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  1. would it not be better to just put the new build on the otw and let as many people try it out to give them more feed back than just a few spct?
  2. bring in epicgoat for community manager and maybe the game will get fixed!
  3. i hope to play on eu servers when the new engine comes out tbh.
  4. since im the best player on eu i can confirm that you can still aimbot & speedhack case closed.
  5. Mad Catz RAT4 maybe a bit light but is a nice mouse
  6. Rat1oNRUs


    having a gm or tgm in the disrict and they have no powers to ban speedhackers is kinda funny tbh.
  7. its a myth to get banned in this game for using a cheat only get a ban if ur a griefer.
  8. only crying kids want it removed if you cant handle being bounty go play minecraft.
  9. think thats a bad example i mean put 100 coders into a room and tell them to make a ai programe yes maybe 10 guys could do it but having 100 or more would get the job done faster no?
  10. how can you be playing vs cheaters when you hide in the bronze disrict?
  11. maybe they should not bring out any more new stuff for this game keep as is and pour all der resources into the 3.5 update and maybe we can get to play without the game breaking every time we get an update
  12. im on the same boat ive lost joker box guns also
  13. dam so many needy people and not enough tissues to hand out
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