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  1. The only macro you should have is to spam your car horn
  2. It also has the best range for a pump shotgun, you can literally 2 shot someone at like 15-20m with it. If your hit is on point that is. I believe the damage it does currently is 93.
  3. Pretty much what the title says, I noticed after the recent patch that my game freezes for a second literally every time the server ms goes above 33. Anyone else noticing this? Because I know all the people I play with have this issue. It's getting pretty annoying when you are shooting at someone. Matt if you see this, any ETA on when you are planning on fixing this?
  4. 250ms is a lot of fun I played on Jericho with that ping for over 4 years. Only recently I have started playing on Citadel coz of the population problem on Jericho, the game gets a bit boring playing against the same people. Also I get 10-20ms on EU. yeah let's all start playing on a server filled with people who take everything so literal and to heart (if you're from eu then your forum title is fitting) Yeah coz NA isn't full of people like that. lol ... gross Same
  5. There will still be triggerbotters even if they do, do that... And in result the legit players will suffer coz there is no indicator that you're about to shoot someones hit box. They need to just look into patching out cheats more. But seems like they don't really care anymore then G1 even though they added Battle Eye.
  6. It could do with a very slight bloom buff but that's about it, it does hit max bloom with like 1 shot, which makes using it for what it was made for kinda useless. I use it quite a bit coz I prefer to ADS with all my guns and it is out shined by most SMG's that you can just hip fire. But yeah all I can really say is it could do with a very tiny bit less bloom but that's all! Plz don't make this gun op again...
  7. I don't really agree with the change because people with premodded weapons are now getting a gun with a lower fire rate then when they purchased it. Now the Temptress is pretty much useless IMO. And I feel bad for the people that actually bought an N-Tec with IR3 on it for example and now their gun shoots slower. The change itself is meh for me I don't really care about it because most of my builds don't use IR. It's not a huge deal but I would rather have the better fire rate in the long run so I won't be using that mod anymore. Bye bye IR3 N-Tec.
  8. The only thing I agree with is the removal of percs. Hell remove low yields too so I can stop getting spammed with them.
  9. It being good for most situations is exactly what makes it overpowered. You clearly don't know a thing about weapon balance. It's good in most situations, not the best. If it was pretty CQC I could just grab an OCA or PMG and counter it easy, if it was long/ medium range I could grab and Obeya Rifle and out TTK it. It's literally the jack of all trades of the game. It's already been nerfed and if it was nerfed again it would probbs be never used.
  10. If you think the N-Tec is op and its ruining the game, you have clearly not been playing the game for very long. It's just good at most situations, that's why its one of the most used guns in the game, so people don't have to switch weapon depending on the area. It's VERY easy to counter.
  11. Looks normal to me, atleast its not a 2v3 and you can't call backup. That happens to me everyday.
  12. yeah give the DDOSers exactly what they want that’ll show ‘em What do you suppose they do instead? If they just close them the ddosers have nothing to ddos, they will eventually get bored. Not saying they won't start doing it again though... Action needs to be taken clearly.
  13. They need to just take the loss and shut down the servers until this mass Ddos'ings stop, pointless keeping them up when they are unplayable.
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