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  1. You evaluate, your skill increases, and you grow a 3 arm. Now it makes sense that he complains about the 255.
  2. Why is it allowed to use a name in the Russian alphabet? It is very complicated for other players to write their names.
  3. i can run it with 100 fps, but i have some mini freezes. (-10 fps / -20 fps)
  4. Sure, after talking *cough* *cough* crying for your ban.
  5. if 3 pages in forum talking about your ban is not crying...
  6. We will have our eyes closed for you. from now #SupportCrimeInAPB
  7. APB need new players, nop old ones who f... and bother everyone. Your problem is, you think you are a veteran player and that is why they should treat you differently from others. Stop having your ego high and if they banned you, they would be fed up with people like you.
  8. you tooo ??? I thought it was my new graphic, that it was wrong.
  9. Pues tendras poderes de gm.
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