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  1. I apologize but I do not understand how your contact can still upload emule level 10? Your maximum range! I do not understand .
  2. We will look forward to these important implimentations, we all hope it will be soon, thanks to all of you for your patience, the google translator does not always translate the english into spain correctly
  3. We also had that, or it was only for some of them to kill even more than now, I'll be sheltered, sorry then. then you disces that removing all restrictions for everyone to enter any server is a good idea? reducing the amount of money you earn or increasing it according to server uploads or download it? I do not know, I doubt that someone enters a gold server anyway, a bronze filled with gold is more fun to see that.
  4. 1: gold server: only for gold and silver. 2: silver server: only for silver and bronze. 3: Bronze server: only for bronzes and greens. 4: green server: initiation or tutoring for new players I think this would not make people so elitist. but to be giving a bad suggestion, but I think that would solve the current problem, If you are gold, you go to a gold server to play against your rivals do not abuse, of course the servers are always empty, it is not difficult to fill them, if it is true that it is complicated to have a gold that is going down to Silver to go to a bronze, it's sad, but why does it !? You explain it to me, yesterday I was playing in a silver and I had a very bad time, I will not say names that would be very easy for me to name those who, like me, know the latest APB bug, playing against these people who are loaded with what they should not go (aim i macro) the oscar has a cadence i skip it to the bullfighter, from when a ntec goes farther than an obeya, i the impressive automatic shot, the ntc hack is seen to be free, i Enciama supporting that tell me to go to a bronze or that I am delayed and more ... said this friend Vicky, I do not know what else to say, I apologize for my English that I have to be spending the Google translator to talk with you. I think it is possible, to be less elitist, to help veterans to the newest, I do not know how many cars and weapons I have given away in all these years that I have been playing, money borrowed from millions of stories, I do not think that if the golds were out or out A little less selfish or more indigent would be easier than gold and the rest of the people would enjoy the game more. (It's a game, there's no need to mistreat it.) If you do not change this, you'll only have the gold and nobody else would have been the end of the game if this happened?
  5. Is not that what happens now? I could be gold forever !? , but not everyone wants it for what? I think you already know the answer, if knowing that the level of silver is now the most quoted, being gold does not serve anything but to play alone is the reality and time has shown me the number of times that, I and my friends We have tried to play fairly in a silver and the only thing we have received are insults and disdain for a certain number of gold players, who sadly have to go to a silver to humiliate players like me who am occasionally gold (I am not pro, just fair play) with that I hope not to offend anyone, I just want a fair balla !!
  6. Good afternoon everyone, it is very true that they have not stopped trying to do things a lot better than their ancestors, they are trying to do something, that others only did it with words, it is not necessary to name anyone. Having said that, we have to have great patience. The update will make that sure. when ? let's have faith . In defintiva ladies and ladies we have patience, we have been waiting 5 years for this, we will not be the ones who fail anyone now I will enter a silver to play where nightmares come true
  7. let's just make the golds just enter their respective server ', is not it easy? I like many others we just want to play with equality, I also have to add, that they are not what they will be, now they die from time to time and it is very rewarding, those immortals ..... As you said, another level of threat is not necessary, just correct the current problems, it would be more than enough for the whole community
  8. I would like to enter a silver server, to be able to play with the same equality, but it is overwhelming as they are full of golds, bronzes full of gold players that do nothing but hide others is very sad; How many years have we suffered this sentence?
  9. good morning to all those present, I would like to know if it is not too much to ask, when the engine update will be done, I have been playing apb since 2011 I think it's years, not the times this game was installed and uninstalled it is not 50 few, how much time played incalculated had 4 characters, 2 completed a maximum and another 2 half, recently erase 2 of them out of boredom, I see much interest in this new company, solve the mistakes of other companies is hard, see how san benefited and an entire community is cheated "funny" taking that into account with the years that were thrown making fun of everyone, an blocked to both good and bad accounts, they gave equal the farfaight a vergueza and we all savored it, we could not do anything how many accounts of blocked friends, at the whim of a company, I guess this time we have serious people in charge, "or maybe not" that time will tell, I hope this time will be different entity I'll just say good luck to you, do not be like the others, some of us are exhausted from so many disappointments with this game for many years !!! 1: engine update. 2: pairing system by rank or ameza. 3: more fierce restrictions: this could determine a greater ease of play for beginners, tutoring as it should, as in other games teach you the basics of handling weapons or other various actions this game that even in thought will be, PLEASE AND TO THE MOTOR UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hola buen día . Me gustaría hacer una sugerencia modesta sobre cómo cambiar el método de entrada de los servidores, oro, plata y bronce. 1: servidor de oro: solo para oro y plata. 2: servidor de plata: solo para plata y bronce. 3: Servidor de bronce: solo para bronces y verdes. 4: servidor verde: solo verde. Es solo restringir el acceso a aquellos que no necesitan ingresar a estos servidores. Creo que el nivel es justo. Debe hacerlo con su propósito. Sé que será difícil o imposible, pero le agradecería que lo hiciera. . Esto no significa que si eres un bronce y obtienes plata en ese servidor, como todos sabemos en la comunidad, es muy fácil reducir o aumentar la amenaza, lo que espero sean los jugadores más avanzados, tranquilos para los más nuevos, ¡Eso es un gran abuso por parte de aquellos que están más que aburridos de jugar umillen y despreciar a los nuevos jugadores o con pocas posibilidades!a postscript and if there was a gm that spoke Spanish would be great, that we are many Spaniards who played this game for many years and the same as adding the Spanish language to the game that previously had it.
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