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  1. This I wholeheartedly approve of! you have my thanks for saying this!
  2. You are aware how Ironic it is that you are saying this and that lootboxes by their very nature are the biggest form of abusive and predatory monetization in the entire games industry and that by just having them you are saying that you are totally fine with abusive monetization, right? If you want to do away with abusive monitization how about removing lootboxes entirely and show us that you are not about that abusive monetization
  3. There is a nice simple rule... If you have to ask about these things don't do it.
  4. To be honest the game does not have THAT many cheaters just people never want to admit when someone is better then they are so they default to "They can't be better then me they're cheating" to try and save their pride. If anyone wants any evidence of this just pay attention to how many times you get accused of cheating while playing the game, It pretty much ends up being whenever you have around 5/1 K/D ratio in my experience.
  5. You can use the Volcano it s just you do not have the Volcano... You can also use the Lootbox Tommy Gun... Welcome to the disgusting world of gambling box gaming where it does not matter how much you grind to get something all that matters is how lucky you are... I really hope Little orbit see how much loot boxes are scum and do away with them all together...
  6. I would not even call them Vigilantes, The Praetorians are noting but mercenaries for hire where as Teng has only came into it because he sees a way to keep control of the city if he is the one who gets rid of the crims and the Tigers are only seeing the current situation to become famous and that is all they care about, Not one of the factions gives the slightest darn about the city and the well being of the people, While a Praetorians or Tiger will not shoot at each other on the street the only thing they need is the slightest reason, Heck even if it was as simple as "If the Praetorians hand in the [item] they get credit, We can't have that happen!" or vice versa, "If the Tigers hand in the [item] They will be the ones getting paid, Stop them at all costs!" Or heck take an already existing mission, ONE NIGHT IN SOFIA, The entire missions revolves around Sofia making a video where she is giving a blowjon, who is to say that the Praetorians would not want the tape to black mail the Tigers with? As I said the two factions hate each other and only need the slightest reason to start shooting.
  7. The 4x4 vegas is so so far ahead of anything else it is not even funny
  8. Unlocking them once you hit R195 would be fine but honestly I do not like the idea of being locked into one sub-faction after you join them after R195 but say having the factions to pledge to after you max all contacts would be a nice way to provide a post-game grind where you would say unlock some extra symbols or even preset clothing assets or preset guns with custom skins. Heck it could even use an alternate levelling system, so when you click on yourself on the scoreboard it would show your rank and then both your faction ranks next to it. I do not think it would be best to promote levelling new characters with how much of a grind to end-game the game is and the fact that we start with limited character slots, not to mention if you pick the wrong sub-faction as your friends then have fun re-rolling... Alternatively you could have it as simple as just pledge to a contact of that faction and it counts you in that faction for matchmaking, So if you pledge to Tiptoe you are counted as a Bloodrose, Justin Teng for Praetorians, Ect...
  9. Both G-king vs Bloodrose and Praetorians vs Prentiss Tigers are lore friendly as long as we could pick our sub-faction as both sub-factions hate each other. Honestly I would love to see this!
  10. Wow not spoke to @Androvald @Aphadon in ages, how are those guys doing? Tell them I said hi please!
  11. Pretty much this, Well said LUST I would also add knowing what weapon your opponent is using and how to play around said weapon but that is kind of covered in point 2
  12. The 4x4 Vegas should be in a tier of it's own it is that much better then any other car and needs to be smacked in the face with the nerf stick It should be something like "S" Tier 4x4 Vegas "A+" Tier Yes, Nothing the 4x4 Vegas is that much better then everything else "A" Tier Continue list here Also the Bishada is really bad they need to buff that car as it can not hold it's speed and the acceleration is really bad, plus Nitro has little to no effect on it and is far too fragile when compared to Jericho - though the car does look great but that does nothing on a tier list.
  13. Can I ask a quick question Matt, If you are still reading; While on the subject, what is your stance on loot boxes?
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