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  1. like i already said, they not gona bring the eu servers up, RIP
  2. You can play. Just tell me what Server/District you are playing at, so i can keep farming you.
  3. Solider Jacket Santa claws preset Fairy Legs Soldier Boots Fairy top Solider hat Can we get something else? >_< please?
  4. fix the server please, i can't play with 130ms.....
  5. like i already said before, they not gona fix it. >_<
  6. they gona also fix the server latency issue for eu?
  7. i just want my money back, i can't take this game fixes serious.
  8. nerf that shit! this gun is for noobs who can't get a f*king single kill. it doesn't even require aim skill.
  9. bla bla bla, no one cares.... -------------------------------------------------->Where is the server fix?
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