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  1. Ridiculous. I would ban all the low yield spamming scrubs instead ... So like 80% of this community.
  2. VBR Temptress and Cap40 NFCP2 are exclusive weapons for loyal players. You should and will never get them! Gitgud
  3. I would support that idea!
  4. Sentaii

    Ideas for apb.

    no yes no yes for cars depends on the price stupid scrubs, just ignore them
  5. RAF rewards are exclusive. And they should stay exclusive. Only the good and loyal bois have and deserve them.
  6. Thats cool, can you DM me this list?
  7. Yes, cheaters like Film dont care. But ask that the other scrubs who pretended to be good players.
  8. I miss https://ffbans.org/search/R:255
  9. Well, he isnt wrong with that logic, since people actually think macros are okay to use.
  10. Hackusating. From damn scrubs to "top players" who cant accept there are even better players than them. Everyone hackusates everyone. And because everyone thinks everyone is cheating they lose fun and interest in the game because of their own stupidity.
  11. I dont like Scrub Yields. And HVR ofc. "Damage isnt the problem" btw
  12. Maybe its finally time for you to accept the fact that you are just bad at the game.
  13. gitgud computer Its a beta you god damn <insert>. You should add a solo mode for Riot. You should not be able to buy your own weapon loadout, it makes it too easy. And you should improve the UI.
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