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  1. Previous to the free premium, I did. I also personally know some people who did.
  2. As a developer, providing a previously paid service for free definitely does cost you. It is revenue that you are no longer receiving. You want to hope that your other sources of revenue can sustain you before you make such a move.
  3. I still remember when we were anticipating the release of that game oh so many years ago, and oh how I reminisce the atmosphere I felt playing it, I don't believe I've missed having it in my life all that much. While you say it'll be heard to bring people back, I think as LO has planned, and prepared for marketing & advertising, let alone word of mouth once the Engine update rolls out, that attracting a population won't be difficult. Retaining said population after the engine is upgraded is different- especially depending upon the quality of release. If Little Orbit was in dire straights and monetarily lacking, the continued free premium for over a year wouldn't have continued. Not sure if it's just you, but I haven't had any issues with driving in the current game. The cars feel the same as they have in the past to me, and my preferences for car choice are still the same.
  4. I swear... either I have deja-vu. Or this is a repeat thread using the Steam stats to show the game is dying. The devs are not spending much time on current engine APB, because any work diverted to add new features will have to be repeated on the new engine. MattScott even said that they're not going to market and advertise the new engine until it's in a ready state. Why would you try marketing it now? That wastes the time and effort of the team, and hurts the game's future progress. If players return now, they see a discombobulated mess, and reduces chances of people returning when the actual engine upgrade comes.
  5. This... Only thing I remember were name merges during server mergers. Nothing about account deletions. Did you use Steam, or login with a G1 account? Check and make sure you're on the right account to sign in.
  6. I mean... 8+ years here, and I only have 1 mission memorized. Something Deeds. Forgot the first word. Heck, I don't even remember the whole mission. Just that the 2nd or 3rd stage has you raid 4 doors - but only 2 of the doors are necessary (Obj. E and F). The other two just waste time. That's about all I got to show for 8 years of knowledge... Ope, found it: APB DB has everything you need. So.... not entirely veteran knowledge exclusively... anyone can pull this data up and use it.
  7. Do you mean beta? alpha != beta. unless that's the sentiments your trying to express regarding the beta?
  8. For those who are color blind - green might not always be the best choice if some of the UI contains red. Though, APB tends to use Blue & Orange. Red and Green player names are a colorblindness issue though. Personally, using a different style or image for the waypoint marker would be ideal.
  9. This. You (OP) also seem to be misunderstanding, we do have an anticheat. It is enabled. And some cheats may certainly get around it, but it filters out most public and open cheats, which is what you seem to be implying with "five minutes of google searching". Also, inb4 "bring us headshots for players with more skillz"
  10. From what I've understood about the upgrade, getting APB onto 3.5 will unify PS4/XB1/PC code bases, they should then be able to get the compatibility with the PS5 after that... The PS5 is only now being released, and the PS4 is still expected to receive new games for around another year. Due to the architecture of the Xbox Series and PS5 architectures, we should be able to see a better compatibility of games between the 3 main markets, even more so than the PS4 and XB1 have had. Personally, I think focusing on the PC engine upgrade primarily, and pushing out the content update to PS4/XB1 alongside the PC first, to then ensure compatibility of the game with the new consoles. The new consoles architectures aren't terribly different from the current console generation, so updating games shouldn't take more effort than converting from PS3 to PS4 or PC to PS4.
  11. To some, if they can, then they should... I still remember playing against someone who exploited a bug that glitched them into a building... fun times... I had a recording of that somewhere, not sure if I can find it. feel like rewatching it.
  12. Player artwork/customization/musical work/fashion. Game's persona. Friends as of 2012 who I've held onto. Constant PvP gameplay Not GTA Online
  13. Is it though? Because I haven't seen this happen that often. If it were god mode... I think it'd be the meta... which it isn't.... I mean, no.... it doesn't work like that.. it removes the delay to regen, and doubles regen speed. Thus... this isn't instant, and still requires any user (kevlar or not) to seek cover to regen. It only gives players more control over when they would start to regen their health. How? I don't want someone to say "fix this" and just say "it needs to be fixed" if you think something is a problem, and you think it needs fixing... please suggest how to fix it. As a studying software engineer... I'd much rather have a problem, and some suggestions as to how the users want it to work. Not the backend for how it's designed, but how the user's end should function... At least give us that... I don't think more people will try "This setup" because it's not as viable as you think it is... but, do go ahead and see how it works out... doubtful it'll work as well as you entertain it to be.
  14. As an IT and Tech Support employee elsewhere .... Have you tried restarting the system? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software? Do you have any audio coming from the game signifying that it's at the main menu? Give those a shot... and see if there's anything else to try....
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