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  1. Live servers. Was it reverted? I jumped on just to test it and fired it side by side with an ntec and seemed fine, unless I'm blind
  2. There's still leaded gas sold at the gas station for Christ's sake,I thought that stuffs been gone since the 90s
  3. That would work for an item, but what about VIP missions, or deathmatches for the people who get a kill and run away
  4. I wouldnt mind a sporty version of the Varzuga hatchback, with a wrc style kit, better performance and maybe awd
  5. I dont come across runners often, but its annoying when it happens. Not that there isnt a counter for it, but when its a vegas with a alig or osmaw on the top its pretty damn annoying. Maybe adding a game area (~300m radius?), when if you leave for a certain amount of time you die, would help mitigate this problem. Not a huge issue but one nonetheless.
  6. Toasted

    nerfing ltl

    How many people do you even see using LTL.. maybe 1 in 30. all the guns (except perc+pig maybe) suck. As stated before if youre losing to LTL, good lucking vs lethal
  7. Either this, or a set amount of items you can purchase, eg 3 guns, 1 car etc And a good idea overall, Id support this
  8. Well yes, the car here is basically a replica of a GC8 STi Impreza. The coywolf is based on the newer WRX STi's
  9. its not gambling since the lowest possible prize is 99g1c, price of the box. no gain no loss, therefore not gambling.
  10. this really makes me wonder why im playing this game for so many years
  11. FAR Vanguard and FAR Charger 3 slots were given as contact unlocks during a few events (can't remember which). can confirm, i have both. i believe it was one of the xmas events but cant remember
  12. My suggestion, as with others would be a station wagon, maybe a hybrid between an M5 touring, rs6 avant and wrx wagon
  13. I have no problems paying for microtransaction content, as my Euryale attests (I'd also have the following few tiers of loyalty rewards as well, if they existed). I have a problem with releasing gambling features in video games, which is a viewpoint shared by anyone with half a functioning brain cell as it's obvious how damaging such features are to the industry as a whole. as much as I'm against random loot box style systems, I wouldn't exactly consider this gambling, since each box is 99g1c and the lowest possible prize is a 3 day trial, which is the equivalent of 99g1c, so theoretically is it still gambling if there's nothing to lose? Compared to csgo where you pay 2.50 for a key and can get a skin worth 5 cents.
  14. Thank you for your insight I'm sure the developers will consider this
  15. Man all the nostalgia... The music.. the artwork from back when the bishada and Jericho were faction exclusive.. memories
  16. Imagine any weapon with preset IR3, especially CSG/TAS20 Stock. Everyone will be outshooting you with EVERY shotgun without this mod just because of its fire rate. You won't be happy, will you? Yes, some people (including myself) have most of weapons in their locker and they'll just be using the ones without IR but how about someone who was saving $ for a CSG PR1/Tas20 Stock and bought it finally? This is what I am trying to explain. its not even that bad, for the csg it goes from .7 seconds to .84 seconds, and keep in mind the whole point of shotguns is to corner camp so a skilled user wont be affected. Infact, the whole shotgun rework is a buff overall.
  17. This might be a stretch but upping the magazine size to 35 or 38 could make it a straight up pocket smg, and keep the ttk the same for balance as it does occupy the secondary slot.
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