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  1. iirc, Proton is a compatibility layer that can run on... I think Linux Mint and Ubuntu when you install Steam. The issue with supporting Proton is predominantly the resources that would take away at the moment. I'm sure in the future it would be great. Also, stating one O.S. can run games better than another, I've seen many a games on Linux that are nowhere near to their Windows counterparts. The games need to be developed for that system in mind rather than a port/compatibility layer. In addition to that, Linux actually doesn't have as solid of a GPU driver support as Windows does. AMD drivers aren't really that available, and Nvidia is still behind on Linux compared to Windows drivers. So far, the best GPU driver support has been the Intel Integrated Graphics, which, I'm sure you know aren't at all good for gaming.
  2. Time to go get my good ol' 1280x1024 monitor out just for APB. Hell, I'd probably get decent frames too.
  3. Ooof, I gotta say being away gives me time to read a ton of the replies, so thanks for the continuous posts. Blocking the car spawns is one I'd say falls into the griefing tab, as there are not many points close together to spawn them... many are around 100m+ apart.
  4. While I personally don't sway either way, it can and can't be griefing, context is obviously everything. And, yes I did just move on, and keep playing. I only took some screenshots to create the thread and gauged the community's opinion. I appreciate the thought provoking post. I thank your Gen-X attitude. Congrats Thanks for the input though. I wish people would interact more in /d than not ;-; I was too Eww found this to be a rather entertaining night until both our games crashed within 10 minutes of each other.
  5. Whilst playing in Waterfront today, I happened upon this trio. I'm cutting their names out to avoid shaming; but in all seriousness, does a majority of the community agree or disagree with this being an act of griefing/mission blocking? For reference, I mean this:
  6. Yep, quite what I was going for, but without the specific know. I'd also like to see the elimination of the fog
  7. I rather like the brighter colors, with more substantial contrast. The coloring looks quite vivid, and much better than the duller and more monotone shaders we have now.
  8. Gonna say it's about $APB 100,000 to 100g Au. At least that's what I've been informed by the Gold Unicorn last night.
  9. I added up everything a year or so ago, and got around $250 sunk into the game. However, since then I've really only purchased premium, and a couple of kits. Sooo... around $300 now? Probably more than I should, but considering it's been over the course of 7-8 years... not bad.
  10. From the looks of it, this seems to follow up on the event with the barrels.. (I didn't play, so I don't know a whole lot about the event's gameplay) but it appears to address some more (realistic) lore than the event provided. I do have to say though, whoever's story/lore building this is, good job! I haven't even known he moved, nor seen him in a while ._.
  11. So, the music was created solely for the game, which I would believe means that L.O. is the owner of the soundtrack. The artwork and UI design (meaning the code) is all licensed and copyrighted by Little Orbit, as RTW and G1 owned it. Such things get passed down through the rights of the IP. I like the current UI, but the 3d effects, and the music, don't fit the theme of the game. On top of that: if the current UI gets the older wallpaper, and musics, or the same art style and adding in characters, etc. that'd be great too.
  12. Checking forum on my 2011 MacBook Pro. Just go pull a stock image... that's pretty much it
  13. Wasn't it that grey mist back in like 2015/16 we feared? What happened to that fear?
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