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  1. so precisely put! I hope matt does read forum posts like this ones too
  2. the recent patch feels kinda like LO are trying to force everyone into NTEC and concussion grenades meta gaming style also who will use low yield grenades when you no longer get 3 of them and still get 2 of every other grenade? its puzzles me that someone would pick 2 lower damage grenades if they can get 2 more powerful grenades or 2 other utility. This also seem like a big buff to percs which people will moan to nerf next, right? then we soon reach the stage where everyone is using same loadout as the APB veteran streamers like ntec and concussion grenades ha ha, thanks LO for this diversity..... APB is to be a battle of ntecs and concussions to stop the "lame vehicles" or the coming EMP grenades made for same reason right?? it feels the gaming style advice that LO get from the people they are asking behind the scene is very onesided !!!sighs
  3. you must meet some very bad cheaters if aimbot can lose against smart veteran hehe chokepoints it still all come down to a fire fight in that choke point and if you can beat aimbotters so easy then good on you :-] that qote is best thing becouse it true ha ha! plz fix EAC and help to enjoy game more!
  4. long overdue! nice ideas good suggestion
  5. its not so fun and playes are kept ignored :&
  6. yes please! i need to know what my characters will look like
  7. you picked the right game! also this music at intro? i know its linked but you had to seek permissions to use? can i use it?
  8. would b nice 2 see better looking symbols when they are on cars and cloths
  9. cant punish ppl and say not play but can ask nice if cheater is so clear or make vote kick option
  10. nobodiy wrote gms must ban?? g1 said no they cant! why r peopel not read main post?? or can read lixil post!!! stick for the topic?? topic is not how is private feelings for eachother u think g1 care??? is do u think yes or no if g1 pay more gms or admin train free gms why is good or why is bad
  11. how many clips was in total used? if you do it again will you take clips from other players too?
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