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  1. Okay, thank you! So its online when it happens to have future update?
  2. Hello there, I found the most crash-free solustion. If nothing up there helps you just make your "Fullscreen"setting to "Windowed Fullscreen". You will be able to Alt+TAB your game and it won't crash!
  3. Hello, I have problem loging in the OTW client. In the live one i m issue-free, but in the OTW I wait around 30 second "Contacting login server..." and after that gives me (error code 9) of the login. What should I do?
  4. Oh, I forgot some solutions that I made and didn't include into the post before. - Try to install up to date drivers for the Graphics card, for Nvidia trought the official site of Nvidia, because there are the best and newest drivers or if u have the Nvidia Expirience app, you can check for updates there. - Also can try to install new DirectX drivers. And before that deinstall the old ones. - You can try reinstalling the VCredists drivers. And it will be nice to say if there is solution to the crash when you minimize the game.
  5. Ooookay with so many things I've done, I finaly fixed it to work - be playable. I still have problem when i minimize the game and it crashes. But I tried to mess with the compatabilities of the APBLanucherprogram and APBprogram, and put them both to Windows XP(Service Pack 3) and it started. And it goes all good until u minimize the game. I've tried a lot of other solutions but this one especialy worked for me. I will list them here so one of them can help to other one with that kind of a crash. - Repair the game from the launcher - Go to Search(Win10)>Control Panel>System and security>And under the firewall tab the are subtabs one of them is Allow program trough Windows Firewall>after you enther there search for APB programs, like the APBprogram;APB_BEprogram;VivoxVoiceService; and allow both local and the public check(before that you need to press the button a little above that says something like Change Properties. - You can try to enter bios and disable internal gpu if you are using an external one (DESKTOP ONLY) - You can search for PCI Express options that could mess around with the GPU. - You could try all these solutions to "General Protection Fault" - https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000224.htm - Reinstall your game. Hope some of these help you! Only to make your game playable - but I don't guarantee 100% crash fix, because my crash still occures when i minimize my game.
  6. I didn't have any issues wehn installed the 8 gig of Corsair. But I really don't think that is the real problem. Now i don't have money in cash to try with 2X8 gigs of the same brand and model, but i will try only with the Corsair one. I didnt replaced any files, i just reinstalled the game yesterday twice, it's fresh install. I either tried to search a solution for this error code, but unfortunately is big zero on google.
  7. Here's an Google Drive link to the files of the log folder, and the dxdiag file. ---------> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jx14V2eFxaVmicMIPd-KbJOehmOSxqwe
  8. My sistem is: I5-6600K GTX 970 Evga SSC 12 GB of ram (one of 8 from Corsair, and 4 from Crucial, from the very budget ones. Gigabyte H110M-S2 SSD AData SU800 256GB HDD WesternDigital Red 1TB. But today is making, maybe, proper repair and scans carefully. Yesterday when i pressed the repair button made a repair for an a half of a sec. And i m not using injectors for hacks and so on, I have more fun without that kind of assisstance. I will see now what i will get now, after the repair if this problem occures again, i will send somehow the files, and some screenshots. P.S.: It will be of help, if someone tell me how I upload files here, becouse either I'm blind or this forum don't include that option.
  9. I spammed that button many times, unfortunately didn't work. Also tried twice. Somethimes not.
  10. Hello, i had a problem here, since a day... and i m having consistan crashes after the game load and start the spray sounds, after this crashes, gives me a Error Report, aaand i have either a "General protection fault!" and "Array bounds exceeded." in the error. I'm with Windows 10, and tried to manipulate the game with the compatability tab to start like a Windows 7, tried to update directX and still having the problem.
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