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  1. LCR is like little version of obeya, I loved it.
  2. you can all go to flaws stream and download config from there.
  3. Can I get ummm... u kno, 255 ? pretty please Character name: Asleepen Thanks in advance
  4. what is a point of making "100th" thread regarding that, there is alredy one by community manager, wait for her answer, simple.
  5. WaitWat

    Rule 28 - Recruitment

    I am part of this clan anyway, just did it for fun, im sorry sir, please dont hurt me senpai >_<.
  6. would be great if you could provide us with images of your error or something ? because from information you gave, that could problem with your CPU, or rams. or it also could be that you are running some software which is being detected as cheat, cus i saw a lot of "cheater" having simillar problems when they are injecting into game :D.
  7. Yes but no, he said that it could be a things but it will/would work a little bit diffrent than this guy said.
  8. I understand that /report still flags people ? or there is new way of "reporting" cheats/hacks ?
  9. So if I play on 4k tv, is this also consider as cheating cus I can see more ?
  10. WaitWat

    Rule 28 - Recruitment

    Name: Asleepen Age: 23 APB Game Time (Hours): 1138
  11. they could make what ea does with Battlefield, you wait in queue, and people with premium would go first in that queue. It would slove force join problem.
  12. I said it once and i will say it again. BE is easy to baypass put pain on in the patootie to maitain in, FairFight is good internal anticheat software. Even if someone manage to baypass them both, you still have GM running around in game. So I dont think we need PB+BE+FF. BE and FF is enough.
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