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  1. Just give new accounts a separate district to learn in til rank 40 or so then dump them into 1 district type that everyone has to play in. Threat segregation only works if you got a huge population, something LO will never ever have in this game. It's literally the only fix and until they accept it and do it, new players will never make it past a week in this game and the ones that do will be bronze/silvers forever because they will never improve,
  2. Its easiest with 2-4 people. Someone just holds all the money and drops at max notoriety. The other 2 keep farming til they hit their money goal then they get max notoriety and lets the money holder kill them both, rinse, repeat. Pays pretty well really fast if the group is there to help 1 person get all the money vs splitting it multiple ways.
  3. "To hide from the majority." If youre gonna quote me please quote my entire statement. There's not a single rank 125+ bronze player who purposely stays out of gold/silver district for any reason other than to avoid playing them. They will word it however they want, some will go really far out of their way to deny the fact, but at the end of the day it's the truth. I mean look at it like this; in their kingdom of sand they are the kings and queens. But outside that oh-so-familiar sandbox, they are just peasants. So what's the point of leaving the sandbox? I dont blame a single player who plays Bronze district full time even if they are silver or even super low tier gold. I don't. It's not their fault they opt to stay in their comfort zone vs putting on the big kid pants and trying their asses off in a game that is super low population and full of super good veterans and cheaters who want to beat super good veterans. Theyre just gonna get caught in the crossfire and end up hackusating everybody they play against because they literally cannot tell the difference from the top tier vs cheaters. I dont blame them one bit for staying in bronze. Yes, it's a bad look. Yes, I agree they shouldnt be there or allowed to be in there. However, it's the game that allows it to happen, not the players. Place the blame where it belongs. RTW glorified noob stomping. I loved doing 4v8-12 missions in RTW and pubstomping everything. It was absolutely stupid af but it was hilarious. G1 fixed that only because having that many people in a single mission made their miserable servers shit the bed. And now that LO owns the game, they have so far shown they care about making Armas guns and game modes that no one asked for, while giving us the infamous SoonTM speech about content that we've all been waiting for, for damn near a decade at this point. There are literally players in this game who played this game when they was a kid and now they have graduated college and have careers. There's adults who played this game in college and are now married with children, holding master degrees. I had hopes LO would make huge changes to the things that made the game hemorrhage players such as dethreating, but I mean all I see is new armas guns and game modes that literally mean nothing to me as a regular player, all the while, so many bad aspects of the game that made the game lose players during RTW and G1's reigns are very much still here.
  4. I agree dethreating is a trashcan move and that it ruins the game. However, what I said earlier is still the truth. It's the system that is the issue. Missions arent and never will be balanced. Matchmaking will never be balanced. And as long as whoever is in charge of APB does nothing to force bronze players out of bronze districts at some point in order to actually experience the game properly, people will do whatever they can to stay in their safe space bronze district sandbox to hide from the majority. Just the way it is. I dont like it as much as you do; so down vote me some more please it changes nothing lol
  5. Lol you dont need a source. If LO was gonna do something about it they'd of done so already. While it may be on the list to fix in the future, it's not gonna happen anytime soon so get cozy. They're busy making new game modes for APB that absolutely no one asked for. So til the engine upgrade happens at the very least, it's pretty obvious that nothing is going to change. So get used to it, or convince your friends who ragequit to come back and push through the learning curve like the rest of us did already. PS: Downvoting the truth doesnt change the fact that it's still the truth sir. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news lol.
  6. Cmon now. The gold players or even silvers in bronze district issue goes a lot deeper than what you're presenting here. I mean with all due respect, leaving Bronze players to themselves makes them mid/high rank with a bronze level skillset, aka they will be bronze literally forever unless they go really far out of their way to actually improve. The fact that the game allows bronze players to have their sandbox to hide in all the way to max rank is absolutely ridiculous, absurd, and 100% counter productive. It's so stupid that silver and gold players have long since caught on to this stupidity and have spent years exploiting it because literally, why the fuck not?? It's the exact same reason why Gold players go to Silver districts. So getting mad at the players for playing the game, for literally using the tools given to them instead of getting mad at the actual mechanics of this game is the real problem here. The entire system is ridiculous and should've been changed back in 2007. There are a lot of other shooting games out there who allow new players to have their own districts, but they kick you out at a certain rank, forcing you to either commit to getting better vs better teams or get rolled forever until you quit. Games like this will NEVER cater to the casual playerbase. You put in work, you get work. Period. Veteran players who have put in years of work will almost always beat up new players and veteran players who live in bronze district will also never beat or be as good as top tier players because at some point in their APB career they decided to consciously settle at being bottom tier and spending their free-time beating up new players, giving up/AFKing/Hackusating vs veterans and acting important in social district even though no one's ever heard of them because they just live in bronze district. It's the game's fault this mentality even exists in the first place. Facts. Like it or not, there's no middle ground. There's no quick fix. This game does not and will not ever cater to new players. There are far too many factors new players must learn, from cars, to guns, to mods, map locations, solo tactics, team tactics, etc. The list is literally long as actual fsck. This isnt Halo or CSGO; you cant just get the generic FOTM gun and beat up everyone. It's not all about your individual aim. Look at former pro shooter gamers who stream on twitch who came to APB. While their aim is god tier, they got 100% bodybagged by silvers and 10000% decimated by golds. There's more to the game than making your gun go bang bang. And most people who try the game, get destroyed and quit, will never understand that because they can't see past themselves to literally grasp that concept. And because of that, it's pretty safe to say, they don't have what it takes to be top tier in APB. But then again, most people who play this game don't, hence why there are so many cheaters. And that's the way the cookie crumbles in the land of APB.
  7. Too bad damn near the entire population hackusates each other just about any time they are losing in a mission because they can't accept that there are players who are better than them or that some objectives are just one sided. Rip
  8. Great idea on paper, terrible execution. Definitely has potential to be way better though. Would've rather seen them "practice" on the god damn new engine though, even with all the screenshots on that other thread I still dont believe it's coming anytime soon.
  9. every single shooting game that has PVP, regardless of first or third person, has a toxic community. Making people compete vs each other brings out the saltiness in people. Ya know the type of people who throw their controllers when they die in 1 player games? Those guys lol It is what it is, and it's never gonna change so pull up a chair and get cozy
  10. regardless of if i agree or disagree with anything you posted TzickyT, good lookin out on writing real feedback
  11. killing people with their own guns is fun tho.. unless you are the one getting killed by your own gun
  12. 200-300 dollars for 2 bags of cans? bullllllshhhiiiiiittt!! lol
  13. hahahah that nfas video is top shelf shinis video is pretty good no body wants to ever give anybody credit around here damn haha
  14. No matter what any gaming company does, they cant fix spoiled kids who was raised by shit parents who just give said spoiled kids their credit cards to leave them alone so they can go do whatever they want on the internet as long as it leaves them alone.
  15. This community is aids and the vast majority of them including myself don't deserve anything from you on a personal level, with that being said, I appreciate the explanation and more so the apology to all of us. Real rap, good looking out. I hope the community realizes how different you and your company is from G1/K2 Networks. If they don't, they'll regret it later.
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