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  1. /dnd will set your status as DND in game, I haven't tested in a mission, but when out of missions, it'll keep you from getting queued- it's a better system than /afk if you're not wanting to have your mouse bumped kick off the /afk and your team has to wait for the auto-afk to set back in. DND will also auto-reply to whispers with a message that you're /dnd and a custom message that you set. [/dnd message me in 10 minutes] as an example. Also @OP, I rather enjoy chatting with opposition. So I don't see why you wouldn't just add the players harassing you to /ignore and/or report them for harassment if it's really bothering you. IF there is some circumstance, you can customize your chatbox (press home) and check/uncheck the threads that you want to see and not see. I think this can hide whispers, but I haven't tried. Adding a report button to the scoreboard would be a good addition to at least make it more known that there is a report feature instead of having to find out that it's /report.
  2. RNG depends on the game. Not going to say the game requires "real life" as a deciding factor, but in games, RNG helps make the game at least more "fair" as it tends to already have people who can understand the RNG chances that aid in helping play. Games like CS:GO that have little to no RNG are hugely skill dependent, but the matchmaking in the game is a lot more open to choose from a wider range of players with as close to similar skill sets. APB has neither, a small pop, and a considerably wider skill set based match making system. (Think the different threats, while we have 10 hidden threats in each level, the game allows what would be a "low" silver to a "high" gold to be paired in a match given the circumstances in a district.) The non-mission player cars have been able to be shot through for as long as I can remember, so if that was a change then it was made before 2012. Either way, I don't think that it would ideal to mess around with this now as we're going to have phasing with missions in the near future. Though, I personally like how the system is now, I don't want to have to be forced to see cars as a half opacity object. If this is an option sure, but why not just make it so that your vehicle can't give damage to another vehicle if it's not in the mission. Your car would receive damage for attempting to grief someone. It also doesn't seem to hard to code as the game does know what vehicle velocities are, so given the vehicle with the higher velocity you could receive the damage that would've been intended on the "targeted" player.
  3. Understandably so. Best recommendation is to just /report and move on. Only other thing is recording it happening, and subsequently submitting a ticket to support. Those are about the only sure fire ways. Seeing in district chat "x person hack report" is extremely annoying.
  4. Correct, a bot is the use of a macro or, and here we go down the rabbit hole, "mimics a macro" While you could argue "a person mimics a macro by tap firing" that's stupid and misses the point. The post is referring to software that mimics a macro. In no way, shape, or form does this refer to humans doing human actions with human skill. Thus, Item juggling is not botting, nor any other form of cheating. The rest of the post, is invalidated by the immediate first premise, except for the end. Yes, it is against the ToS and EULA to have a cheater give you an advantage. Thus, you can't knowingly group with a cheater, (key word here mate is knowingly) Yes, you should report cheaters if you are teamed with them. Problem is, what if they're not cheating? Unless they're a blatant cheater, you won't know. Report who you know is cheating. If it's a teammate, watch them. Observe them, and make a judgement based on that. Just because someone is cheating on your team, doesn't mean you should quit. Think about your opposition, if they end up all playing against a (or multiple) cheater(s). You could let them know, and advise they too report. You could record the gameplay, and send it in to support in addition to /report. There's plenty of things you could do.
  5. Only thing it to contact support, which you already did, so not much else we can do here on the forums other than repeat the same (sometimes kind, others not so) words. "Put in a ticket and wait for support to get to it" I too work in IT, and getting to tickets will take time. If you didn't do anything against the ToS, or the EULA, then you should be fine. Sidenote, not sure where having a 2,000 euro laptop figures into this. My gaming desktop is less than half the price, and it runs perfectly, hasn't banned me even temporarily. (make sure you weren't team killing or anything grief wise, as one of my friends got a temp ban for tk'ing too much) best of luck.
  6. Reminds me of the Ablington Towers lore when that first came out.
  7. And if I remember correctly the FFbans.org stats show a significant number of re-rolled accounts, which we wouldn't know the true number of.
  8. Shields'd be great if we could lower their health, and maybe a gap between the sides of the shield on the left/right wings? just enough to shoot through, but only if you're aiming well enough.
  9. In the silver or bronze districts, I agree. I wish the tutorial district was brought back, and only open for accounts with <100 hours. The whole account could play there until their total character in game hours are over 100, in which case, they'd be kept from joining the district, and put out into the normal (likely bronze) population. If the new players wanted to play with friends who're not new, then they could join the normal districts and play with friends in the major pop, yet as long as their hours are under 100, they're still able to go back to the tutorial district. The early tutorial district was limited to your first time playing APB, and that was it. (iirc, maybe you could go back to it while your character was a Trainee)
  10. I'm curious as to what this overlay does... Especially as a lowly Radeon RX owner...
  11. That live action trailer always made me want to get back into playing when I was away from my computer for a few weeks, and the trailer came across my youtube recommended.
  12. Lilith posted the link to the old forums a while ago: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/ However, there's a 522 error, and thus the forums are unreachable. Didn't realize that I couldn't access them anymore.
  13. Personally, I think that on a meta standpoint, having the ability to shoot through car windows would be detrimental to the gameplay, as the game has been oriented around this for the past decade, and is one of the core elements in the game's design. I say this, because currently, players become part of the car model, as that's how the game has been built. Given this, I remember hearing that it's either insanely difficult, or impossible to implement this in the current engine. Granted, however LO built the new engine, I'm unsure of the merits of the backend side of the argument, but I think because of the design of the game, this would hurt the gameplay should it be implemented. Unsure of adding trailers, but definitely adding in a brand new large truck type vehicle would super fun for missions to try out. Also, please, LO, if you're watching, please please please fix the Armored Truck where it turns slightly left while pressing on the accelerator. Also, I like this idea too, we have ambulances, firetrucks are a welcome addition.
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