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  1. If you think the vegas is the best car, fine, it's got stats to verify (cough cough Vaquero looks the best imo cough cough) But the 4x4 version handles like you put a car on roller blades, cut the drive shaft halfway through a corner, and added an electric motor to the rear wheels for added 'lol' affect. RWD is the best Vegas model.
  2. Sergsininia

    Remote Detonator Question

    Since it's not really likely you're going to have your car every 1 second, after blowing it up, the cooldown is your willingness to go respawn your vehicle.
  3. Those two go hand in hand. The best course of action is not for them to update graphics or work on them now, but to finish the engine unification, upgrade the engine on all platforms, and then update the graphics, and settings. If they were to update the graphics now, they would have to rework it again with the newer engine, thus doing the same thing multiple times. Which... if you're a software developer, is a waste of time. You're not everyone, and my above statement addresses this. No The old threat system would still have just as many issues as the current threat system. Removing visual threat of others or even yourself, would actually address the issues of dethreating. If you can't see your threat, or you can't see others, then you won't be able to 'dethreat' (easily that is) I'd recommend spending more time either on the forums, or playing the game to get up to date with information, instead of posting aimless threads.
  4. holy cow, thanks little orbit, looks like I should set aside some time at the end of the month with friends to play
  5. Sergsininia

    How to fix APB ezpz

    Also show threat on the forums too. What happens if threat visibility is removed? I say show rank and total age of account (let's see who's the real og)
  6. Sergsininia

    How to fix APB ezpz

    which one are we? I believe most of us are patootie kissers, not counting the many this is broken, L.O. is trash. threads posters .-.
  7. I fully support this idea - Account Wide balances should be in place. (Maybe similar to Black Desert Online) The money can be put in a "bank" account, which then shares throughout the "family" (account)
  8. Sergsininia

    Not enough stored amo!

    The point of purchasing ammo is for it to be a money sink. (not the best one, but still quite existing) Now, with that, instead of automatically purchasing a whole inventory load automatically, and eating up your money, the game allows you to choose when and which ammo to purchase. Not only that, but you are able to get said ammo from any inventory "machine" Field Supplier (and the consumable versions) Ammo Vending Car Spawners Mail Boxes Contacts If you can swap your gun at it, you can purchase ammo at it. After G1 allowed for you to resupply your guns at any of these points (excluding contacts and mailboxes) they effectively reduced the need for your field/mobile supply units. (probably one of the few things that people like) The mechanic is in place to reduce the amount of inflation our ingame economy contains.
  9. Sergsininia

    Inventory sorting

    Hoping for it sooner, but after would likely make it easier to implement considering the design of the inventory.
  10. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    That'll be nice to see soon too, thanks for the update!
  11. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    Was this on Jericho? I think the situation should be looked into why the TGM didn't notice it, or if they did and secretly pushed for enforcement (haha... pun)
  12. Sergsininia

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    lost me at cheat infested and pay to win.
  13. I played on Saturday, and thought everything was relatively fine. I didn't experience any stuttering. Most of my own issues stemmed from fps drops.
  14. I'm alright with this change, makes game make more sense.