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  1. i think merging in game accounts would be very beneficial, especially in my case, i say it should be an option you can CHOSE to do, not be forced to do. if people wanna merge their accounts, let them, if they don't, that's their choice, let them do what they want but in all honesty, i know a number a people who are unbanned who want their in game accounts merged, signing in and out and trying to manage them all is a bit annoying, but if all your characters you favored we're on 1 account, i think things would be a lot easier, especially considering some accounts have account wide items other don't, so when they merge, the characters missing those items, get them
  2. theres 3 versions of the borderlands shaders? yo dawg hook me up please
  3. mods, mainly mods, and to just have a starting income
  4. i made 700k as soon as i logged in after being unbanned from selling shit then i lost it, please fix LO i love u guys so much already dont let me down ❤️
  5. if u finish that you'll be my hero
  6. yeah but the 29k joker tickets i had saved up then being falsely banned just to be unbanned and lose all that? yeah, really great decision
  7. my account has been banned for almost 2 years by fairfight for "cheating" which was an incorrect decision made by the gamersfirst management, and I've been waiting for almost 2 years since my ban to appeal it and find out why i was flagged or just banned out of spite
  8. when me and all my friends get unbanned
  9. scrim

    What is your best fake fact?

    Hilary will win the election
  10. scrim

    Pet peeves of APB.

    when you blow someone up in a car with an osmaw and they proceed to call you an aimbotter yeah man, an explosives weapon used to SPECIFICALLY DESTROY vehicles means i'm cheating
  11. nobody in that screenshot is cheating, you're just a brainwashed/delusional silver crying cause he got slammed by a superior player
  12. scrim

    Who will be unbaned

    if people are smart, they won't cheat again if they get a second chance, so lets pray they stay on the right path