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  1. TecH EU2

    Error Code 8

    Experiencing , error code 8 aswell, are servers down?
  2. Compettetive....apb is DEAD, nuf said....
  3. At this point G1 is totaly back. Breaking game mechanics and not supporting legit players that are frustrated about the cheater problem. Grief a cheater and get banned, wow, just wow.
  4. Report your findings directly to the EA support crew. Talk to them instead of wasting time with LO!
  5. The underlying problem is not solved this way, it will only drive legit players further away. Finaly go after the god damn cheaters, what is wrong with LO, the reason ppl detreat is because they are tired of fighting the same cheaters over and over. ffs.
  6. Half of my time ingame I feel like a social worker. Trying to educate players about all sorts of wrong just to see them turn up the troll volume a notch more. Especialy R255 players who should know better than to destroy their own playerbase. In real life we have a billion dollar law system in place to keep society civil, in here nothing.
  7. Opening a support ticket directly with Easy Anti-Cheat might be a option. Try it.
  8. The afk is the reaction you get when ppl face the same cheaters over and over. Knowing you will only feed the cheaters more kills, the fun of a competetive game is lost, and so is the will to play. It is not a thing of today, it has been going on for years. If you talk to the ppl you get almost the same response from each and every one. "Can't be bothered playing these cheaters". What used to happen in gold districts(cheating) is now manifesting in silver districts due to low pop. So you know whats next to fall, bronze districts once the pop gets even more destroyed by the same cheaters. This game will never rise again if cheating continues, I'm clueless why LO has not done more, this should be a priority for a compettetive game.
  9. Keep in mind that cheaters are on these forums aswell, trying to derail any posts that would harm their mallicious way of playing. It looks pretty bleek atm for legit players new and old to have a fun fair time in apb. Insert coin, not at this point.
  10. I think the same as you, lag switch or speed hack
  11. Thank you for the referal to your post. Merged. I would pay alot for the armas anticheat, if that is what it takes, grab my cash! p.s. Ad a option to the /report function. A history log of the players that you report, saves time and effort.
  12. We have seen this aswell, and it has been going on for a while now. Seems LO is turning a blind eye on cheating again, as if the pop has not suffered enough.
  13. Thx ComFayer, Lixil, and all other DEVS. It was great fun and hopefully you enjoyed it to. Till next run, Laterssss
  14. Did someone found out....DDOS. Seriously, why would they doom themselfs even further at this point.
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