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  1. free tears like this are the reason i'll never play any district besides bronze, the legits don't cry enough when you grief them.
  2. first of all, that's simply not true, they are literally legally compelled, i will involve my lawyers if needed. i can report the violation to the appropriate authority and see what they say in that case then. that would be steam, at the very least and a pretty nasty report for the developers to have to deal with, i'd be wanting to avoid that if possible personally.
  3. the fuck is wrong with you and wanting people to be able to steal other people's god damned names? NO MEANS NO YOU smart, we've talked about this too many times already, stop asking.
  4. disclose the gold power box loyalty drop rate as well. you are legally obligated to do so now, just a reminder, but clearly you already know that... seriously, man up, cause that is a pay to win box, i've got approximately six legendaries all but two maybe three from those golden boxes, it's gotta be like 25% or better.
  5. so obviously this means we can now buy that permanent 3 slot explosives weapon (role still required obviously) with JT to avoid the constant 35k re-upping fee? cause if not, then you are literally the worst developers ever.
  6. well that just confirms my suspicion that there actually isn't any way to cancel it ingame via the armas marketplace the same way i activated it, which would have made sense, i'll be calling my bank about the fraudulent charge and getting a new debit card sent out in a few hours as well.
  7. add it to the list of things that should but will never happen because of the horrible excuse for developers we're stuck with. 1. motorcycles 2. flamethrower 3. akimbo 4. the tank 5. ride height adjustments in general (who cares how it works really) 6. legendary mods, not guns 7. functional hitboxes so bullets don't curve around corners after you
  8. i kinda knew this would most likely happen, i paid for premium with steam wallet last month and as i had a sneaking suspicion you stupid fucks have stolen a payment for a second month which i didn't ask for and also there is no way to cancel it either that exists. be warned, if you pay for premium with steam wallet it's impossible to disable the subscription.
  9. every ban should be a hardware ID ban by default, at least this way the retards who don't use brain wouldn't come back instantly with a different account. really get sick of literally every day another reroll blatant hacker who never loses, frankly if you're under r195 and gold you should be instantly-banned because you're either getting carried or you're doing way better than any actual newbie would.
  10. are you really as dumb as you think you are? it should NEVER be hard to at least get a 4v4 going, this is pathetic.
  11. jericho has been unplayably laggy ever since LO took over, guess we know who the ddos culprit really is.
  12. yep, sad but true, i don't know why the ignorant fucks think any of us are gonna play this trash without a reason and the only reason is something you can't get everywhere else.
  13. you noobs still fall for the "ddos" excuse? it's just LO cutting corners.
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