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  1. Yes. Do this. I want to be able to mass delete my dozens upon dozens of pages of 3 day trial jmb items. Better yet, give jmb mailbox messages their own tab in the mailbox and let us mass-retrieve attachments too, so I don't need to spend an hour on every new character accepting all my account perms kthx
  2. Hey now, as someone who enjoys rolling ltl squads that hurts. It's a fun handicap for enforcers who are good at the game and want a little challenge. That said, unless you're God tier it's still better left in squads where everyone is doing it and not on random groups.
  3. Come on LO, let me throw you money for a game I barely play any more for some of that sweet sweet box opening dopamine. Feed my addiction so I have a reason to fall back in to the pit of depression that playing APB and waiting endlessly for the engine upgrade puts me in
  4. I like the hidden numerical suffixes route, myself. Add it once and you can see when someone gets online on any of their characters, block it once to block all of a person's characters for good, and no issues with name conflicts ever again. How likely are two people to have the same name anyway? Not very, so it's highly unlikely that it would ever create an issue with confusing one person for another (unless it's a common or shared name, like naming something after a TV show or video game character). That said, otherwise they should keep the "oldest character gets the name" route imho
  5. ITT: For real though -- far better than g1, and i'd prefer changes that can always be reverted if they fail to no change at all. This game needs a mix up, or it's going to slowly peter off and die as we've all been expecting for so long now. There's so many toxic violently pessimistic people who are upset that they're not getting EXACTLY what THEY want and getting it IMMEDIATELY though, that it can be hard to gauge exactly what the "state of the community" is, since most of us seem to be more or less in the "Meh, they're doing alright." club. Most people are ALWAYS going to be relatively neutral, and only the loud vocal minority on the far reaches of either side are going to be heard. Believe it or not, most people choose to be positive, just either silently so or relatively neutrally so. For the most part, what matters is that though LO hasn't always made perfect, great or even good changes, they're at least trying to change it up to make the game so much better than it currently is, into a much better game than the one that we know today... ... and even if it ends up still dead in the end, at least the last hurrah was one of trial, going down fighting, rather than simply petering out of existence unceremoniously with a horrible track record, only for the game to be remembered as mediocre at best, and bad at worst. Edit: side note, they seem to be doing alright with the other G1 game too -- the few times I've actually gone over to the fallen earth forums being linked from here or browsing through the dev tracker, the people over there seem to be majorly more positive, and receiving LO's changes in a much better light.
  6. alternately, the other white stuff (though sometimes gray) that appears in one's crotch region after having not showered for a long time.
  7. i only abused long enough for vegas, myself. still wish it would stay gone (but temptress could go on jt store or something)
  8. Tbh, I've been on-and-off around since obt and I'd still rather them listen to new players to learn what will make new players join and stay instead of old crotchety bitter people like myself who will probably stick with it regardless. Rather a game with a playerbase than a dead game after all
  9. Why is it that every forum post that I see by you is nothing but whining and doomsaying and being a banana to the devs? G1, for a while, actually did shit, yes -- what should matter now is that shit is getting done again, regardless of who's doing it or if they burn out from being called terrible so constantly by people like you. Edit: thanks for the dislike, hexerin. I will wear it like a badge of honor. Send me more daddy
  10. Wouldn't an "account-wide inventory" defeat the purpose of account-bound weapons? Unless they like, had a faction-bound (only crim / only enf) inventory instead, but even then many people only play one or the other, so that could cause a lot of lost revenue. Your specific situation seems to be a personal problem, and support may or may not help you because it does seem to be a problem that you caused yourself. On top of that, complaining and then backtracking by saying that it doesn't matter to you because you don't play apb any more? Don't complain about stuff that requires you to play, if you simply don't.
  11. On one hand, I didn't have one before this, so I'm glad they opted to allow it. On the other hand, I always kind of viewed member titles as something for OG forum users, and now they're available to everyone which makes me feel a bit conflicted about it, even though ultimately it is a nice gesture from them
  12. So... TL;DR people in chat made you butthurt so you came to the forums to complain about it, while trying to add legitimacy to your argument by claiming that you reported a bunch of people and clogged up the support ticket list for next to no reason which makes all the support tickets take longer to get to, as well as harping on the dead horse that is dethreaters? Maybe, just maybe, instead -- you could actually be an adult (which you should be anyway, playing APB) and not let someone saying something on the internet hurt your precious feefees, just /ignoring them and being the bigger person while Matt Scott and the support team fix the problems that they already know are there, but they're taking forever to get to because they have to waste time dealing with a veritable million support cases from people like you? Your comment smacks of the a child's propensity to complain constantly and be impatient, and yet you act like YOU'RE the one who's the adult here. Sorry, but APB doesn't need to be a "safe space" and when you're an adult, you shouldn't expect any "safe spaces". Not even your home, in the age of the internet. They know their problems -- it's their company. They listen to the community -- that's why they've been so much more open than G1 ever was. They're people too, trying to save a dying game with all their might, who don't need even more of a hit to their morale. I have no idea why they bought this game when so much of its vocal and forum-going player base is willing to smack them down and be such negative d-bags to the people trying to make it so that you can still play a game that you probably like. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it took a much larger team a much longer time to turn the shit that was Final Fantasy 14 into FF14: A Realm Reborn which is actually good -- they're no doubt trying their best, so stop bitching for now, when they've already showed willingness to try and improve the game (even if, with no experience in fps/tps games, they still need to learn about balancing and the like). They'll get to your tickets just like everyone else's, though whether they're acted on is entirely down to how ridiculous or not you're being. Besides that, they need proof of anything before they can take action against someone's account, not just your word. By your attitude, I'd guess it's mostly just complaints about nothingness though.
  13. wait, there's an issue with talking in social? I never noticed, saw some people talkspamming about a week ago so didn't even know it was borked lol.
  14. I never said it should have as low as or a lower ttk than other weapons -- in fact, I said that it should be at that .8 ttk (or slightly higher, maybe like .85 or .875)) at all of its' effective ranges, giving it a fighting edge but also being more forgiving. Anyone who can aim will still be able to out-ttk it with almost any weapon though. This means that the silver paired against a r255 obt veteran perma gold might actually get a few kills instead of getting pissed the fuck off and ragequitting -- that stuff happens all the time, why do you think player retention in this game is so shit? The game caters only to the highest caliber of player, blocking out anyone who hasn't played consistently for a long time. Most of my friends have quit because they get frustrated by never being able to compete. A smart gun is a gun that has kind of homing capabilities. Most operate like missiles do in military games -- a couple seconds to lock on, followed by homing attacks. Titanfall is a big one for this. All of the smart guns are lower damage than other guns, they just give an option for people who want to be more casual. Note: I'm not saying that this game should have a "smart gun", but the shredder deserves to be what it was made to be: a more forgiving short to mid ranged weapon, with a slightly higher ttk than either other short OR long range weapons, in most categories. See above. I never said it was perfect, but people who seem to think that it should be nerfed to the ground like the other shotguns really irk me* -- instead, it should be SLIGHTLY nerfed or have a slightly lower fire rate or something to make it 2 and 3 of your bullet points, I just take issue with people saying "B-BUH IS A SHOTGUN I-IT SHOULD HAVE LITERALLY NO RANGE", when it was designed to be a mid-range shotgun.. You obviously skipped the rest of my post, where I clearly said that I think it should be nerfed slightly, but it should also have its' niche where it's competitive and versatile for people who aren't gods at aiming yet (or hacking), to give lower tier players an edge against upper tier ones, albeit one that will still result in them losing most of the time against someone super skilled, while also giving them much more ability to fight back and not be completely stomped on, which is frustrating and is part of the reason this game died, then so far has stayed dead. For the record, I support a re-nerf to shotguns... but not a flat out revert. I like the ramp in damage, where the first pellets do more damage, but I think the curve should be slower, so you need to hit more pellets to do the same damage (but not all of the pellets to do all of the damage), as well as the slight range nerf that they've already put into place for damage control purposes... I just think that the shredder deserves its' place, and not to just be a cookie-cutter sub-par NFAS replacement. The NFAS is our melee weapon, so at least let the Shredder add some variety by being more geared towards range. This game needs new and fresh. Reverting the changes changes nothing, and this game NEEDS changes. We need to work more on what LO has already put out there, and find ways to shake it up, make the game more inviting and noob friendly than it currently is. Shit, I think a no-slot shredder should be an option from the tutorial perm weapon selector and do as I said: have a bit more range, be more forgiving, but have a higher ttk than most other things within its' range. Now THAT could do some wonders to help bring in new players.
  15. Wasn't the shredder originally designed as a shotgun that is useful out to more of a mid range than most other shotguns? Further, should every single weapon in the game require 100% skill, all the time? I think maybe it could use just a smidge lower fire rate, but there's a reason why games with "smart guns" get such large numbers of fans outside of the hardcore fps group: it gives those people who aren't as good at aiming a viable alternative. I think it should be a 4 shot kill up close, with its' damage falloff starting around 25m. That's what it's designed to be. It could maybe use a small, small nerf to get rid of the massive overdamage but as it stands, it's a little less skill-based than most other weapons in the game, but it's far from overpowered -- it simply gives the masses of worse players a viable alternative against the tryhards at the top, while still having a higher ttk than most weapons anyone in the upper echelon of the game would use. that said, I think most OTHER shotguns should only be a 2-shot up to 10m, then start falling off hard to the point they are useless at a shredder's range.
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