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  1. Sergsininia

    This player really is mad.

    I'm curious, what cities are we talking about here?
  2. Ah, was not aware of that change, thanks.
  3. FFBans as stated, run by a third party. Giving any information on who's been banned incites negative reactions towards those people, which, regardless of right/wrong, is bad for: publicity - I'm sure you don't want people seeing your game is "infested" with hackers community - hatred insights more hatred. Since the removal of broadcasts, and shift of FairFight to the background trash can, we have seen much more positive actions amongst players. Go and play in Jericho, on silver Financial, I'm sure you'll see a lack of hackusations, rage, and overall negative emotions.
  4. Sergsininia

    Question about forum warning.

    well then stop trying to steal cookies, and make yer' own. Here's my receipe: Ingredients: Flour Salt (tears of tryhards work really well) Sugar Chocolate Water (once again, if you use the tears of your fallen enemies, you get plenty) Milk Steps: Mix ingredients (1-5) together Put in oven and turn on Drink milk Play 3 missions Take cookies out Done
  5. Ok bud. Let's go back to High School Junior Year - American Government: Amendment 1 to the United States Constitution: There's a few key terms in here. We're gonna take a few things here that are irrelevant, i.e. anything pertaining to religion, as that does not include anything of relevance to our argument. The first amendment protections only apply to the United States Constitution. Which, for much of the first century of our great nation, only applied to the federal government. State laws were exempt from following the Constitution directly. So, states could pass laws that would be unconstitutional today, as of our interpretation. And in fact, many did. Not exclusively violating the first amendment protections, but other portions of the Constitution. The first word in the amendment is: Congress. The United States of America Congress. This was designated to apply exclusively to the federal government. That is where our arguments collide. You're implying that a private entity, Little Orbit LLC. is required to give you, or acknowledge your freedom of speech. This company, although based out of the state of California, is not required to enforce the Constitution. This document only protects citizens and nationals from governmental overreach. Gaming companies, like Electronic Arts, Activision, and Little Orbit all need to maintain a positive image. That is why the forum rules exist. To maintain order, and a peaceful, location to discuss issues, topics, and off-topics relating to APB, Fallen Earth, and/or other games. If you keep making inflammatory posts, where you do show your disregard for the forum rules, then it is only natural for the consequences of such actions to proceed forth. You agree to all the rules when you create the account, you agree to the End User License Agreement before you play, you even agree to the Terms of Service/Code of Conduct before you can even click login. You can't say you don't agree to such rules when you are here posting on the forums. Here's to hoping that my wall of text didn't scare you away. tl;dr Freedom of Speech is a U.S.A. right protected from the government by the government, not a private third party.
  6. Sergsininia

    Question about forum warning.

    I think I've only gotten 1 warning since L.O. took over... tbh, it also could've been anything to get you banned too ;-;
  7. Sergsininia

    GPU overheating in log screen.

    Interesting, my newly upgraded card, RX 560 holds the game stable at 50c... paired with an A8 6600k, OC'd to 4.4GHz highest temp I saw on the cpu was 44c ;-;
  8. Sure for those from the good ol' USofA, 20m = 65.6168 feet Not sure about you, but I think a shotgun is still viable within that range... or you know... in game, 1/5 of the range of your view (which is ~100m; if not slightly more) If you're halfway behind a corner, how are they killing you through a wall? We have third person cameras for a good reason.
  9. Sergsininia

    APB: Revival

    God I love that comic Sorry but I'm lost now, please repeat? Please elaborate on what you mean? Little Orbit bringing out drama? Veterans bringing out drama? Because Little Orbit has done quite a bit to reduce said drama. And the veterans... are just well... acting as they we pretty much always have... And most veterans aren't in a position of power...? I guess you have @CookiePuss here who's a SPCT, but that's not really a position of power that brings drama. Little Orbit revived the SPCT to help aid in the further development and testing of the game... I see no drama here... <spoiler> unless you're jelly that someone has that title, and you don't? </spoiler>
  10. Probably, it worked before, and I forgot which update broke it. So that's probably something that I've forgotten about. If L.O. can fix Vivox and make it work with the new engine, then I have no issue. no need to replace it.
  11. Sure this event had a plethora of issues. But either Little Orbit can honor their word, and proceed to move on, resolving to amend future events. Or they can patchwork this event, and make more people complain with them going back on their word, although still amending future events. I'd rather them do the first.
  12. Vivox is trash... sorry but it sucks up cpu clocks and power, while not being used anymore/useful. While I think it's best to play with others, I know very well that is not an option all the time. Best thing would be to change to a new VoIP software.
  13. Sergsininia

    Advanced APB Launcher settings

    Well, we're playing a 2011 Game, best thing is to use hardware from that era or as close to. (2012/13/14 isn't a bad choice if that's the only game you're playing). The game is optimized, and designed to run best on the original hardware. So in this case, less cores, and higher clock speeds are better. Dual cores run this game fairly well afaik. On top of older GPUs. The engine upgrade will be the best thing for this game. not for the performance boost, but for the optimization, and support for newer hardware.
  14. I haven't had any of those Mission bugs occur with me... (And I would prefer the spawns to be fixed first) I agree with most of what's here. Pretty constructive, and spoken not as a doomsayer, like some other threads... Thank you.
  15. Sergsininia

    Advanced APB Launcher settings

    I'm lost with what you're asking then ...