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  1. AlexandraTromp

    Are we there yet?

    Hardcore reachings.
  2. AlexandraTromp

    Are we there yet?

    Just tells me you haven't tried hard enough.
  3. AlexandraTromp

    The New Engine and G1

    I'm not gonna lie I thought you wrote Mascot and not Matt Scott.
  4. AlexandraTromp

    Genger change

    Can be solved. Remove the entire closet and done. Probably have to change the purchase options from male to female (or vice versa) too but you can't carry over the clothing you designed. My honest thought when a thread like this pops up I'm just like
  5. AlexandraTromp

    Post 'Battleye' Update statistics

    You mean that ffbans.org thingy? In Battlefield 1 they just say who has been banned in the last week or day or something nothing more. They use Fairfight btw.
  6. AlexandraTromp

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    Until someone else posts.
  7. AlexandraTromp

    Cooking porn.

    Challenge accepted.
  8. AlexandraTromp

    Cooking porn.

    It's not rocket science, the sausage was just half the job.
  9. AlexandraTromp

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    So I guess GamersOrbit is out of the question now. Dang it! But no worries I will continue coming up with the most friendly lame responses on this forum as always.
  10. AlexandraTromp

    misleading porn

    I've had a job that really was just telling people: No you can't drive with your car to the center of the city because there is a festival going on, and them trying to give every excuse so they could drive through. None drove through my barricade and some of them were really mad about it too. Moral of the story, eventually it will numb you what people say.
  11. ............ Well they gonna do that with Battlefield V instead of everything being in lootboxes you can buy them in their 'Armas'. I wanted to pay monthly but when I bought APB it closed a month after. X_X
  12. AlexandraTromp

    Loot Boxes!

    I rather see them go. But we got peanut adults throwing money at it and a lot of incompetent parents not watching what their kiddies buy online so guess the only way to see them go is if government extends the anti-gambling laws on the interwebs more then just the online casino's. Lootboxes make developers lazy I want the devs to sweat and hear their brain crack on ways to make the game better to make their revenue instead of throwing a lootbox were the peanuts and kiddies dig into.
  13. AlexandraTromp

    question about gay porn

    That time when LO removes the word porn from their censor list
  14. AlexandraTromp

    anime is good for you

    Kinda defeats the purpose of hentai you're there to get off on not to laugh on.
  15. AlexandraTromp

    im gay

    I have a theory on that. Prolly starred to much at the picture on this thread: Now he just wants that mushroom!