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  1. I think that tournaments with clan battles, and that there would be a classification, that would make the apb something more interesting! the only weapons that should be restricted, would be explosives, but this is apb, don't wait too long, someone will always want a weapon restriction, in my opinion I will say that, if there has to be a restriction, it would have to be of a level (minimum level required 50)
  2. SirVilla


    How to fix did not solve anything, desistale e, and reinstalled, error resolved can close this issue or remove it thanks.
  3. SirVilla


    apbprogram.local playing until he did nothing, he gave me a strong tiron and I was expelled from the game, when he returned to run the game, he began to repair himself, but said repair is not finished gives error, apbprogram.local
  4. Thanks for solving this problem, which we have a lot of here, I finally finished updating and I could enter, (The endless update ...) seems like a bad movie title .....
  5. I start it from steam, the advanced launcher does not start either, and that which desistale until the windows 10 pro itself, and reinstall everything from scratch, works all the games, less apb ... it goes without saying I think nothing more ... thank you anyway Merged. at the same point I am wrong, also in an endless process ..
  6. It didn't work, what else could I do?
  7. It doesn't work for me either, I reinstalled everything from scratch, nothing works .....
  8. nothing works for me or what has been put on the link, or download it from gamefirs, or steam anything at all, you are doing some maintenance or uploading a patch maybe, this is really amusing me I can't find a solution, well if you leave the apb until they update to 2.1 apb, I mean, or maybe I am making a mistake, maybe the best thing is that I may not install the apb after 9 years with the ....., well I don't know if you can tell me something useful to clean Apb's computer I think I did very well when I completely dismantled windows and make it work all over again as normal, all games are less apb, this is a joke, please fix the game that would cost you little, but it sure is culpa mia, I still have to buy an pc of 4000 eu, to start the apb .. forgive misarcasm, thank you for trying to help, eh acer this game something better!
  9. SirVilla

    Clan Español

    bueno , en España viven diferentes culturas no solo la española , también viven ,muchos latinoamericanos , eso claro esta cuando vengas los servidores de nuevo de eu ( espero pronto )
  10. SirVilla

    Clan Español

    Hola jugadores i jugadoras del apb reloaded . Reclutamos todo tipo de personas de los mas experimentados i nuevos jugadores . requisitos : Ser mayor de edad +18 tener discord o ts , para mejor comunicación entre miembros del clan. ser respetuoso i tener mucha paciencia es un juego, de tercera persona con una gran diferencia i gran mercado de armas , personalización de vehículos i personajes. Son muchos los jugadores esparcidos de habla hispana que estamos dispersos por este juego , i los nuevos que puedan llegar aqui les digo , si necesitan buenos compañeros de juego aqui teneis un monton de personas que os ayudaran en lo que haga falta ( dinero no se presta ). gracias a todos por vuestro tiempo i para lo que necesitéis mi nombre de jugador es Sirvilla enfo r255 , crim XXlobaseXX r255 Gracias i suerte!
  11. I think I have read, that between today and tomorrow the servers in Europe would start working, do not despair, that they would soon say something .. Presumably, while they receive the missing pieces or not, and they will have some rest at some time, what more does it take if we can then laugh again with the friends that I say is what matters or not?
  12. good morning, how about the morning, all good for apb servers, esque it is a huge task and I do not understand, but I understand that there are hundreds of information terabites, good patience that neither roma nor apb was done in a single day or in 3 either, patience criminal players and police in a short time you will be giving pleasure in the streets of San paro
  13. all day afk fishing in the black desert, eh earned 50 million afk, in apb these things do not happen, but you can not jump with a 4x4 over anyone one thing x the other,
  14. I challenge all the golds of this game, those who play in silver or bronze do not care, I have no problem so that the weapons are there if it is not to kill them, there is no problem in helping, as on several occasions huh Buying cars or lending money (which I never gave back) to many players, even giving away 100,000k just to find me, and all this is true just to help people who were starting to play, they asked me for help and I lent it to them, I would also have to say that we have very few options, and if I also get angry when my bullets hit the enemy, it is criminal or police, and it seems that I don't harm them ... it's just my thing ... of all ... ways to stay afk you don't gain anything, you lose confidence and you end up playing alone and every time this game depresses you more, if you just can't kill ask for help from your teammates, a girl does miracles, the ntec more of the same or any weapon that learn to drive with or you should see, it may be the end for your enemies, I have not spent the ogre for a long time because there is much crying gold for real! hey I'm silver and I go up to gold in a silver giving joy to all the golds that is wonderful, kicking their asses and feeling like they cry to me privately is priceless, when you want you join me with me a few days and you will see how the golds high rank They are just as easy to kill them! Come on champion, do not get depressed, that for two buzzes of life you don't have to put yourself like that, man of God!
  15. I leave the box every time I have to play against very veteran people of this game, I do not always win, but that satisfaction when I fly them is something ummm delicious, see how they jump through the air those pros is priceless, for everything the other mastercar or visa hahahaha
  16. For that, a GM left me the download page of the launcher, there appears to you as soon as you start the game, if the servers are running or not, even so thanks ... but if every time I want to play before dev go to That page is a nuisance to the players, doesn't it seem?
  17. ¡Está claro para mí que no eres un mono tan trabajador!
  18. en muchos juegos cuando están en mantenimiento o fuera de línea, te dejan saber en una pequeña ventana justo después del juego, que en apb nunca lo he visto, tienes que iniciar el juego por completo, para que cuando inicies sesión recibas ese mensaje , el código de error (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ...) podría ese mensaje de error o actualizarse antes de que el juego se ejecute justo cuando lo inicias y sale el primero de la ventana que pone comienza, luego, justo cuando lo das, ¿podrías dejar ese mensaje de que estamos en mantenimiento o lo que sea ok mono
  19. In the same way I feel, although from time to time I like to enter and take a few games with the old-fashioned people here.
  20. don't worry queen, have patience that no one is going to die or kill myself and the one who is bored (2 stones)
  21. If you weren't a criminal, you would like me!but you still put something that I know very well, that here people are very bad in the pot ..... make no mistake they play apb while we do normal life we sleep we eat, we go out with friends and such, there are people here that when they take away the apb they become crazy, but in reality! Kill all the crazy people, apb would be left without trapped hahahaha
  22. for once almost half done, I don't think they would throw it away ...for once they were almost half done, I don't think they threw it in the trash ..., the game of br would make a potato, but the distribution of the financial was very well defined, there would be no bad idea, the only thing that this community is very ... ahem, if, for example, that map, as I mentioned before, removes some obstacles from the road, so as not to damage the conduction within the game, that map had good possibilities, in a more open way, removing the blocked areas that still there is inside the financial and waterfront, walling the upper part of all the buildings well, so that people can not get on them, otherwise, if we close the bugs of certain specific buildings in the said districts, so that the most espavilado do not take more advantage, than what they accumulate behind their backs would be very different and much more manageable districts, when it comes to fighting,
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