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  1. equ qejqe eqmweq eqneq eqieq keq eiq oa w eiqe qeql eif said asdk a oa adasd adoasldam eamv aisdadan OK ?
  2. Why have you closed this topic ??? it was so funny Vamos a hablar todos nuestro idioma en el foro durante un mes. Asa putem vedea daca ne intelegem sau nu.. or whaterver.
  3. https://www.techspot.com/news/74517-wow-player-sentenced-year-federal-prison-crashing-blizzard.html A World of Warcraft player has been sentenced and fined for conducting repeated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Blizzard servers.
  4. Every time I see a new player, I try to help him understand the mechanics of the missions. I even gave away many Bishadas 1s to several new players. I dont think we're so toxic after all.
  5. I mean, once you reach gold. And you're bad against other golds, you go back to silver. Thats what I want to say.
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