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  1. I didnt downvote you homie, but ok. Shouldn't be so sensitive to them in the first place tho.
  2. Yeah updates from the CEO are better, but the point is when they first took over Lixil said that they would be talking with us so much we'd get tired of it. If you go look at her post history you can see that isn't the case. From what she said in social district about getting anxiety with so many people standing next to her it feels like this job either completely overwhelmed her or she's staying hidden until they've pushed out something worth talking about.
  3. First started: You're going to get tired of our communication! Week later: "People are all around me in social district giving me anxiety" One month later: Forum announcements only 3 Months later: Non existant Which I mean doesnt bother me. As long as she isn't banning people she doesnt like it's a step up from what we had.
  4. I like what LO has done because I can still watch the type of people on these forums and feel better about myself.
  5. Bottom car - Car surfer Top car - Remote Detonator With enough skill that's some deadly package delivery. I'm down.
  6. @MattScott Do you guys have any other changes/ideas in the works to help brand new players get settled easier/compete with players who have been playing for awhile?
  7. Yeah I hadn't heard of the whole plan but from what Matt said it sounds good. No more hiding in bronze for the 255 silvers.
  8. @Flight You can close this now if you want. Matt's newest post has quenched my need for drastic changes. We just shit posting now.
  9. Uwotm8? Gg ez bois. No more visible threat segregation. Aka threat based servers dissolved. His choice is better, but mine was based on them having to not make something new.
  10. Oh nice. So essentially threat based districts wont be a thing anymore. Gonna be a lot of dethreater tears flowing on the forums when this gets put in. I guess my rant was bad timing. Gj on being progressive and thinking bigger than band aid fixing dethreating.
  11. Lmao I'll take it. Surfs up on them silver/bronze veteran tears.
  12. Sorry my dudes. Showing off your server is how people like Peyton from WoWScape got caught. First rule is never tell anyone even close friends what kind of server or which one. There are people on here who know me irl. Also googling my ign brings me up as well. (Have fun with it)
  13. You call it garbage but I look at how many people still play this game and see you all have zero idea what you're doing. If I can host and maintain a private server with more population and make more $$ than a retail game It says I know what I'm doing so your opinions irrelevant to me. You guys can keep thinking you know what's best until the population hits EU too because dont worry it will happen. Now I got events to run for my players. Peace out.
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