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  1. You Israelis do strange things. Last week I was hacked by a person from Israel. So anything coming from you guys seems shady to me. First of all, why is your ISP banned APB? Don't you think it's a better idea to solve that problem? which is more important. Instead of bothering apb developers?
  2. Roxane

    Resolution change bug.

    1 - Change the resolution to 1600px. 2 - Change to full resolution. 3 - Change back to 1600px. Booom black screen videogame. I have restarted the game 3 times. I also repaired it with the repair button. And I still have black screen. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. Every time I play APB. I have problems with my right click. When I point, it makes me double click randomly. This problem happens in my 3 mice. So I think it is a problem of APB. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Or do you know a solution?
  4. i wanted to ask, if anyone has apb on linux. I would like to know how is the experience and if it is an optimal system for apb? (Linux ubuntu)
  5. If you waited 10 years, waiting 1 more is nothing.
  6. i can't select a character. do you have the same problem or is it just me?
  7. Roxane

    WTF Laggy names

    Have you heard about zoom?
  8. Roxane

    WTF Laggy names

    he passed close to me and my game was lagged af..
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