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  1. I've really only played in Waterfront while I've been online. Never had issues with pop. Maybe off hours are when you're playing? also: Waterfront best district 2k19 Waterfront for President 2020
  2. A vacuum of brain cells, interesting. Gotta go put this in my research, I found the cure to cancer - fail at using the FBW.
  3. I feel like at this point, those have already been drained too. Oh well, let's go again.
  4. We're coming up on just shy of half that. I think given another day, and we'll be back... I will probably be eating my words in a day.
  5. Maybe another form of liquid... daily beer at work got knocked off the desk?
  6. Have had premium for so long, forgot that there are prices higher without it ._.
  7. The FBW isn't a good starter gun? The original starter gun was the Colby SNR... you know, that six shot revolver, where you died if you didn't hit 3 or 4 rounds. In addition to that, you have the Obeya 762, Joker SR15, and others that all have a "rhythmic mechanic" as you described. What is wrong with having a learning curve in the game that doens't allow you to merely mash your mouse1? Games should require a level of skill. Anyone can master the basic mechanics with enough time and effort. The FBW is the jack-of-all-trades of sidearms in the game in my opinion, it's got good range, without being over powered, and having a long effective range, and the rate of fire is comparable to the nano. K?
  8. tons of threads already about DDoS mitigation, and server lag. Well.... let's look at what you posted in your OP. Looks like something about an AFK bug? Oh... hold on, you weren't intending to make a report. However, bringing this up in Bugs and Tech Issues would certainly help you find information regarding... bugs and technical issues...? Lookie there...
  9. anymore anymore anymore anymore Anyways, try restarting your computer, or logging back in. I've been kicked out of district by BE once, and just logged back on, no kick. I don't run anything except FireFox, Steam and APB when I play, so there should be no interference with anything. Try looking at your processes tab in Task Manager, and see if there's anything suspicious in there.
  10. So, I'll paste the link here, and instructions below. http://www.apbr.de/stuff/signaturdesigner/index.php I didn't make the designer, and it's quite old, since it's not updated for the higher Ranks, and it's lacking the new severs. Luckily, it downloads the image to your computer, so if you're using a windows machine, you can edit it in paint! The images I've pasted have some more detailed instructions. For example, if you have two characters, and want to make two images to put in your signature, make sure you select 500, and not 600. (plus, forum rules limit signature images to 550 px) While I can't say be creative with there only being 7 images for a background, definitely pick whatever you like. I made this since I've had a few people ask about my signature, soooo..... here's how I made my magic.
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