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  1. Maybe you can not? The majority can not even distinguish when a guy who is presumably legal, but you and many of us do!
  2. However, I do not have an engine update that will come for when. life makes us go through the window) said that you think my solution is bad, even after the golds come to your district and leaves us money for the money and some CASUAL ORES. No more a greeting from a 34-year veteran and 10 recharged games. José Manuel Villanueva By the way, they will have to pay for the hotel facing the sea. hahahh I hope this post has been published in English
  3. this is a team game, of course that has always been the case, the 1 vs 1, it is very rare in this game I have been habeces, the game has been quite balanced, there are many missions that some do not prefer to play (final missions of vip) almost all of us know what they can be, however I think, that the staff here goes a long way, the Russians and their traps, adophilia, malissa, bnvb and others of their same species, always proving that they are the better though, with an ogre i a vulcano still like all the ground, in this game there is nothing impossible if you insist, but the truth is as follows, many mistakes must be solved in this game, after that only imposes with some friends i laugh at them, you play, you lose you laugh you win a gg, i do not pass anything friend, cheats or skilled players there are in all games, in this game especially 160 golds that will be in citation of only 30% are legal the others stink but much or, the golds in bronze are not false, or they are like the pro-ches or prochets of the silver servers, which as Cookiplus said, the golds in bronze are false golds, for I am happy, your friends in the silver They are equal to false than the bronze golds friend. criticize also your friends i nbo are so espavilado, in short this game is to play as a team i not only, because here people if you realize they do not know how to have a one catra one legally always go from 2 to 2 as the women to the bathroom, if you want a game of 1 vs 1 blackdesert is a great game I have it level 62 in a month of 65 levels, i have to create 5 characters for free, I do not give more spaw of the game I continue with apb, then friend if You want to be able to leave mission because you are not interested in the mission or your team is not professional. Nothing to stretch the cable and start over.
  4. ty for you help I have an i3 processor of 3.2 gh a graphic card invidia gtx650ti 1g gddr5 i 8g of ram. at this point I am very aware, that I do not have a large computer, but enough to play, between 40 to 60 fps i with a fairly good image quality, at a minimum, (but without using the advanced launcher) the case esque closes me too much especially when ay a population of 40/40 begin my problems of choppy lag and gives me even more so when I am in a short-term entanglement. I returned from my small vacations, I went to play and I saw that I was paid a 15-day bonus, I've seen the problems that many players had to endure, I much less have been ofline 1 week almost 2, I hope everything is returned to normal, i hope to see soon progress or an update of our great leadership team will support i development team, avasing great news of the engine update that seems to be very close (2019) I hope to believe that new battle mode, with solving the remaining errors that remain to be fixed in the current game yet, thanks for the patience !!
  5. for this forum, I think there is an option or whatever to put it in the game and put the game in Spanish !? someone could falicilar the link even though it does not come to mind the game closes me a lot! i3 3.2gh, 8gb ram, gtx650ti 1gb win 10 pro 64x See you, I take a few vacations! I hope to return for the best of the game!
  6. Well, do not crash, I've been playing for several years. I thank this new team that is leaving a lot to play! My personal opinion was funny and chaotic, but I liked to see something different and a lot, waiting for 20 dead minutes I did not like it, but seeing how the fluid game was going, seeing the financial as I have seen it has been another change that It makes the district much more attractive! I hope I want you to start, it's been very fun. Until next time . by the way the mini tutorial that you have included, it seems perfect, thanks again for your work, incredible
  7. the new district is amazing, that's worth the 5 years of waiting !! you're going to achieve a miracle, and not only the district my fps quality went up by about 15 and the gameplay is amazing, it's incredibly good!
  8. I was entered but I was expelled while acedia to the new district
  9. SirVilla

    0xc00007b error

    eliminates the two apb, that to start, gives you the same error that I gave to me a long time ago, desistala the two apb eh installs only the steam. In steam before you could do a verification of the integrity of the files, currently did not exist, but you just desistala eh install it again, if it does not work when you reinstall, az the same with everything steam i gamefirst! that's what I did, and it worked again when I installed only steam!
  10. there will always be cheaters, in this game you will not doubt it, change the thing with the update, a fair game is possible today more than ever in a silver, a couple of years ago it was impossible to enter a silver, today if I can, I just wanted my message to reach those people, who are creating accounts to access a bronze district to use what they usually spend on their accounts, in a more controlled way, (they are very bored) (young children) is my seem
  11. Well, I do not speak English fluently, some of us had to get stuck with 14 years and we did not have that opportunity! but I think that it was understood quickly and this was the account that I was suspended. now dramas not one, I from today until I arteis of my I will be playing where I play is a silver to any gold that insults or discriminates me for being silver and I'm telling you that I'm going to go through the lining .. .. what this has to do with those who use traps, not read, you create new account only to spend agusto what in your account only half good, I had only done this to give some pros cheats, which are gold, and now I am too, unfortunately! (I do not see any benefit) especially because of the big difference of TRAMPOSOS ahem, do you want or need something else!?
  12. I do not think it's wrong for you to have accounts 1 2 3 ect, which seems to me to be out of support for extense or in other words (cheats) I only said that because I could not express myself, I have two accounts and two They are high silver I have not cheated in my life I was banned x heavy because after they stole my account sold me weapons and I deleted other obgetos the only thing I received was an account lock and a slap on the sword
  13. ready, I wait for you in finalial 1, which as always is empty. It is for me a task to be translating, I imagine that for the rest it is easier! https://ffbans.org/Citadel/villanueva2 Once the account was blocked, I saw the injustice of this game, although several demons have disappeared to a follow in the dark !!
  14. I guess you know why I say it, and if not I can also do the same as them, but I will not lower myself to their level, I am proud to be faithful silver and not a fake gold, which I call once I can be without external help. I just put this so that the old folks think a little bit more, but if you want war I'm connected, we make a versus i show you between my level and then I show you theirs worth coki
  15. Is there something in the rules to create a new account? no. are there any problems that these players spend what your i know =? yes i apologize my english
  16. Recently, I have been able to verify that some old players with active accounts are creating new accounts, only to play on a bronze server and try what is prohibited, saying that I expect a little more seriousness from these players that I guess they will be bigger and do not need such pirated accounts, to annoy the judaros of the bronze servers, who have enough to deal with all kinds of experienced players, saying that I hope a little more sanity, if things do not change, you can be that we start again with the old problems (cheats a full) this was devlo to many things and one of them was the veterans who caused them, I hope to stop seeing this or things can get worse and much for those golds that you are creating new accounts, because of so much to give to ignite and execute what you do not devieres you will be gold for your life, thank you for your patience.
  17. I can not participate in the tests, it's a pity, I live in Spain the hour is very early at that time I and my daughter we are still very comfortable in bed, I would ask for a later hour, well I will see it in the month of May, why do I tell you that I do not even get up at 6 o'clock in the morning for some tests, I do it to work not for you! have you really seen when there are more people on the European server? It is always from 3:00 p.m. till 1:00 a.m. Those are the highest hours of the European server, I do not know where you got the statistics but, come on, a little more of the view would not go wrong, and the Spanish language that was removed of g1 are you going to put back? I'm tired of seeing the options in English and Russian, I was in Spanish remember? I think the Russian, English, French, Japanese languages are very good? implement more languages please !!! I for asking that it is not, Russian gentlemen without offending anyone! you could leave the chat for your talks, talk in churches and if you do not know you speak privately or join and play in a group, but let's give the pain with your incredible language we are all very tired of russo, not to mention more, Thanks for your incredible effort to improve this game, thanks adm i technical team, for your effort, Thanks Matt !! I walk and you are very happy everyone hahaha
  18. ProductPriceDatePayment Type Checkout G1C$12.092019-03-30 17:35Steam Checkout G1C$12.102019-03-29 23:58Steam Checkout G1C$12.102019-03-29 22:13Steam Checkout G1C$12.102019-03-29 20:42Steam Checkout G1C$24.192019-03-16 23:00Steam Checkout G1C$18.142019-03-15 12:07Steam Checkout G1C$12.092019-03-02 15:57Steam Checkout G1C$24.202019-02-12 14:16Steam Checkout G1C$36.302019-02-12 11:36Steam Checkout G1C$48.402018-08-03 13:43Steam Checkout G1C$10.002017-04-15 12:24PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$5.002017-04-11 11:36PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$20.002017-04-11 11:35PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002017-04-08 18:26PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002017-04-07 13:24PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002017-04-06 12:35PaySafeCard Promo Code G1C$0.002017-03-07 20:59Internal Promo Code G1C$0.002016-12-01 15:12Internal Checkout G1C$5.002016-11-24 17:20PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$20.002016-11-24 17:18PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002016-11-04 11:32PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$5.002016-11-03 11:58PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$20.002016-11-03 11:58PaySafeCard Promo Code G1C$0.002016-09-01 16:21Internal Checkout G1C$50.002016-05-31 16:58PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002016-05-10 21:14PaySafeCard Checkout G1C$10.002016-05-10 21:13PaySafeCard Promo Code G1C$0.002016-04-01 15:44Internal Promo Code G1C$0.002015-12-23 21:43Internal Promo Code G1C$0.002015-12-14 20:36Internal he was not the only one who supported this company : )
  19. that will arrive aver, really, it would be more than curious, in the middle of both district a new neighborhood, where new missions, contacts would be discovered and continue to rise level without thinking about the level of threat! it will be very exciting!!!
  20. that's the most interesting said today's date think if it would be interesting, I begin to think that it would be difficult and distressing, but to join final and waterfront, make a union of districts? It would be interesting !
  21. I think, that few new players are going to come, if not those who forgot to play, own friends call me tell me what I do playing that, apb has become for me in a short time, something where I enter a while just to remember That once I'm filled with enthusiasm to enter and give joy to other Judah hahaha, we cheers laughed at them, very boring people we said they were, even though it has been an extensive plague, and that's why many left, the golds that they are in bronze more problems, it is the other plague of apb, many are more than tired. I am one of them, I do not know how to say it, I at least do many games more in a bronze than in a silver and that is very sad for me, (I dream of a district that does not shoot me, where I'm going? in a bronze I can not play because I have experience and that is unfair (I know), in a silver I can not play because I do not have a macro, nor do I have an aimbot, because I am fair and I do not spend much money, but I face them more than I can even if the result is not always the same, the continuous insults, are more difficult to endure than the more than 20 times that can kill me, if they tell me where I'm going to play bronze or silver, or I'll go to black desert that is what I do almost every day for not boring this situation.
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