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  1. Wipe it. Purge it. Rebrand it. Do it LO
  2. Thread summarized: "I'm not good at the game and not being able to get a prize locked behind being good is dumb!" Yall pathetic. Go play minecraft.
  3. I wonder if people who never win in pubg try and complain about not getting enough bp to buy crates. Probably not cuz you all are entitled children that grew up with participation trophies.
  4. So much entitlement. Still say it's best to shut down game, wipe it, make you snowflakes ragequit, re open it and rebrand it something new on steam. This community needs a purge.
  5. Here you go my dude. https://www.deviantart.com/abilflorida/art/Ela-Chibi-Rainbow-6-siege-732080638
  6. "Stroke my hair and tell me I'm pretty" - OP
  7. Signarly

    GM can bite me.

    Basically they're VIP players.
  8. Woah woah posting a nazi symbol on the forums. Do you know how many snowflakes you just upset? Probably as many as actual nazis playing the game rather than little kids getting a rise out of trolling sensitive people.
  9. 11 characters. Jesus what are you doing with your life.
  10. Good. Cant wait to see the sweaty neck beards crying about how they dont feel special anymore cuz people can buy the same cool skins/cosmetics as them.
  11. I forget which dummy dev said it but he actually told us the higher the price the more weapons are sold.
  12. If you left the game because of stunning and not one of the other ten thousand reasons you're better off sticking to CoD or better yet going back to console gaming.
  13. Not really. Who the f still uses G1 launcher.
  14. I feel like you're forgetting a /s
  15. Maplestory 2 or bust.