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  1. Its a scam, dont even try it.
  2. Halelulia


    Ye, updating and playing APB for nothing ... I was looking for like 2 hours for this fking murican. Lifetime scammed, send a complaint to support. Need Refund. @MattScott
  3. Halelulia

    Does RFP need a nerf?

    Btw. nerf Obir too
  4. Halelulia

    Was it necessary GM?

    Ahaha nice one You got my like for that one! But I am envious you got so many dislikes ...
  5. Halelulia

    Rework the OSCAR

    Ye, and I bet you wont kill me a single time with it while I play with Snub only.
  6. Halelulia

    Toxic Teamates

    KDA > FUN
  7. Halelulia

    need a cheater alert system

    Like it would matter if cheats or overlay. Its a 3rd party program which gives you an advantage. So ban him for being a pathetic scrub.
  8. Halelulia

    Threat Levels in APB

    +1 Everyone who is against it is just a bad player who is ashamed of his scrub threat. Also give some bonuses the higher the threat is, like 50% armas discount and get passively 1 million a week. Dethreating solved, thank be later.
  9. Where did he say that? Did you just break NDA?
  10. Halelulia

    Cpu for apb

    kek ^this Also, whoever buys and supports intel or nvidia in 2019 is straight up ret . . . . .
  11. Longer loading time? Higher CPU/GPU usage? @MattScott
  12. No, people like you destroyed the game. Scrubs who just suck at the game and started to hackusate everyone. Other scrubs started to believe this shit. Then some scrubs who believed this shit started to cheat too. And now look where we are. Everyone hackusates everyone. Even "good" players. You are even worse than actual cheaters for this game. If I would be Matt, I would fking temp ban every single one of you.
  13. Gitgud scrubs You are even more pathetic for whining like little babies and hackusating everyone for no reason than the real cheaters.