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  1. Blast you.... He told you not to say it. People need to chill. Enough with posting your grievances and years of frustration. I'm in the same boat goddammit. .. as many of us are. Relax....breathe, and wait.
  2. Cool your jets Mon Capitaine...... We have ALL felt the same level of frustration. But we are all being patient, as changes are in effect. Set an example for others.... or not.
  3. You have jumped the gun once again my friend. Did you not read the memo. You may want to reserve these types of questions/comments AFTER the next patch. The next patch will have an integrated Battleye solution. How you say..... "Premature Hackusation"........
  4. Westford

    Marksman Mode Bug

    I have experienced this particular bug maybe 3 times in a 7 year period of playing. The last time I experienced this was around 4-5 months ago. Lasted a few days, then goes away. Last night Tuesday 5/29/2018 , it was happening again. It only happens when enabling Marksman mode on opposition, does not happen when zooming in on objects or NPC's. So it's a constant batte trying to zoom in, or maintain Zoom, as I am immediately toggled out of zoom. Here are some links from the Old forum describing this same bug. Oct 2012 https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/298049-marksmanship-mode-bug/ March 2016 https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/395216-getting-thrown-out-of-marksmanship-mode/ Sept 2015 https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/388225-marksmen-mode-bug-possible-new-hack-to-break-mm/ Anyone else experiencing this recently ? Could it be as a result of lag ? If so, I have experienced lag many other times that did not effect Marksman mode. BTW, this does not happen in any other game. I use Right mouse button to zoom (Marksman mode) I am either crouching, or standing and stationary. (not pressing shift key to run)
  5. From what I understand, the will be unbanning the majority of people that were banned in the past. Mostly because of inconsistencies in the previous ban policies, methods of determination and whatnot. Also giving people a 2nd chance. So the proof that you ask for, is not necessary given LO's desicion. You can read more here.
  6. I think collisions should stay as they are. As others have said, it makes the game feel alive. How many times have you raced to an objective as your car careens into another players car as they too are racing to their objective in the opposite direction. Makes for a real challenge getting to the next point when avoiding other player vehicles. As far as dumptrucks, I'v done that a few times, not targeting anyone specific , just driving around and wreaking havoc to anyone that get's in my path. A challenge for other drivers, but also a fun aspect of the game. If GM's have a strong presence in districts, and word gets out that they are acting swiftly towards excessive griefing, (not 4 months after the fact), but during that hour, than potential griefers might think twice before excessively griefing others or face a temp ban or something. It's the excessive griefing that needs to be addresses, not the incedental collisions. It's about the GM's being vigilant in policing the districts. (which we really didn't have before)
  7. As a maxed rank Silver, I admit I feel a bit of resentment towards your comment. We have feelings too.....
  8. I'm hoping to get 500 dislikes by years end. Yeah , I know, I need to piss-off a helleva a lot peeps to get there. But I'm comttited like that. Giving you an upvote so'z you get closer to your goal.
  9. Video editing the final cut, is a pain in the butt. Curious what you used. But yeah, the editing in your video was top notch.
  10. Hahaha Uploading a song.......pft.... Dude, I be singing this live. It's like you're at a concert. Best goddam experience you'll ever have .... promise.
  11. Welp, I could sing you a sad song my friend. I too have been playing this game for 7 years. Which somewhat explains why I am so good. Yes, I am a Silver, and proud of it. Never made it over that last hurdle as it were. I only play like once, twice a week. At this point don't want to get to gold. But Bronze districts are a mess, a mess I tell ya. These are suppose to be new, and newer players. Yeah, lump them new players in Bronze with a plethora of Dethreaters. Oh My God....... I cried for them new players for a week straight. They had no chance. Anywho, change is needed, let us hope that change will come. Oh, and by the way, not every high Rank Player, Silver or whatever is efficient. Like I said, I play once or twice a week. My skills may not be honed, but I do kill Gold scrubs on the regular. Golds hate me.....hate me I tell ya
  12. It has been said , that the Lord works in mysterious ways. We shall see. If you need training, I am a maxed Rank Silver and rekt Golds every day. Won''t even cost you much. I'm here to help.
  13. I think this would be a great opportunity to say a small prayer for the "Cheater Base". Dear Lord Please forgive these misguided miscreants They know not what they do They play for the lutz, yet have no skill We pray that if they return, their skill will improve If not, Fuck'em
  14. My understanding is that the "unbanning" will not occur until after LO's 1st patch. The 1st patch involves the integration of Battleye. Once Battleye has been released, the "unbanning" will commence. What you are currently witnessing, is the last opportunity of "lutz".... Cause..... they won't be able to afterwards. Haven't logged in myself for a while, away from home. Was thinking of holding off till after the next patch.
  15. Oh,,,, another option would be fantabulios. .. Unless I have not yet uncovered all of the New Forum Features. The ability to search "by members name" This feature was available on the old forum, kind of nice.
  16. Saving a draft.......yes.
  17. I figured instead of creating a new thread, this thread would be more appropriate. In the old forum, when creating a post, either new or a responce, you had the option to "Preview" your post. (preview what others would see) Is this feature needed here, and if needed, possible to add ? Thanks
  18. I always thought click bait was those Free Vacation Tour links, and when you got to their site they were selling either creams or pills for furher enlargement. They were all scams except maybe one I think. I never saw those posts from Tiggs. She definitely faced some pretty toxic people for sure. I believe she will do well in her current role, and probably could use a much needed break from the customer facing role. EDIT: After rereading these posts, and the possability that her account was hacked, seems more plausible than her being the actual author. Explains a lot.
  19. Good video, some mad skills. Loved the slow-mo editing with the X Files theme, worked well with the scene. Nice job.
  20. I think after G1 realized that the PC population was slowly deteriorating, minimal Premium subs, minimal sales on the ARMAS market, instead of improving what they currently had, (ant-cheat, content, performance. ....etc) they probably thought the consoles could potential be another cow to milk for a few years. Oh well. In my opinion, APB has the potential to be a serious cash cow. Don't just milk the udder till it runs dry. Feed the Damm cow. It will live a long and healthy life.
  21. From what I have read, G1 did not pay Gameblocks to congigure/tune Fairfight. So the assumption being that GI configured Fairfight themselves, and evidently not very successfully. They must have had an extremely limited operating budget, kind of sad actually. With a properly tuned Fairfight & Battleye, it should be pretty effective.
  22. Beacon has always been good for CQC, and some mid range. My favorite has always been Baylan where you got some CQC, mid & long range. Plus Bayan is great for driving. Wish they would add Objectives back in Baylan. Deathmatch is fun, but it can get a bit stale after a few years.
  23. Never interacted with him personally, but I recognize his name. So sad to hear.. way too young. Condolences to his family.
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