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  1. we see these threads come again and again - and it's always the same shit-fest with people hooting for their favorite guns or players come in as know it alls on every gun modification ever made in APB. Cmon, move on, guys. I'm just tired of seeing this community in so many forum-war posts knocking each other over the head...for digital epeens. Sure guns gets nerfed, sure guns get buffed. It's not needed to pull up threads about it again and again and again.. else friggin make a "complaint about new gun buff/nerf category for the forum". It would keep the shittalk contained at least.
  2. One thing; Leagues and tracking of most stolen cars in a week ect, most kills ect.
  3. Synapze777 - Lady of Many Faces - Always a step ahead. Erica Masterson visits the old club she used to work at in Moscow...
  4. Honestly there's worse things out there than see through smoke…….
  5. ReShade is allowed. He said so in stream 2.0 with Kemptington.
  6. I rest my case. Call me the greatest hackusator in APB. My point is valid as is proven again and again and again…. this game is hacked on hard.
  7. @Solamente - I don't know it just seems like it's being macroed. I even got on a team last nite with people asking for good macros.. and coming with "take a longer break" -- snarky remarks, really? You have over 10000 posts, wonder how many of those you fire off on a regular basis. On top of that - I dethreated to silver and saw how every shot all of a sudden hit my opponents. Something that isn't happening when in gold districts. So just starting to think that the reason "some" not all golds are immortal/better is cause hitreg is poorer on them. /putsontinfoilhat. I went 18/3 in a silver district --- in gold I goes like.. 7/4 and gets like 10 assists. or more every match... And sure theres the matches where your silver opponents just run straight out on the road.. but still... it's a theory not valid science I'm talking about here
  8. I don't know why I come back. I hit up Cyberpunk 2077 soundtracks and think I'm in the future in this game - it feels like anarchy and vandalism against tyranny… but then… some cybered up borg attacks with AI controlled weaponsfire. Pinpointing every shot from their burst fire rifles.. perhaps someone should look at the ROF on the obir/obaya?????? That is some whack shit those rifles are used for all ranges and just destroys everyone up close due to lag and wtf not... don't expect anyone to care to reply to this at this point. *cry* feels bad to play this game with all the cheating/macroing going on....
  9. dead, all sane people left. game's ruined by hackers, same old same old.
  10. Taking this in a stride. Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear you had problems with the hardware and such, but granted G1 never intended the game to last this long so they shafted ANY upgrades on hardware for us, told us lies as well, bout new hardware probably being obsolete old shit anyway. So again thank you for keeping us informed not ignoring us and just being a plain stand up guy, apologies indeed given and we're just grateful that APB is still around Keep your head up, Tiger! You're still in the game
  11. +1 Keshi. Would be nice to have a show on Kemps stream with Matt again or something similar.
  12. BE bans in waves. We'll have to see how it holds up for a time before we pass judgement, but I too see people snapping, so there's still someone not playing legit for sure.
  13. Thanks Matt + the entire awesome crew behind him making this happen today! Thank you all! So much luv You done a great job getting a broken game back in action, now I for one am looking forward to small improvements, and then some "major content" and so on! Again fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly today! Else - we've been here for 5 years getting shitsauce... I'm sure we can wait a little bit further if things doesn't work fully today.
  14. Beautiful cut video! Nice show of superior tactics and deadly explosions. Great work! Keep more coming. Cats really rule, eh?
  15. Hi Matt, I sincerely hope what you're testing out is going to work. Again if it doesn't I'm just happy that you're letting us know what's going on, and taking the responsibility for everything. :) Take care Sincerely Synapze777
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