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  1. Halelulia

    Population crisis.....

    I wont play until the performance is good. And I dont care about new content at all.
  2. Halelulia

    Support Tickets

    You know ... there are so many retards who spam the support with a useless request. But there are also these retards like you who spam even more with several useless tickets. If you retards wouldnt do this smart shit, the support could answer tickets way faster and nobody would have to wait. But you guys are too stupid to understand that.
  3. Halelulia

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    I bet they will not approve the updates and everything will get delayed. Nobody gives a fk about consoles ffs
  4. And another thread from a scrub about scrubs ... Gitgud
  5. Yes, it will probably look like consoles. Also I took this from the blog about UE4:
  6. Im am pretty sure that was for the EU 4.0 ?
  7. thats the only thing i want
  8. Halelulia

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    Stay on your scrub server, scrub.
  9. Halelulia

    Questions for LO

    Engine Upgrade this year ?
  10. It would not make any sense to do the test with bad players ...
  11. Yep, no advantage at all to have a crosshair while running. You are so right my little average gold scrub.
  12. Halelulia

    The Golds

  13. Good job, guys! How I already said, I will get mine ingame for free now! Thanks again to you guys, I appreciate your support!
  14. Halelulia

    Fix Hitreg ?

    FBW shots were really good, still does not mean he uses a macro. Aim too good? Gitgud scrubs Snap at 0:38? Gitgud scrubs