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  1. Sergsininia

    Inventory sorting

    Hoping for it sooner, but after would likely make it easier to implement considering the design of the inventory.
  2. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    That'll be nice to see soon too, thanks for the update!
  3. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    Was this on Jericho? I think the situation should be looked into why the TGM didn't notice it, or if they did and secretly pushed for enforcement (haha... pun)
  4. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    lost me at cheat infested and pay to win.
  5. I played on Saturday, and thought everything was relatively fine. I didn't experience any stuttering. Most of my own issues stemmed from fps drops.
  6. I'm alright with this change, makes game make more sense.
  7. Sergsininia

    Are VPN's allowed?

    VPNs should be okay, they're just a virtual network.
  8. Sergsininia

    Stackable lease?

    I found it out yesterday when my ACT44 lease expired... glad to have this, and wanted to publish a thread, but someone beat me to it ;-;
  9. Sergsininia

    game not launching?

    Is the game updating too? Did you update any graphics or network drivers? etc... gotta troubleshoot ;-;
  10. Sergsininia

    So this is a thing now

    I'm quite sure this has been in the game, or at least a similar bug to this.
  11. Sergsininia

    BattleEye exist?!

    A client not responding, would mean that the server sent information to the computer, but the client did not successfully send information back. Just try and restart the game .-.
  12. Sergsininia

    Population crisis.....

    DDoS solutions aren't simple or easy. Wikipedia explains this pretty well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack They use the example of a DDoS attack as: Think of APB as the storefront. A DDoS attack blocks the door to the store. No one can get in or out, right? What Little Orbit can do, is mitigate the attack... which includes: Detecting the Attack Screening the incoming requests - whether or not they are the attacking "mob" of computers, or actual player requests. When you perform mitigation, a significant number of resources are diverted from running the server under normal conditions, to classifying, and routing traffic. This obviously hurts the performance of the server.
  13. Sergsininia

    Population crisis.....

    I just mean I personally haven't read the reviews in a long time. In my opinion, adding new content won't bring a permanent population back. The issues with Hitreg seem to have been resolved with this update. The update to UE3.5 will definitely bring players back. Simply having just a "financial" instance, and allowing for players to all have a cross-instance matchmaking for all 'financial' districts would resolve the issue of matchmaking pools. If a district has no threat, the matchmaking should ensure that a green player does not ever play a gold player (with the exception of them being in a private group with a gold player) Although, once again, this is my own personal opinion.
  14. Sergsininia

    Population crisis.....

    Are those still prevalent... I haven't checked steam reviews in a long long time.
  15. Never came across this, but I've never sent mail between character... just over pay, and buy the same thing over and over again on accident. rip