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  1. actually the first world war was because austria was attacked and germany being there ally defended them
  2. i mean remote det having no cd is kinda a fuzzy bunny esp if the player only plays around it it can be countered sure but with no cd an almost no down side to it it is far to strong
  3. yeah quite a few people do this typically people that already completed their daily for the day and find more enjoyment in disrupting others and being trolls then actually playing the game
  4. there were alot of people that liked the reduced RoF on some guns like the am-556 euyel( the open slot medusa) and typewriter to make them more controllable in full auto
  5. ive been asking for open slot ltls for ages but this is a way better idea considering it molds your favorite weapon into a ltl and be able to have high rof ltls but i think the biggest issue i foresee would be lmgs try capping a point with 2 lmgs raining stuns while someone is running cqc with a stun thumper or stun oca. also it would probably be best to make it a red mod since some weapons with current number would struggle to get a stun in a single mag with out EM 3 and fits the theme of red mods being combat mods( dont think that the right word for it) but red mods are rof/range/accuracy or recoil
  6. I know sometimes I have to close steam in task manager to fix my apb not launching
  7. again I grew up outlaw mc and was in outlaw mc three of the most important bi-laws for 99% outlaw mc is being of aryian decent, must have a Harley Davidson or American produced motor cycle no female patch holders
  8. but the point of the matter is the symbolism is very much a part of outlaw mc culture its part of what seperates 1%ers from yuppies and I may have certain undertones to my character and I have unpopular beliefs but clearly to the fact my character has looked this way for 7 years I clearly don't go around racial attacking people or yelling racial slurs because I have more then 700 dollars worth of cosmetics on my account and don't want to get blind sided with a ban. during g1 era I confirmed my symbol was fine but in the post about nudity was linked to a blog post from matt and he clearly stated no tolerance for anything related to Nazi germany.
  9. unfortunately the way updates and such work on console the likely hood of seeing a fix introduced during the event is very unlikely since and fixes they would want to implement need to be submitted to xbox for review before it can be published
  10. I felt the same way lol, granted I don't want to see a buff to the true ogre because its op as shit but the wind up makes it actually fair
  11. blm calls for the murder and attacks on white and police= hate grp Antifa calls and carriers out attacks against conservatives and anyone not part of there echo chamber= hate grp the confederate states had black soldiers and was not completely about slavery ( northern sates still has slaves after the war) the civil war was about the government over stepping there bounds and trying to dictate every part of southern states law yes slavery was a big part of it(also not all slaves were black irish slaves were actually more common treated worse and cheaper but they are white as white can be so nobody want to talk about them)
  12. im not against it I strongly believe people should have pride in were they come from and there culture im against double standards. u know they kind that promote BLM and Antifa as activist grps while the confederate flag was all but removed from American history for being "racist".... and not gonna lie im actually impressed with your knowledge of the Subtext of certain things and u say the line is drawn with non virtual hatred towards other races does that mean all the br players that bash America and Americans are also going to be banned. and about the atrocities committed by hitler during war are no worse then how isis or any other Muslim extremist hate grp act today or how stallin acted in his regime or how the majority of chinas super power leaders or going even farther back the atrocities of Viking and highlanders... they promote a highlander clothing pack yet they would no murder and pillage entire villages. how can u come down on a single person or ideology while turning a blind eye to the rest of it. I can understand running around yelling racial slurs and attacking people for the color of there skin and harassing people is not ok. but to ban someone for bolts is ridiculous
  13. the fact u don't know the difference between a 1 piece patch and a 3 piece patch just further proves your dad isn't a biker ( a hint for u 1 piece patches aren't outlaw mc but just a mc much like car clubs)
  14. lol when comments get deleted by moderators because they cant handle the truth (Orange is red Purple is black so green must be yellow)
  15. the black panthers im referring to are most definitely not the movie they are the black run hate grp that targeted and attacked whites in the 70s essential the black kkk. and racism is racism doesn't matter the color of your skin. Being in hog or any mc with a 1 piece patch isn't a "biker" they are what bikers call yuppies.
  16. make an enf and try ltl u will immediately appreciate how bad ltl really are I know its frustrating to deal with but a stun gun takes 8 shot to stun and fastest a stun will happen is 1.05 seconds were as most lethal weapons will kill in .7 seconds and on top of getting the stun u have to then run your patootie all the way to them and hope to get the arrest off with out getting flanked or the more common option a team mate kills your stun
  17. because its the lifestyle I grew up in and in a game about criminals bikers are who I side towards
  18. this would be one of the symbols that I have been using on all my toons for 7 years a back patch but per the ruling I just saw could get me banned and im not about to lose 700 dollars over a image that frankly I feel bad for u if u are so weak that is some how affects you
  19. then you clearly have never been around outlaw mc. the back of the "cut"(the leather vest with the patch) is always a pair of ss bolts among other racially motivated symbols I grew up out law mc and used to be in one until it stopped being about family and brotherhood and just was about drugs and intimidation. and frankly were is the line drawn ive seen players named kuntakinta and black panther themed characters but the only thing blatantly stated against the rules are your typical anything to do with white pride or hitler is not allowed... I mean if it really comes down to it ill just flip them backwards and now its an hindu peace symbol even tho 99% of the world doesn't know the difference
  20. So I feel im going to regret this post because im drawing attention to details about my own character that have apparently flown under the radar for the last 7 years... as drawn to my attention from the nudity post .my character is outlaw mc themed and has certain symbols that may be seen as offensive but they are subtle and match the theme of both my character and the game. how can u have an all out nothing can be construed as racist in a game sole based and designed around gang wars and vigilantes... for those that have never been apart of the life style most gangs and all mc clubs are racially biased and motivated
  21. just realized this is fallen earth forum mb
  22. I have a completely unbiased opinion because I didn't take part in the event or care about it but kinda funny how the red RIGHT next to the purple is the same color as the roses on the dress and the red on the arms yet the orange u have linked is the same color orange on the tiny patch on your arm. but please continue to try to argue that the 2 different shades of red and the one shade of orange are all the same color and further more the orange on your hems and the orange on your color bar aren't the same orange one is 3 shades lighter then the other
  23. They haven't??? every single thing LO does they get nothing but flak for, don't do anything they are cash grabbing, try to rebalaence the game flamed and told they are destroying the game and shouldn't of changed anything. people beg for new content the rushed out a holiday event so u had something new to do and nothing but hate and bashing. you cant say your aren't unappreciative while turning around bashing every little thing the company does
  24. surprisingly people are actually helpful in the dailys for the epidemic event like if u get a kill barrel holders hit up distric chat and someone will usually help u get it done I just lookeds and its actually under roles but it doesn't show u the rewards corisponding to rank
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