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  1. Not permanent, best to rather buy them separate.
  2. Maybe your ticket wasn't legit or didn't belong on support
  3. considering the game is no longer developed by reloaded themselves, it isn't insane to think they should also change the name.
  4. not really, it is the same as shooting them on the butt
  5. they been pretty helpful so far to me, think it has to do with having a common sense and know to talk?
  6. it is more likely that they've turned a blind eye to it, in the same vein as they did with the troublemaker. It isn't illogical to know why. I rarely do this. But instead of crying over spilled milk, how about a solution that makes yukon fun and great to use, while also taking off the broken factor from it.
  7. honestly i am baffled as to why we have a green rank at all. Threat ranks are really badly distributed, nobody should get gold/silver that quick.
  8. I for one, think all gold players should automatically win a basket of fruits and a thank you note for enduring this community.
  9. hence the balance discussion, farts are too op, you can reduce the sound to ridiculous proportions.
  10. broke: using wide screens in apb for advantage woke: using VR to play apb
  11. would be hilarious if the employees from battleeye support, would come to your house to apprehend you from cheating in a video game.
  12. granted, but they are invisible i wish for salad and fish
  13. granted, but you pay a tax for each of them that gets invisible. i wish for a pair of fish
  14. granted, but you are required to pay for it, nonetheless also to bake me some eggs sometimes i wish i could discover the square root of rood
  15. Granted, but new years eve was cancelled and now you are in the middle of June. I wish i could substitute every pillow with an exact replica.
  16. she will be pooping kiddos in no time
  17. today i had this huge poop, so hard it literally made me unable to move in pain for over 30 minutes before getting ice.
  18. grand, but nobody can see it in the right order i wish i could wipe my butt instantaneously.
  19. well lets see how this turns out to be i honestly am not feeling optimistic, but cheers nonetheless
  20. yea that will show em nasty hackerinos who do they even think they are
  21. Congratulations, huge undertaking over that sweet gamer money was definitely worth it, instead of just playing normally or just sell your random animu symbol for some fast 100k lol.
  22. how many years did it took you to realize how pointless it was by the way
  23. a butt ton of discussion based on a assumption
  24. granted, but you don't control your urge to shoot an unsuspecting cactussaurus with ur lasorz. pew pew i wish by butt burps smelled like roses
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