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    If I were looking for people, that would be a negative. Your whole OP is a red flag.
  2. What a vague and useless thread.
  3. Unless the person blatantly states they know their teammate cheats and continues to party with them anyway, I don't think you can reliably punish someone for it. I've seen more than a few shawcopters/blatants on my team over the years and getting them kicked can be hard with the new demerit system.
  4. Agreed; combat in battlefield and GTA has always felt "floaty" to me. Like, there's a clear disconnect on what I'm doing and where my shots are landing. With APB, I feel like I'm in control of my character, (despite the guns feeling like they have no weight behind them) I know what's going on and it feels good.
  5. Refund and buy the NTEC 'Dvah' after LO drops the stupid ARMAS prices.
  6. Pretty much. I loved this person's response in the comments: Added in paragraphs so it's not so cancer to read, but it is a great comment.
  7. When I started playing ages ago, I went from Trainee to Gold and it felt so good to destroy W.A.S.P. back in the day as Jackeroo and Jilleroo. I have since been gold and never dropped below it. I hate dethreaters, such babies. Just ruining the game for new players.
  8. So to stop the lag, they cripple the server with lag. "Hey, I don't need to worry about my house burning down if I blow it up!"
  9. How long has it been like this? It's just... so bad.
  10. Yeah, I think so. I'd love my 4x4 to get transformed into a Phoenix... Just checked, it's the 2-slot one you gave me.
  11. Kewlin, did you make it for me? I do have 2, LOL. I think Amancia or Ada made me one. It's been sooo looong. I'm on my alt atm, but I'm gonna check after this mission, lol.
  12. I have this beautiful Pontiac Firebird 1-slot that sits in my cluttered af locker that never gets used because of this. Would love to see this implemented.
  13. Curse the, "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." This thread is gold, great job everyone - amazing!
  14. Q. As it currently stands, most content in the game is locked behind paywalls. All the new clothes and guns that have come out are all totally inaccessible (for the vast majority). So, do you guys have any plans to stop this practice of pay gating everything under the sun and give people things to work towards? Thanks.
  15. A better way to put it is: It has the fastest TTK of any gun in the game, for people like me who use it constantly, those rates are consistent. As for cars, that's what a conc is for.
  16. Are you the dumbest **** ever? Using macros to obtain oppressively consistent firerates is also bannable from what I remember. If you've ever played CoD4 with a modded controller and a G3 you'll understand that it's too good with unlocked fire rates; it had one of the best (if not the most) TTK rates of any of the guns. It was insane.
  17. Sad, but true. Ursus still a solid legendary though, lolHazardous and Anubis, amirite?
  18. You just had to be EU, didn't you? DansGame
  19. Yup. +1 I have permanent guns unlocked that I don't even take out of my mailbox because it just clogs my locker. A lot of really simplistic design choices that should really be addressed (looking at you, single slot mail).
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