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  1. Not really. Who the f still uses G1 launcher.
  2. I feel like you're forgetting a /s
  3. Maplestory 2 or bust.
  4. I'll still find a way to type >:o
  5. Shut it down. Wipe it. Hype it.
  6. Signarly

    Weekly Jericho Gathering

    Fight clubbers arent even playing APB so they dont get anything.
  7. Signarly

    Weekly Jericho Gathering

    60 seems pushing it. I'd say atleast 20.
  8. You can always tell if someone is a moron or not when they repeat the same closed minded statement "once a cheater always a cheater" over and over. I know many people who cheated back when they were younger who grew up and learned from their mistake.
  9. Just gonna drop this in here to make the people hanging on to this sinking ship swearing its fine reeee even more. Shut down the game. Wipe it. Hype it.
  10. Woah. You mean you dont want cheaters in the game? What a new point of view that I've never ever read before ever. I thought people wanted to play with cheaters.
  11. Welp. The population problem isnt going to be fixed without drastic change. So if this is just another milk the cash cow it til its dry attempt then that's fine it's their game if they wanna kill it that's on them. If they're trying to actually fix the game then they need to take some sort of risk. The new engine might bring some people back but most likely temporarily. Nothing appeals to peoples nostalgia more than playing on a even field where everyone is back to the basics racing to unlock lvl 3 mods first. Also I doubt you'd actually quit if they did wipe it. Maybe you'd not play for a month or two in protest, but you'd come back if the dust settled and you saw a healthy population.
  12. why would people worry about the thousands of dollars they spent on the game? I spent over 2500$ on this game before getting banned. Got my account back and realized how boring it is when everyone is already maxed out stomping on all new players with their modded out guns/loadouts. The population isnt there enough to separate based on skill. You can hide behind your excuse all you want, but when the day comes where the only thing left you can actually get opposition in is fight club it'll be too late. Til then enjoy spending $$ on a dead game.
  13. That's why they should just wipe it clean and start over. Game isnt gonna go anywhere until they do. Yall are just too selfish and worried about your accounts.
  14. Signarly

    How to fix APB ezpz

    But they took out downvotes removing your rep awhile ago. Also he went to my other posts and did the same thing lmao. Kid is so tilted.
  15. Signarly

    How to fix APB ezpz

    There is an option for both.