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  1. this reminds me of BTZMVN but this is on the whole another level. wow UPD: spreaking of some random numbers but they wouldn't be so obvious, right?
  2. while i agree with that new (or old but never finished) items would be cool to see, I'd personally wait till engine upgrade is out. hopefully it does indeed have systems that can simplify adding new content. armas is a huge mess right now, and as it was stated by Matt before: "Everything is manually priced, and there is no easy way for us to pull the contents of a bundle out into Excel. Our latest effort resulted in a spreadsheet with 70K rows that we eventually winnowed down to 9K rows." by the looks of things armas need an overhaul and a big one at that. so hopefully in the future more stuff will come.
  3. what if you sold your account first and want to scam the buyer afterwards?
  4. oblivion was released as this sort of slow firing semi-auto/sniper hybrid. it was mediocre at best. then christmas update came and broke it so it had windup timer for every shot fired. it was still 4 shot to kill (or even 5 i don't remember well) which made it by far the slowest killing gun in the game. thankfully update came shortly after, and removed windup timer. unfortunately the gun remained being trash. until LO reworked it and it became very different but, unfortunately, just mediocre.
  5. there was also this but it was fixed shortly after
  6. while we're at it, i'd like to share my issue with armas. if you've bought key to the world pack before you've bought rocker bundle, you won't be able to have TAS 20 shotgun (since it doesn't come with the key to the world pack). If you try to buy rocker bundle it would say that you've already purchased the item and add to cart button will not work while i think that warning itself is a good idea overall, this shouldn't prohibit you from buying the bundle if you want to do so. just an example of how this issue is solved in warframe's marketplace: or, you know, you could just release it as a regular weapon in shotgun category, i wouldn't complain.
  7. really appreciating some of the pricing we got going. weapons in particular, with premodded weapons costing 1999 1599, two open slot weapons costing 2199 1759, three open slot ones for 2399 1919, while secondaries are especially sweet for 1499 1199. standardized prices were a right move and hopefully standardization would apply to other areas too. however there are still few bugs here and there. for instance it doesn't let me to purchase 90% of the character bound guns, stating that i own them already. even tho i don't. like on this pic when in actuality i only own patroller out of the shown here. in any case i can see that Matt and guys are doing some work already (just noticed that juggernaut and revelations packs have dropped back to 4999 3999) and i'm hopeful for things to come in the future.
  8. why not both? timegate and rankgate. timegate would hold those who rank fast, rankgate would hold those who rank slow.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear there are no drastic changes.
  10. Curious. Have physics changed at all? Apart from 4x4 wheelies.
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