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  1. Because crims make cop alts, they convert to cops? ok. Also, the cops are the edgy players "Ohh .. i want to be guardian of justice, i look so cool spamming my blue light!" damn weirdos
  2. Where is the ingame option for that? : )
  3. EAC does not like SPAGHETTI
  4. People dont want diamond threat because they would not be able to reach it It would destroy their delusional reality in which they are good players : )
  5. To be Gold 10 gives me an ego boost irl. I feel like I could achieve everything!
  6. Why would you waste your JT on a gun you can buy from contacts?
  7. No cross faction shit. Each faction had its own cars, clothing and feeling. Now everything is the same ...
  8. Most likely this. I am not sure about the higher equip time since I think the damage nerf will be already enough. But ye .. lets hope for the next weapon balance patch.
  9. ^This APB Community is mentally ill
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