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  1. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    I already bought G1C and I did not pay any extra taxes. Long ago but still ...
  2. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    G1 sold for 5$ G1C. They paid their taxes with these 5$. LO add their taxes on these 5$ extra. So they get more money. So you could say: The old 5$ prices are from G1. There are aleady taxes included. LO added again taxes. LO is more money hungry than G1.
  3. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    Exaxtly, but G1 did not add them "2 times" like LO. Pretty ridiculous move from LO imo.
  4. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    Here in nice language; It seems like you 2 nice people do not understand anything. Please do not reply again.
  5. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    Imagine a copany who rip off EU customers but not NA. There were no extra taxes with G1.
  6. Halelulia

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    So G1 was actually the more friendly company kek
  7. Halelulia

    Trash talks

    gitgud scrubs
  8. Well, stupid human beings exist. btw. WhY dID yoU nOt AccEpT mY fRieNdrEQuEs oN StEAm @Rubih
  9. WhY dID yoU nOt AccEpT mY fRieNdrEQuEsT fking stupid kids btw. gitgud scrubs
  10. kek butthurt little kid i would just ban them all Lixil
  11. Btw. did you get unbanned? I hope so tho
  12. kek, nice thread, well, i need a timestamp before i send d picks
  13. Since the EU is almost finished, were you able to increase performance and reduce stutter issue?
  14. Halelulia

    /Report (Player Name)

    20 kills against some random scrubs, must be a cheater LUL gitgud