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  1. trying to fix ur fps on this game is like trying to solve global warming.
  2. look at all the silvers & fake golds with all the down votes
  3. as hard as getting out the new engine upgrade?
  4. i dont see why ur crying about this as i said to you if you miss with the pig ur dead so i say just get better aim or just stay in ur car please.
  5. sorry you have came outta cryosleep please sleep for another 2+ years.
  6. just because i know its easy to bypass dont mean i suck as much as an na player :D the truth hurts yes.
  7. Rat1oNRUs

    A new threat level?

    what about a rank system like rocket league? it maybe better for matchmaking no?
  8. the hint is in the name (eac) its easy to bypass.
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