  3. Just get sniper role level 16 and you get 3 slotted dmr
  4. You guys knows hoplite is a obeya reskin right?
  5. I only listen to Sublime when playing APB
  6. 'game updates link' just goes to the original announcement
  7. What's the current status of APB 2.1? Release date??
  8. That's actually a really good idea, and an easy fix.
  9. Little Orbit could you please make CROUCH and RUN so that the player can chose between "Hold" or "Toggle" just like you did with Markmanship? Also PLEASE rename the numpad keys to their proper names, if numlock off numpad4 becomes "leftarrow", numpad1 becomes END and so forth. This being a problem if you use RightShift for functions, rightshift disables numlock.
  10. I totally agree, 1vs1 is just boring and a waste of time no matter the outcome
  11. Any GM got any comments on this, it would be much appreciated.
  12. do you even know what numpad is? I'm not talking about some gamepad
  13. Can you please name the numpad keys "NumPad1" "Numpad4" and so on to avoid issues with people who uses RightShift when playing? To describe the problem here's an example, if someone has a function bound to Numpad0 lets say Crouch, when pressing Rightshift (Run) at the same time as Numlock0 turns it into INS, to which I have no functions bound. This has been a problem for me for years, shift button cancelling my numpad-inputs, or rather changing the input. APB is the only game that has not named the numpad keys individually, assuming everyone plays on WASD, which is certainly not the case Shift cancelling numlock would easily be fixed if the numpadkeys got their proper names, shouldn't be hard for you guys adjust this. Thankful for reply/help
  14. ikr, same thing every single time they do "maintenance".
  15. oh, and please make Temptress available permanently from JT store, mmkay? (it being unavailable and all.)
  16. Whatever it's been 6 hours, get your servers back online.
  17. Sounds great, just dont nerf any more weapons you goons
  18. whatever, I can't do it....we'll do it live!..........WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!!! (uninstall clean install) voila! effin adv apb launcher working again.
  19. 17:38:10 - Log: Exception handler starts. 17:38:10 - Log: Main thread is suspended. 17:38:10 - Log: UE3 memory allocator is unlocked. 17:38:10 - Log: Memory freed for exception handler. 17:38:10 - Log: ErrorCode : 0x73F92084 17:38:10 - Log: Create minidump. 17:38:10 - Log: Create internal minidump: \APBGame\Logs\2021.01.13-18.35.43-5116.dmp 17:38:10 - Log: Create an empty file for the internal minidump. 17:38:10 - Log: Generate internal minidump with MiniDumpWriteDump. 17:38:10 - Log: MiniDumpWriteDump for internal minidump succeeded! 17:38:10 - Log: Generate external dump file name. 17:38:10 - Log: Create external minidump: D:\APB Reloaded 2020\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2021.01.13-18.35.43-5116_Catcher.dmp 17:38:10 - Log: Copy the exception info to shared memory 17:38:10 - Log: Wake up APB_Catcher. 17:38:10 - Log: Wait for APB_Catcher to finish. 17:38:10 - Log: APB_Catcher failed! 17:38:10 - Log: Creating external mini-dump failed! 17:38:10 - Log: Process mindump file: \APBGame\Logs\2021.01.13-18.35.43-5116.dmp 17:38:10 - Log: kd.exe -z \APBGame\Logs\2021.01.13-18.35.43-5116.dmp -y "Lib/Release_USER;Symbols/Release_USER" -c ".ecxr;.lines -e;k 50;q" 17:38:10 - Log: Executable not found! 17:38:10 - Log: RunAppProc failed! 17:38:10 - Log: ProcessMiniDump failed! 17:38:10 - Log: Search for callstack text. 17:38:10 - Log: Callstack text not found. 17:38:10 - Log: Get GPF description.
  20. crash to desktop and wants to send crash report
  21. Lately when using Advanced APB Launcher I get this error message when trying to enter a district (game itself loads fine). ErrorCode : 0x72AD2084 Anyone who can help?
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