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  1. Halelulia

    Nhvr nerf.

    Where are all the people who said "damage isnt the problem" btw
  2. Ye .. sadly the downvotes do nothing. I am working hard for my reputation. @OP I would really love to see your "100% verified list of cheaters" LUL Gitgud
  3. Halelulia

    I Miss Colby

    Hello Mr. ZB, lets follow the rules and stay friendly to each other. I dont think @Flight would like your behavior! Thanks, H.
  4. Halelulia

    Autumn Assault!

    Hi there, you made a nice list Kev! I cant conform this by myself so lets ask @Flight Thanks, H.
  5. Hi guys. I think they got something planned. Another Gun-Game would be boring, right? But lets ask @Flight for clarification. Thanks, H.
  6. Halelulia

    I Miss Colby

    Hello Sir, this is the wrong section. Thanks, H. @Flight
  7. Halelulia

    I dont like a specific mod

    Oof, I just started to like you. Add it to the pile
  8. Halelulia

    I dont like a specific mod

    Where can I make a complaint against a mod? I bet one of you nice guys have experience with that Btw @Flight Tell me @Flight Yo @Flight Sup @Flight You here? @Flight
  9. I will write an email to Valve later today. They shall lower prices for cases and keys to 0.01$ so I can have the cool skins too. Im poor, you know ... and this aint fair.
  10. This must be a joke @MattScott btw luv u @Flight
  11. It worked fine. Looking forward for more like this reward for skill only events. Even some scrubs were able to get the skin somehow.
  12. Halelulia

    Do you plan to do something about yukon?

    I used it in the event, its still good. Gitgud
  13. Halelulia

    This whisper I got from a GM

    Yeah, why not just give it to every player who plays the event then?