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  1. There is no one forcing you to play it, you might want to do like most of us did which was to quit APB. They are milking it like Rockstar does with GTA Online, many promises and none of them are yet in game and there is always someone else to blame due to the bad results. The "new engine" update that have been talked about for seven years will not be enough to caught people's attention to try on this game, due to the fact the new engine is already an old engine, which does not help in any scenario. There is only one option which is to rebuild the whole game on a decent engine, but for that would be required a decent and focused team not only of developers, but also the people that are in charge of this project leading forward which now is going backwards.
  2. I had strokes while reading the new roadmap, I do not know who thought of such stuff to be added, but more important is who accepted them? There are some really useless ideas that makes no sense at all and implanting them, will make the game even worse than it was previously. I do hope they pay some attention to topics like this one before starting working on anything from that list.
  3. I'd understand that sometimes we need to take some time out to release frustration, but when leading a project like APB Realoaded, where almost no one believes this project has any future, you just can not leave everything behind and kinda forget about the community that is willing to keep supporting this project and the team. It is a massive insult for those who still playing this even with a low number of players and more in specific the ones that still spending money here. At this point you can come with all the apologies, will not be accepted at least by me until some serious work comes out and really shows to us where this project is currently
  4. Looking how things are going related to this tittle, it might be put on sale once again. This project is not an easy one to work on, since it requires a lot of dedication, hard work and of course the most important thing, money.
  5. This is the worst topic I have ever seen.
  6. What a disappointment this is, Matt.... We have been waiting for too long and looks like no one is capable to complete the engine update and at this point no one will be available to finish it. I think LO should consider on finding a new development team capable to finish the new engine or starts from zero with a decent team that can make it in a short time. We know how difficult is to rebuild a game and not everyone can do that, but if you think your team is not capable and at this point, we can clearly see it, recruit new members or re-establish a whole new dev team capable to finish it. After reading the roadmap, I also think it is a good idea to keep updating the current client until the "new engine" is done.
  7. They only hear 7% of the community before starting working on any upgrade, that's the main reason behind this disaster.
  8. I'm sure you are not an active player or checking the news in terms of updates, you should give it a try. Why adding an older login screen, if they can do a better one compared to the previous? Think about what can be done to improve the game in general.
  9. at this point a suggestion to rework the OPGL would be better than a topic asking to remove it from a fight district. well.... you did Skeleton.
  10. There's no point of disabling certain weapons on a district which the focus is full PVP. It is just ridiculous asking to disable a weapon on a district like Asylum.
  11. It really depends what category you're looking for. OCA is the best option when it becomes in terms of close range, now in AR category you have a few "beats", such like URSUS and others assault rifles.
  12. Krapler

    Game modes

    Honestly, it would be something interesting to see in game and how players react to it. Now they have to work on new events to make it possible, since the ones you mentioned are special events for special occasions. LO is working on new missions as they said before, unfortunately we are not going to see new missions until the release of the new engine
  13. I don't think change the modifications itself will solve anything. at least this one specifically, LO needs to spend a bit more time exploring a way to balance every weapon category, so in this way things will work properly. Maybe increase de cooldown to avoid spam made by explosive guns.
  14. I'm sure nothing will be done until the release of the new engine. There is no point of advertising the game right now, since the team is full focus on trying to release the engine, advertising the game now it will drag the attention on a negative way with the current state of the game. So the best to do right now is wait.
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