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  1. While I do agree that the JMB changes are not exactly the most ideal, we did gloss over quickly the idea of having the legendary weapons accessible to free players in-game somehow (for a lease time) MAYBE. That'll be up to LO on how they want to handle that stuff. I know that there's a big market for legendary weapon sales on the MP and losing that's going to suck, but they could counter this by making any legendary you get account wide instead. Also, I like how people cherry picked what he said in regards to what content he'd like added. If you read the open letter and some of his other posts, he does mention he wants to add new maps, modes, CARS, and weapons. Just because he didn't say it in the Q&A doesn't mean he's forgotten about it. Weapons were just an example during that stage. But, aside from the JMB issue and the whole moderation of nudity (which was a rule during G1's era, they just didn't have GMs actively monitoring it), I'd say everything else was pretty neat. They have a 3 step plan to get the game back on track and kicking, we're getting some stuff the community has asked about for a long time and we've finally gotten more active GMs in-game (which a lot of players asked for, for years).
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