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  1. I think i just found the 2014 version of lilyv3.
  2. Why does it matter how many deaths you have other than stroking your k/d ego?
  3. Ryan Seacrest, Jake Gyllenhaal and George foreman
  4. Wow man I never would have thought about any of those things thanks man. I mean I thought we were supposed to run up to a shotgun user and shoot the wall next to them. Great tip bro hope to see you in ESL one day.
  5. Do guns come with armor now? Why would that matter?
  6. You mean you don't want people driving around playing this constantly?
  7. Signarly

    another APB Mobile game?

    Every single one of my yahoo accounts got breached multiple times. Gmail and hotmail untouched. Also if google wants to spy on my donkey porn then they can spy on it. Not like igaf about privacy.
  8. Signarly

    another APB Mobile game?

    lol @ the creator still using a fucking yahoo account.
  9. Eh i could careless about RMT. As long as im not getting spammed it doesn't matter. Especially in this game. Time = Money. Some people don't have time so they spend money. Not a big deal.
  10. I have been playing since day one RTW times. I also used to be gold but now I play alone so do not get the chance to team up regularly with a team which most gold are doing and rolling people like me who play alone. A deliberate strategy by them. Your own fault. You shouldn't be playing against bad new players. I'm glad you get stomped on by golds.
  11. If that were true all these nerds claiming rank doesn't matter would be wrong.
  12. When you're tired as fuck and read this as "what would you give g1 credit for" as what do you want to see in armas that you would pay for with G1C then have no idea what the fuck people are talking about in the thread...
  13. Signarly

    This forum's subforums are a clusterf**k, can we have a fix?

    There are subforums? I only know what social district is.