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  1. Yeah its not as simple as one man working 40 - 60 hour weeks for a year or so. Game development takes time, money, and man power. I wouldn't begin to expect even seeing a rebooted Fallen Earth in at least 2 and a half years, and thats if everything went smoothly.
  2. I've been playing on and off for god knows how many years now and something keeps on bringing me back to this game no matter what. It took me a while to figure out why I keep coming back instead of quitting, but I finally figured out that it is the amazing community that kept on roping me back in...(lets be honest I wasn't coming back just for the graphics haha). I understand that at the end of the day you can only pump so much time and resources into a project before you just cant justify it any more. On the topic of a revamp of Fallen Earth - I am quite weary of it. I am afraid that it mainly wont happen, that it will be drastically different from what i currently love about it, that it wont work. However, I encourage you to do what you feel is right for the game. Ultimately I'm disappointed that this is the end of Fallen Earth, I wish that it could have come another way. But i'm also glad that you've decided to shut it down instead of continuing to let it drag on meaninglessly. Hope to see y'all in the future - Mrcowsley
  3. I did not see anywhere where it said 4AM PST maintenance exclusively, maybe you mean 4AM EST which would be 1AM PST. They have always done maintenance at this time from as long as I can remember.
  4. I believe maintenance is going on today.
  5. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Now that sounds like a real pain in the patootie. I think we can all say that we appreciate the team working through this problem. Thank y'all
  6. All will happen in due time, at least we have a team that seems dedicated to actually updating the game. They can take as long was they want, it's all positive. or maybe a couple racks of baby back ribs
  7. We're not really entitled to anything, best to just be glad that they don't shut the servers down altogether.
  8. Hope everything goes smoother from here on. Sending thoughts and prayers
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