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  1. Well, even tho I hate Battle Royale, I will give it a go on live servers. However I got a question. You wrote that players with the pass can only get 15 Tokens. Can they buy every single limited item in the shop or do they need to decide between them?
  2. The effort some guys put into this is just crazy hehe Anyway, cool event from LO. But a little hard! I was wondering why nobody brutforced it earlier tbh.
  3. yee whatever whats with Engine Upgrade? Dont tell me its delayed because of this useless migration
  4. So .. whats with public testing? @MattScott
  5. Ye, updating and playing APB for nothing ... I was looking for like 2 hours for this fking murican. Lifetime scammed, send a complaint to support. Need Refund. @MattScott
  6. Ahaha nice one You got my like for that one! But I am envious you got so many dislikes ...
  7. Ye, and I bet you wont kill me a single time with it while I play with Snub only.
  8. Like it would matter if cheats or overlay. Its a 3rd party program which gives you an advantage. So ban him for being a pathetic scrub.
  9. +1 Everyone who is against it is just a bad player who is ashamed of his scrub threat. Also give some bonuses the higher the threat is, like 50% armas discount and get passively 1 million a week. Dethreating solved, thank be later.
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