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  1. I mean, honestly it's better to have the whole shebang anyways.
  2. If we can't get the old menu screen back, I want the menu music back at the minimum ;-;
  3. I'm a masochist, and love the hate filled regards of "gg ez", "git gud" it brings peace to my soul.
  4. Does this mean that the thread is then pointless now? Just stating what seems to be the obvious.
  5. My Kansas City routing has been relatively stable at 80-90ms
  6. Considering the fact that the engine upgrade is essentially changing the whole base, I highly doubt that the engine is going to not be optimized. Rather than scrapping development, I think that it's going to be continued to be developed on for around another half year before either public testing or release, on the basis that closed testing started in the summer of 2019.
  7. While yes, macros are cheating and are bannable... it's not hacking. Macros don't modify APB's code. They're not a program written in a skillfull or clever way, and they're not a method to circumvent security. It's usually just a script, whether it be written like AHK, or programmed into the mouse's memory. Still cheating and by no means appropriate. However, hacking would be delving into a different category of problems for the game.
  8. Don't forget that with unifying Consoles and PC, this allows for the single codebase to improve the performance (and graphics) of the already non-pretty console versions. It's easier to code for 3 different architectures when the base code is essentially the same. In most of the SPCT's tests, if you're able to talk about it, has there been improvements in performance for mid or low level pc's? I know a lot of the tests that I saw that Matt posted were of machines running higher tier graphics and processors. While it's by no means The Witcher 3, seeing the fog removed, and the color palette appears to have changed... I like.
  9. I know in game there are some Song/Theme capacity expanders, usually gained as rewards as you level up contacts. However, as I haven't checked Armas in quite some time, not sure if there are any there. It would definitely be a good recommendation to have a +3 or +5 available for purchase with Joker tickets, and a +7 or +10 for g1c. just my $0.02
  10. If this is your only complaint about issues with the game, while yes, there likely should be GM's, I personally haven't witnessed this taking place during the event. Only times I see "griefing" is just before a new round starts at spawn. Definitely annoying, but it hasn't actually spilled into the round itself. Not sure what else to tell you mate.
  11. Took a day for a report I've submitted to be processed- and this was back when L.O. had the huge overhead of the customer support tickets, so I'd like to think that it's a different team handling reports.
  12. Clean hud? I'm sure is a feature that could be added, but not necessary for the game's survival. Sprint shooting has already been fixed and worked on by adding a delay between sprinting and firing your weapon. Regardless of weapon. Already been stated by Matt as a part of the upcoming plans after the engine upgrade. Now I don't know about Matt's decision regarding this as I don't remember if he said anything regarding it, but I find the death theme a rather nice feature of APB, it's a sort of jeer at your enemy. I personally don't like having the option, but I'm sure that plenty of other people will disagree with me. Weapon balance is already something they've said they want to address again, without making a hellfire of the balance. They're planning on rebalancing the whole of consumables, not just removing them. They'd be a great addition to the game if they were to be balanced properly. The "basic" stuff the community wants all varies from group to group in the community what one group will say will contradict the other sometimes. Plenty of people debating even some of the things you stated. If changes occur, you're bound to make some people upset. It's less about what changes you're wanting and more of what you're "okay" with. It's where you compromise with differing styles and methods of play.
  13. One of the biggest things in the game is team work, even if you're playing with randoms, you should at least communicate or coordinate some sort of plan. Knowing your environment, and opposition, as well as your teammates is why you make choices on your weapons at the beginning, or only once/twice per mission. If your team and you are all swapping weapons in excess of three times a mission, you're probably not planning well for any mission at all. More often than not, I've found my missions requiring me to spawn my car, or repair it afterwards anyways, or right before one too. If you're already knowledgeable about the map, and the gun game- then you should know what to walk into a gun fight with, as well as where you can resupply/stockup before another mission. Me too mate - but I've found that if you even try to start communicating with your teammates, they'll try to communicate back. At least some semblance of teamwork is better than non. In addition to that- when you're playing a mission, and "wait for opp" most of the time, you're at the end of a stage, else you're starting a new one. Stop by a car spawn or ammo supply between objectives, or you spawn as close to one as you can. There's more than enough around the map.
  14. I wouldn't inherently count events as nothing, but not as "something". They've brought some new events that were fun, but a couple of other missteps. The biggest thing for players is the engine update, and further improvements and development. Little Orbit's issues, as with much of the industry, are time and deadlines. Hopefully soon the upgrade will come.
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