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  1. Shields'd be great if we could lower their health, and maybe a gap between the sides of the shield on the left/right wings? just enough to shoot through, but only if you're aiming well enough.
  2. In the silver or bronze districts, I agree. I wish the tutorial district was brought back, and only open for accounts with <100 hours. The whole account could play there until their total character in game hours are over 100, in which case, they'd be kept from joining the district, and put out into the normal (likely bronze) population. If the new players wanted to play with friends who're not new, then they could join the normal districts and play with friends in the major pop, yet as long as their hours are under 100, they're still able to go back to the tutorial district. The early tutorial district was limited to your first time playing APB, and that was it. (iirc, maybe you could go back to it while your character was a Trainee)
  3. I'm curious as to what this overlay does... Especially as a lowly Radeon RX owner...
  4. That live action trailer always made me want to get back into playing when I was away from my computer for a few weeks, and the trailer came across my youtube recommended.
  5. Lilith posted the link to the old forums a while ago: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/ However, there's a 522 error, and thus the forums are unreachable. Didn't realize that I couldn't access them anymore.
  6. Personally, I think that on a meta standpoint, having the ability to shoot through car windows would be detrimental to the gameplay, as the game has been oriented around this for the past decade, and is one of the core elements in the game's design. I say this, because currently, players become part of the car model, as that's how the game has been built. Given this, I remember hearing that it's either insanely difficult, or impossible to implement this in the current engine. Granted, however LO built the new engine, I'm unsure of the merits of the backend side of the argument, but I think because of the design of the game, this would hurt the gameplay should it be implemented. Unsure of adding trailers, but definitely adding in a brand new large truck type vehicle would super fun for missions to try out. Also, please, LO, if you're watching, please please please fix the Armored Truck where it turns slightly left while pressing on the accelerator. Also, I like this idea too, we have ambulances, firetrucks are a welcome addition.
  7. Not to worry, I'm glad to see some people have stuck with the game - even if they're not "new" per say. Do you mean .png, as in the image format? I don't know, I feel like using an image as a cloud would look worse than using a 3D model. I'm not a game dev so I wouldn't know the complexity of doing so. And, true. What I meant was, when you can shoot through something, like a fence, or underneath cars, at enemies, your crosshair turns red. If you could shoot through the smoke, you would still have a visible shot/red crosshair at an enemy. An interesting idea if you wanted to add smokes would I think modify concs to do no hard/soft damage, and have the smoke linger for longer. However, this won't affect the UI/HUD. Your crosshair will still show the enemy, and so will the enemy's name above their head. The smoke would have to do something like obscure the UI, and that's not necessarily something you'd want to happen to your HUD. Another option would be to turn the smoke into an object, one that can be phased through, but not seen through/out of. If people want it, I'd be curious to see this in the OTW, to see how it would change the meta for the better/worse. You're welcome
  8. Also some of the Red Hill Institute Billboard could be used, and the civilian taxis are good placeholders for ads in-game. (and I'd really hope the L.O. is specific with what ads they allow, pushing for adverts that match the game's style and potentially the lore)
  9. TL;DR; Ideas are cool, but if you wanna have some meat behind them, let's dig into the core "backend" of the ideas. Not gonna rag on your # of hours, as that's not really something worth discussing. Hours aren't necessarily a reflection of skill, or knowledge. Plenty of college student programmers I know are better than some "I've done COBOL for life" developers. Melee is interesting because we already have a "melee" type weapon - the blowtorch. and it's not really used if at all as a weapon. Very rarely do I see people instinctively use it as a weapon. Most often if they're attacking a person using the blowtorch, it's purely for comic relief. Understandable, this has long been a suggestion by people to have a criminal counter to stunning. Problem is, this game has poor optimization for particle effects. So smoke, which has a lot of particle effects... and I do mean a lot, this would be harmful to performance, and let alone significantly change the way the game is played. (not to mention, you can easily shoot through grenade smoke as is, and it doesn't affect visibility much. The UI still changes your crosshair to red, and enemy names still show up. A smoke grenade with the way the game works, would merely be a distraction - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but would be used as a false sense of cover. This is similar to vehicles sometimes being a false sense of cover because some people don't realize you can be shot from underneath them. The problem with PvE - The game was never designed for it. The AI is so basic and simple, that they can't be significantly changed without changing the whole of the game's premise for PvE. I do think it'd be nice to have some sort of PvE elements, especially for missions that take much too long to get opposition for, but alas, this would be very, very, very difficult. Take for example GTA V- the AI in the game, when you push their cars off course, or kill the AI around them, they all respond, and modify their behavior. While it's predictable and known the effects, they're not 100% the same across the board, some AI will fight back if you punch them. In APB, the Ai will be stuck if their car is taken off course, and will end up just sitting stationary until players leave the area allowing the car to despawn. There's no fancy routes for the vehicles in the game either, they all enter, and leave. This is a problem not because of bad design, but because it wasn't intended to be the focus of the game at release. Early on in development, I believe RTW did have plans to have better AI, however, this didnt' happen, and the game itself will likely suffer if a "half-assed" implementation of NPC's is added. If I remember correctly, Matt Scott has said that they'd like to add in Midtown, and utilize new assets, however, this won't be until the population grows. Now this is something I've personally thought of, and would like to see, though I don't believe we need the buildings to go up in the sky scrapers to the top floor, maybe 3 stories, (4 isn't bad but that could be getting close to too big - Asylum is ~5 or 6 stories, but spread out over more space) Ideally, only a few buildings are given interiors, and maybe a few corridors in some buildings to take you through them. Though, this would require more map knowledge, and either new missions to take advantage of these areas, or modifying current missions to have some take you towards these new play areas. Hope I don't get martyred here, but I like how most of the vehicles handle in the game. Most issues for me arose from latency or packet loss with driving issues. Though, some vehicles probably could be fixed (like I think the Jericho oversteers a tad too much - while the Bishada, and the Growl don't) The Cisco also has some oversteer when you're taking it around Financial's grid-type corners. The Seiyo, when compared to the Pioneer, suffers from being front wheel drive. The Morai (originally an All-Wheel Drive vehicle, was shunted to being only Rear Wheel Drive) and that destroyed the ability to reverse the car at a reasonable speed) should have something changed about it's torque for reverse, or restore it's AWD characteristic. The Vegas as some think, has too much armor for it's speed, or vice versa. (It is styled like that of a late 60's, early 70's coupe) Believe it or not, the '70 Dodge Challenger is slower 0-60 than a Nissan Cube. I think the Vegas should be slightly slower than the Jericho and the Bishada, as those two vehicles are much newer and typically faster and quicker than the older muscle cars. This definitely would be a nice quality of life improvement, but I'd rather see them allocate time and energy to other quality of life improvements. It's not necessarily something that would change the gameplay, or the game itself. I don't believe that this would be something to focus time on creating. Unnecessary changes to a game increase complexity of the code base, and the design. Increased complexity result in more potential for bugs, flaws, and issues to arise. I believe that some of the other emotes resulted in facial changes, though I might be wrong. I know I've seen my character have different facial expressions during emote actions. Many changes are controversial to games, as not everyone may want them. Just do some research on what you want, the game's meta, how the game performs, and weigh that with the benefits. Certainly sometimes you'll get good ideas to go through, even if some players don't want them. Definitely, some of these would be cool, but that doesn't mean they need, or should, be added. Try to reason through with these, and explain the core, and fundamental, principles behind your ideas. alas, I won't call you a **** *** *****, but thanks for reading a long patootie reply.
  10. I gotta say, while I have a few of these "exclusive" achievements, I certainly wouldn't mine having more open and available for people to get. I would like to be able to complete all of the achievements, but alas, some of these are time locked. RIP me for not playing 2014 Christmas, yet for 2 years before, everything was fine lol
  11. I've usually been fine, without packet loss, there's like 1 day the past 3 weeks I've played where there was packet loss/ extreme lag, but other than that I've had no issues with connectivity.
  12. Can't forget Delphic's Counterpoint - I don't think it's still in the game, but I've got it in my music library somewhere
  13. Went through it, and even though you didn't share all of the responses, it definitely was interesting to get a view on other community member's opinion of elements of the game. I don't know too much about how to compile the data from the questionnaire, as this data is mostly text based, instead of numerical. Numerical data is super easy to migrate to a spreadsheet, and do math on. If you do plan on doing another one of these, PM me, and I'll see what I can dig up as examples, and show how to share the results from a form like this in both text and numerical sets.
  14. not gonna name names, but... I have a feeling I know who is being referred to :^)
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