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  1. yes, me level 62 , and me equip full tet boos in 6 mounts... i good game and no play2win.... I know that all my equipment was uploaded by me from scratch until I reached Tet
  2. black desert is good game! tom clancy the division , csgo , euro truck simulation dota 2 n, destyni 2 ect ect , Will there be maintenance tomorrow????????
  3. Excuse me, I found the new style of the financial map a little bit fun, not the game, I don't know if you understand me?
  4. Could the map they exposed of the riot be worth as a new map of the apb, removing some roadblock elements, and maybe I think that map at least gave some freshness to the game?
  5. bienvenido a los foros de apb reloaded , aquui comprovaras la penosa situacion del juego , dia a dia , pero si juegas eso lla lo sabes este foro es como un pequeño periodico por lo menos para mi , Sirvilla es mi nombre de pj cop r255! Gracias x unirte a esta pequeña familia de desesperados por matar i destruir juegos!
  6. And what happens to people, how many complaints about not being able to play if afterwards in the digits you do the same or worse criticizing the low fluency and population of the game, let them update what they want, if the game may not go better, no matter how hard they try , Lo or spc can not make the game better fence is impossible unless they delete everything and do it again, reconfiguring all the data of this outdated game is a great economic and mental effort, which is composed of hundreds of data and language that few of here would know how to handle,. stop hitting the beating, that when the apb will be running you will play, to complain again about the hundreds of bugs and problems, that this game has a bit outdated and that even if they come in when I enter to play. Ale Gms developers and other staff relax and take what is necessary 1 day, 1 week or a month, as you can see, however I advise you to delete everything first (data backup of characters and accounts) and then do everything again , cars, clothes, streets, buildings, lights ect ect ect ..... And the game can again be a good game with its optimal performance engine as well as the rest of the game, a big hug for all geeks of the apb game gg ezipizi! ok mokeys!!!
  7. hello good morning, long time without going to check the reloaded newspaper, yesterday I went to play things a lot do not advance ... that engine update for this year is not going to be, nothing happens nobody expects someone to comply with that, but are you okay with the arrangements you have made ... and are you maintaining today? to know why I can not access more than anything, yesterday worked (well as usual many pulls)
  8. I think it's fair, you want my perfect weapon of gold, the first years of playing I thought it was the first 4 if they were not more just play with contact weapons I never complained, only after that I started buying the car kits And finally these 3 years I started to buy weapons from the market like my legendary, first I learned to play with contact weapons I repeat, if you want gold weapons you know how to play for years i will get them as we all have done or almost not all rich I started being bronze, it took a lot of time to get to silver and even cost me more to go up to gold, even though now it was not because I did not have weapons or legendary, it was by pure effort and thanks to good companions
  9. There is a complaint, of course, it kills me, it is not a problem that they kill me with a weapon, if people want to try new things that they do as I did, that they play and that they collect money. we have friends in the game to test those weapons, that never bothered me that people kill me, either with a weapon or with my own. me parcio that lla answered me, I appreciate your comment I seem to have seen a cute kitten That's what I plan to do, yesterday we were discussing a few friends, and that's what we decided after seeing the message of the boss this game will always be a pay to win and it seems a lie that you say that
  10. Thank you very much, I knew that this was not very normal, but seeing that nobody said anything, I assumed that someone would be upset, thanks for your response, and that option for the figh club is very much appreciated
  11. I'm glad to know that someone likes this, good for all I guess it will be, it's good to try different things, but let's go in a riot mode or another way is fine, but in normal districts ... well I'm glad that you like it
  12. Well, then there's no need to say more but do not be offended, gg izipizi I believe that I needed more other things before those nonsense! I appreciate your comment
  13. who was the smart one, who supposed that it was a good idea that your weapon passed into enemy hands when you die! who was the smart come on let's see another error more than L.O, what good are you and what idea more useless !!!! go putting the engine update that lla llais well you go wandering! first thing for you I understand that it is to collect money, but I say, you would not collect more money with a well updated game, than to put new ways with a game that seems to be getting worse every time
  14. SirVilla


    if you have teamviewer I can show you you have discord to share screen it would be much better villa#3753 between to play, i good the pulls of always I do not have a great computer, but I have enough to play all the games that I have in my library, blackdessert, dota2, csgo, rust, pug, eurotruc simulator, pay day 2,ect
  15. SirVilla


    sorry but I can not or will not let me do it, I'm sorry i thank you so much for having tried to help me the only one who has deigned to help The disconnection problems in this game are quite normal! At some point, some year of a century will begin to fix the errors of this game, for now we will have to let ourselves go wherever we want to go no matter what we tell them they believe better opportunity to put new ways to make the game attractive, but if they fix the most famous mistakes in the game, the same people as between them will be very sad, but that's how it is the first thing for us is that they improve the quality of the game, the first thing for others like for example g1 was first money and then we'll see, I think this company is not like that I hope to be wrong !!
  16. SirVilla


    DD:\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2019.06.06-19.59.19-11128.log D:\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2019.06.06-19.59.19-11128.dmp D:\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\Binaries\dxdiag.txt someone can help me always gives me the same problem I do not know how to fix it I do not know what to do help please the game simply freezes me and immediately closes good as this community is very generous just like you can help me it does not matter if my personage is standing or in mission walking or in the car after that the same game after the task manager, who tells me that the game is still running, devo of closing it from there, after closing it when the game is repaired only
  17. 228/5000 I believe that the new anti-fraud system saw the amount of people that they will be unlawful and I will not work so that we continue playing, because if it worked, right now the population would have been reduced by 50% Thank you very much for the information and your effort, we thank the whole community for your work to you and your programmers and developers, thanks to all! I would have opted for the first option! Some people have patience that others do not.
  18. if I have always been with the gold, how much patience we have to have with them!! infinite what a great truth !! And so let's hope that in today's day! how many today will not play? jaajaja cheating question...
  19. what happens you like to be the day here to provoke people, you are born so ......... i that everyone thinks what they want, but at your level I can not see
  20. is it in English, so you do not understand? but without offending
  21. I think that is the only thing that said until the date in which I'll give you the reason, the revientacoches is a pass
  22. 1089/5000 Yesterday I tried to talk to the players in the silver district, case 0 what we do then, they will not cooperate in any way! I suggested that this weekend we tried to get the golds to the gold servers, because they say no, that even though there are more than 160 real and not invented players, they say they are very comfortable where they are, what we do, if there are hundreds of of suggestions! It's not even worth the effort, let's leave that couple of districts for them with not enough, we have no players, poor gold, I'm gold and I want my fellow golds to play in the fucking gold I do not have to drag a Silver full of gold you are lacking in knowledge, They are two districts that are filled with gold! even 3 seems little truth, in each district the population is 40/40 because I see many people who are gold, do not tell me that the districts are not filled gold because we are not enough, there are plenty of people, and this leads So for 7 years we changed the attitude or this would end up closing and it would be a shame
  23. then remove the gold servers, as they are empty will not bother to enter never, unless you see full and maybe we can give the change, I am optimistic always have the excuse that we allow them to have, and I repeat the bronze golds are (false) said Cooki i said enough to protect your family that are more false than those golds that can not do anything else, nothing more than playing in bronze reality is sad.ç try to reason with the community, but it is impossible, just want to abuse those who have less experience I am casual gold and now for what I see gold for life I only try to help mne I am wrong, even if you decide you may hear you, I will I will keep trying, to get, a fair game for golds and silver, but for me it will be difficult for me to listen! I need more people to help me if not people will continue in them, I do not know when, but you will be very lonely gold players, until in the end you only want that you want, go ahead, be men and not children give the face !! I only ask you to be more reasonable and less selfish, but of course, I'm just not going to get it! without the help of the other silver and some gold that wants to collaborate like the GM, I just will not achieve it, but I will not give up.
  24. I hope that now if I apologize that I have posted it in Spanish it was my intention to put it in English,i postdata translating english into spanish is very complicated, since spanish has a lot more conjugations than english ix that the google translator does not translate it well, translate english to spanish in very easy, nevertheless the reverse is a lot more complicated I understand that it costs you your life even with google I hope that now if this in English everything excuses the inconvenience.
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