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  1. AlexandraTromp


    Well I didn't got hacked AMONG THE MILLION OTHER INACTIVE ACCOUNTS. *Puts down tinfoil hat* Well you know, sometimes pants or shirt slip outta place and blamo, dirty secrets are out.
  2. AlexandraTromp

    the community nowadays

    Sure pretty stranger of the interwebs.
  3. AlexandraTromp

    Post your pets!

  4. AlexandraTromp

    how to mussolinibate

    Here a horn.
  5. AlexandraTromp

    Let me whine

    Hey Zombie want some wine by your whine?
  6. AlexandraTromp


  7. Didn't they get assimilated by the B, B, B, B, Little Orbit?
  8. AlexandraTromp


    I never knew that the flag of Ireland had such bright colors!
  9. AlexandraTromp

    Battle eye.

    There are more legendary weapons then Excalibur in San Paro.
  10. AlexandraTromp

    lol wtf

    But what if you shame the fat enough and scare it away like *poof*?
  11. AlexandraTromp

    So many used character names

    Wouldn't be a problem if you guys had more imagination.
  12. AlexandraTromp

    i .....regret

    So don't gamble anymore.