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  1. The OBIR is fine, that's why it has a slower TTK. There are truly only a few guns that are really imbalanced and game breaking. A lot of the mentioned guns in this post aren't even used much yet you are suggesting nerfs. There are so many more important changes that need to be looked at, rather than gun nerfs. Just deal with the NFAS. And look into balancing missions instead.
  2. So we get a new and more powerful graphics card, and it causes us to set it to the lowest possible settings to play the game... Awesome
  3. They arent nerfing the NTEC because it's too good. They are nerfing it because they had an extremely poor attempt at the NTEC (The New Glory) so to combat how trash the New glory is they are nerfing the ntec instead of fixing a gun the released.
  4. Just because a good is good does not mean it needs to be nerfed, when I think about guns that need nerfs I think about NFAS where you can point and click in someones general direction if they are close and kill them with little or no skill required. The Ntec isn't one of those It has a high skill ceiling. The difference between someone who is good with the ntec and someone who is bad is a big gap, and I thik that is a good thing. You should have to strive and use a gun more and more to get better with it rather than just picking up a gun that is easy to master.
  5. GamersFirst nerfed the NTEC-5 Years ago, and back then sure yes it was a very good gun and maybe a little op. But after the nerf the Ntec was in a very good place. The Ntec is quite possibly one of the best balanced guns in the game right now. A new player cannot just pick it up and become a god with it, the ntec takes a lot of time and effort to get good with to learn when to 1 tap 2 shot burst 3 shot burst or full auto. The ntec has a huge skill ceiling and yes people who have played the game a lot and have used the ntec a lot can be good with it but it is by no means over powered. The Ntec has strengths and weaknesses like any other gun 1-20m Most close range guns will beat it in a fight the OCA/PMG/NFAS will beat an ntec at that range most of the time. The Ntec fills a much needed range of around 20m-50m at around 40m+ the obeya will beat the ntec most of the time because even though the ntec has a .70s time to kill you will not be able to shoot at max fire rate beyond 40m+ which in turn slows down its potential time to kill. Where as the obeya can shoot at max fire rate. I feel like the ntec is in an amazing place right now and has been for a while. I don't believe that just because you guys release a new gun (The New Glory) which was not well received. The issue is not with the ntec being too strong but with your design of your first gun you have released. PLEASE do not change the ntec to fix the issue with (The New Glory) Instead maybe tweak the new glory to fit the play style you had originally imagined. Seeing this Ntec change has REALLY irritated me I have played this game for over 8 years and I can agree that some guns need a nerf, such as the OGRE and NFAS but I can assure you the NTEC is not a gun that needs to be changed. I have thousands of hours in this game and have experience a lot of different changes over the years, and I typically do not come on to the forums to post about things but this is something I feel strongly about and I hope you can take the advice from Veteran players like myself. TLDR: The Ntec has already been nerfed in the past and is a well balanced gun in its current state and does not need to be changed. Instead of changing the base gun, please instead improve on (The New Glory) instead. The new glory was the first gun that Little Orbit designed, so obviously there is a lot to learn about balancing a gun. But I am begging you please don't go about changing guns that are not game breaking in the slightest, there are far bigger issues about the game that need to be tackled first. I would love to read feedback from other players about this Issue -Kirin
  6. Sayori, hes not just griefing, he rage griefs after every mission he loses. And its not just a single time I see him do this all the time. He is a super toxic player and im glad hes gone, im sure a lot of other people are also. He loses a mission pouts to district chat for attention then decides to grief other missions/ stop them from doing objectives, killing with dumptrucks. It's obvious this behavior would not stop so they took the action they thought appropriate.
  7. If you are rank 200+ you shouldn't even be allowed to play in bronze district. I tried teaching my new buddy how to play APB yesterday to only face max rank "silvers" who then go to gold and dethreat at the end of the day to keep up the cycle of staying in bronze district. They go tryhard and I cannot imagine a new players perspective of the game if the first match they get is versus max ranks who has 1000+ hours in the game and are still in bronze district. I know there are legit some bad players who are max rank but still having 1000+ hours and facing new players who only have a few hours in the game isnt fair at all and will deter pretty much any new player from continuing playing the game. I feel that there should be a level cap or hour cap to be able to stay in the bronze district or even if you don't implement that something needs to change or this community will never grow. This game needs to be more friendly to new players or we will steadily decline in the player pop.
  8. So is it me or does it feel like people already have a bypass for Easy Anti cheat, because it feels like the anticheat is literally doing nothing. Merged. What I don't understand is why blatant cheaters who were cheating for years and get FF banned are playing again with their same accounts. Why would you unban them? To raise your population? Unbanning cheaters gives the population a negative effect. If you want to know why basically no one plays now its because you have an extensive cheater problem which doesn't feel like anything has been done about it and your servers are constantly unstable. This is just beyond irritating. It feels like the old FF days where cheaters were running around blatantly making it to max rank with no repercussions.
  9. PC is having the same issue right now, and LO hasn't said anything about it recently.
  10. Instead of adding game modes to potentially bring in new players, how about yall fix the existing game that is unplayable most days with the constant server lag and unstable servers. I really like that you all are trying to add new things to the game and that's great an all but, we need to fix the game first before worrying about adding in anything new. Your top priorities should be getting the servers stable and working to get the new engine released because with the new engine, it will be an updated engine which means less loop holes for hackers to get through and bypass the anticheat, as well as hopefully better performance for everyone. I believe if you can get the game running smoothly people would be more likely to stay and play because they aren't constantly being lagged off the game.
  11. Why would you nerf two guns that are perfectly balanced?
  12. Personally I would love for LO to focus on the real issues at hand such as server stability, the new engine, and properly dealing with cheaters. All 3 of these can be accomplished by getting out the new engine out as the #1 priority.
  13. VladimirChekhov


    Why do you assume this is because of the anticheat and not the patch release of riot?
  14. Thanks for letting me know
  15. Until now I have never had this issue until the new update. http://prntscr.com/o10ayy I did every thing It said and restarted my computer and this still keeps popping up.
  16. I don't agree with blacklisting or sharing equipment, I want to feel my progression as I go not be able to leech off other players and gain stuff I normally wouldn't. I don't see how blacklisting is a good thing at all what if someone got a new gun and the first thing that happens is its blacklisted or you really like a specific weapon and game after game you cant use it. I think the real solution would be keep new players in their own district until they reach a certain rank or time played, this way they will be facing other new players and will be able to get the hang of doing missions and learning how the game works. This will keep them at an even playing field.
  17. I agree with your post 100% there is no reason, gold should be dethreating and going to bronze just to farm new players. That is simply toxic, there needs to be a revamped match making system and real punishments for those dethreating.
  18. I agree 100%, when a cheater gets banned he will just make a new account and go right back with his friends, you see it all the time max ranks playing with a super suspicious low rank gold who always knows where you are. The cheaters "friends" should also receive a ban. Banning cheaters will in the short term lower the player population, but in the long run players will come back to the game they know and love if the cheating problem has been dealt with. That's why over the years we have gone from thousands of players playing to a few hundred. It's not because the game is old or there isn't a new engine, nor is it because this game doesn't have a battle royal. The reason many players leave and refuse to come back is because cheaters ruin the game for them and there is no noticeable punishment for the cheaters.
  19. People are still blatantly using ESP and other hacks and its really frustrating, sure it wasn't like years ago but its still bad. This game will never progress until you address the hacker problem head on. One of the main reasons people stop playing this game is hackers, its not because you haven't updated the engine or added in a Battle royal its because of hackers. I ran into a hacker a week ago named [snipped name] ~@mayii who was doing just that and he was rank 100+. Your game will not grow ever until you fix this issue.
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