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  1. I second this, something boxy and from the 80's. Also, I love my 94 Miata, so something more resembling that with a FR engine layout over the Calabria's FF layout. Or an FC RX7
  2. If I'm remembering correctly, GM's aren't allowed to play as GMs in matches and what not, their GM account is separate from their actual gaming account.
  3. Financial is already visible from WF, look to the south of the map, and you'll have your view of Financial. It's pretty far...
  4. Steam ID's are publicly available, so long as you know the profile URL, you can easily access the steam ID. So even if you don't have access to the old Steam Account, you can get the Steam ID64. steamid.io/lookup has a tool to pull all the relevant data from an account, just used it on mine to see if the id64 was available, it is... Though if you lost access to a steam account, Valve is pretty well known for their support in aiding customers regain access to their accounts - and probably would be both faster/easier than G1 support.
  5. The consumables that were useful or neat, should've always just been orange mods. Feels like they were added initially to just get more people to pay into armas.
  6. I wished I was on at the time to play it - but unfortunately missed my chance to do so. Would be cool to see this integrated into the event cycles should we see that happen.
  7. Fixing missions, whether that be modifying/adding/removing some of them, doesn't affect the matchmaking. The 'making' of the match is where the system currently has its largest weakpoint, predominantly because when you're in a district of 100, there's only at MOST 10 people that the system can pit you against. This results in really small player pools where you're essentially at the luck of the draw when it comes to getting a comparable opponent. Improving that pool, and enabling users to have a larger selection from for matches, would give them a better match. After we fix the issue of matchmaking, then it would seem more necessary to fix the missions where they have poor placement of objectives, or objective types.
  8. NA West typically has poorer performance than NA East. Always has been the case, even when you go back to the ages of old, when playing on Colby.
  9. Shoot that sucks man, hope you get it back soon. On my deck, I mail that says: 'An error occurred while trying to load this message's But I did get my cash from marketplace, and current event Rewards. I've also recently set my Deck to use 4gb of RAM for the GPU rather than the default settings of 1gb. I'm stable at 40fps on the deck undocked. As for now, only usable game controls are from another steam user and they're not great so I'm working on creating my own and hopefully update to the steam community. Figure I can link or update with where to get it via steam when it's done. Edit: I'm also on an older version of Proton, I'll try with 7-53 tonight and update further.
  10. Those Halloween ones I think were year specific, so unobtainium. I myself also have them, but do believe some of my achievements in game are not unlocked thru Steam.
  11. Good to hear that even Arc is running good through Linux. Maybe time for my desktop to migrate off of 10 to Linux permanently. Native AMD graphics would be a good push too.
  12. 2023 Roadmap already has plans to switch back to Easy AntiCheat with additional server side FairFight anti cheat.
  13. My first desktop was an A8-6600k with 8gb RAM and a GTX650 1gb, ran the game at a solid 45-60fps on high. Upgraded GPU to an RX560 4gb then the whole system to a Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb RAM and a RX 5700xt. Never did I have severe stutter issues between 2012 and now. Even now the game runs great on a Steam Deck granted you adjust the settings and wait for the shaders to load.
  14. So I've taken the time to get it running on the steam deck, and suffice to say, for the hardware, it runs more than superb. I've had to change the specific command to be ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 7.0/Proton waitforexitandrun '/home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steam apps/common/APB Reloaded/Launcher/APBLauncher.exe' && ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 7.0/Proton waitforexitandrun '/home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/APB Reloaded/Binaries/APB.exe' -nosteam # %command% Using GE-Proton 49 I've had no issues in game. Control scheme is whack, so do yourself a favor and just dock it with a keyboard and mouse. Command above will use Proton to run the launcher (for updates of course) and then start should close the launcher, whilst using Proton to launch the game executable. Running without steam does require a manual login and depending on your password complexity, you may have trouble.
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