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  1. In RTW times and in early G1 beta all guns produced tracer effects when firing. This made it easier for people to identify where they where being shot from (really useful in case of snipers) and gave silenced weapons a proper reason to be used over unsilenced counterparts since they produced no tracers. The feature got broken along the development and up to today still hasn't been restored.
  2. Because that's how the game used to work before it was changed. Buy no ammo, spawn with no ammo. It was basic inventory management which however managed to be very confusing and didn't do anything to justify its existence.
  3. Please elaborate. Ammo system is pretty much useless as a money sink mechanic and doesn't add anything to the game except the annoyance of spawning with no ammo
  4. You don't want clanwars in an environment that is 95% random
  5. But I was told that fixing the shotgun balance would bring back 4000+ players!! You want to know why nobody plays APB? The community is honestly the worst I've ever seen. Just as an example, yesterday night while leveling up an alt (Gold in the mid-100s) I had a lovely encounter with a much higher ranked player that by his own admission had been forcing people into 1vs1 all night (which is a banana move in itself, but that's another story). During the whole match he'd call me out critiquing my weapon choices, the ways I killed him, trash talking, and generally being very a terrible sport despite very easily leading the game (I was pretty much being slaughtered tbh, no use in denying it). At first I thought it was an 'internet tough guy' gimmick but I quickly realized he was serious. Mission ends in a VIP phase which I barely win due to the game being stacked against him, he then just goes on a tirade with the same argument as before. We both move districts (low population) and I find him doing the same thing in district chat with other people. I've played really toxic games in the past and this takes the cake for me. Imagine downloading the game, going to the fullest instance to get more opposition and getting this guy as your first match.
  6. The Strife is a beast right now, wanted to try other shotguns and give proper feedback but haven't been able to put it down since it's too much fun lol.
  7. Frankly the ammo system might as well have been removed after it got "broken" since you always spawned with full ammo anyway and the impact on your income as a money sink has always been negligible, especially if you have Premium.
  8. Just popping in to write this: Strife gud. That's all I have to say on the matter.
  9. they lowered the multiplier on consecutive pellets meaning you now have to land more to kill AND increased the TTK across all shotguns (DOW and NFAS excluded). on paper it works, however when I tried the JG on Test A it wasn't that much different, at least until 7m
  10. ye thats true, somehow the values are not correct, but it shows some kind of a nerf to it and it rather needs a buff than a nerf. The Strife on Live does not oneshot Fragile users, the one on Test A does. I'm pretty sure that being able to eat anything that has taken even minimal damage in a single shot counts as a buff. Which is good, I want to like the Strife so much.
  11. Aren't the "from" values from the current Test A setup? Because I'm pretty sure the Strife does not deal 945 damage on Live
  12. Pump-action shotguns right now are fine, they're supposed to be that strong in close range. The "bandaid" range nerf made it so that they can be fought with SMGs pretty easily, all they need now is the tune up they're getting in the upcoming patch and they're good, Test A JG feels very good to use and not weak at all. Shredder got overbuffed to hell and back, the game is borderline unplayable if the opposition has more than one on their team, can't wait for the nerf to drop tbh.
  13. Basic, external triggerbot is the most diffused triggerbot atm since it's not injected and as such is "safer" than "proper" cheats, while still guaranteeing an edge on legit players. All you need is to look for the process and shut down the game if you find it, but frankly I wouldn't know if BE can do that without proper admin access. Injected cheats are another pair of sleeves and need to be detected via other means.
  14. No need to remove the red crosshair, just make sure it's a different shade of red each time, something barely noticeable by the human eye but just different enough that if somebody tries to set up their triggerbot by color range it either ends up picking up everything and they end up firing all the time or it ends up being so precise they fire 1/4 of the time. Switch the color ranges each patch for maximum enraging profit.
  15. Rikard86

    RFP-9 Balancing

    RFP's dropoff starts at 40m, but the overkill and the high damage per burst make it really damaging even past that range. It stops being dangerous (more than 4 full bursts - 12 bullets) around 50m, with the Fang going well past that. ACT44 and RSA can't compare - the ACT is pretty much blown out of the water at what it's supposed to be its optimal range (it's too inaccurate for longer ranges, even the HS3 version, so the 70m dropoff doesn't mean squat), and while the RSA might have the range advantage it does not have the TTK and fire rate advantage - RFP can fit almost 5 full bursts in the time RSA needs to fire 3 bullets, enough to cover 2/3 of RSA's range. Add to the fact that in APB it's easier to close a gap than to keep your distance and you know where I'm going with this.
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