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  1. If you need lvl up, u must play in financial and waterfront.
  2. If you need assets, I can help you, I have quite advanced knowledge in blender. Just give me a message.
  3. Many people are dedicated to stealing accounts and selling them on PayPal. That is much worse and nobody says anything.
  4. Roxane

    illegal websites

    Of course, I know, but the police should treat them as cybercriminals. For the malicious content they distribute.
  5. Many details are missing, such as shoes and hair.
  6. I think you have no idea what is the maintenance of an online video game. That Matt has risked buying this game and putting all his effort to keep our servers active, is already a pretty big fact, that they care about this video game. If any player bothers you, there is always the / ignore command ... Or change district. So many options ... And you come here to cry. You should be more grateful with what you have and be more respectful.
  7. Roxane


    Everything is your fault. You could have waited for the tarde system. : P
  8. Thanks for your constructive contribution If I win something, it feels better if, I know I've worked for it. Gifts for simply entering the game or waiting in the game ... no .. It makes you feel weak. Think a little bit. If there were gifts for spending an active time in the game. Everyone would be afk in the social district. For what ? To win a gift? pfff What's the point, log in once a day? To occupy the servers for nothing? ... sufficiently constructive?
  9. rewards for breathing ...
  10. Roxane

    Nerf Colby 45 ap.

    thanx, i use it as wallpaper now
  11. Roxane

    Nerf Colby 45 ap.

    wat ?
  12. Does anyone else have problems buying g1c with their card? I ask to know if it is the bank or the page. If someone else had the same problems, tell me how to solve it.