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  1. "Fair play" as you imagine does not exist in MMO games at all. Even on consoles as some peasants might think. Finally! But in bronze district noobs don't have fun playing against maxranks too. Fair play, blah-blah. Because to get gold all you need is just walk/drive to objective and press F or at least TRY to assist your team with a gun. You can drop to silver ONLY while intentionally ignoring objectives or feeding enemy. If you aren't gold with nowadays threat system, you either have bad PC/connection or dethreating, simple as that :)
  2. I've seen a stream where disabled guy without hands played APB, he was gold and NEVER dropped to silver. Again, what's your excuse to dethreat?
  3. Max rank silver with 2010 acc bitching about uNfAiR cOnFiGs, the fk???? What is your excuse to dethreat btw?
  4. This. If you are bored just make a new character of opposite gender, it's a good time to do it right now as Halloween events are coming next week so you can farm some cool/unique items.
  5. Yeah, see it now, sorry. Ctrl+F does wonders when you surf through huge quotes. I was like REEE MY BABY FFA GETS NERFED BEFORE N-TEC, WTF.
  6. Nonetheless, N-tec and RFP Fang are the first weapons which need urgent rebalance, yet you start with OBIR.
  7. Can N-tec compete with OBIR at range? Yes. Can OBIR /w added switch timer compete with N-tec in CQC? No. You want to ruin another great gun but leave overpowered IR3 N-tec untouched.
  8. But if those "revolutionary" anti-cheat methods are outdated or proven to be ineffective why even bother? You are just shifting away engine upgrade and asking devs for doing days of absolutely useless extra work which will "stop" cheaters from rerolling for an one minute more once a week/month. If I knew a WORKING anti-cheat method I wouldn't post it in open as well.
  9. You are late by 20 years, now you can google "receive sms online" and get billion of different numbers for throwaway account verification. Not to mention there are a lot of events/places where you can grab bunch of promo sim cards for free.
  10. Yeah, detailed changelog what is detected and how would be nice.
  11. 2FA is needed only for bank accounts and other private information which can get you in serious trouble IRL in case of hack/leak. If you are smart enough to have super strong, uncrackable password like admin420, qwerty123 etc and got "hacked" it's your own fault and NOTHING will save your account from "hacking".
  12. Wrong. You don't need a phone number to create Steam account or to play CS:GO. 2FA (Steam) and Prime (CS:GO) are optional features and are NOT enforced.
  13. You know, creating new Steam account takes less than a minute just like creating new APB account. I think even Baba Ji's black magic is more effective against cheaters than "Steam" and "VAC ban"
  14. Driving 10 seconds to nearest Joker ammo and making few clicks is definitely more time consuming than launching browser, login on forums and writing wall of text. "Leveling" is legit useless past R195 (R205 if you want to unlock lowyields or half-brick/8ball). R255 icons are so bad, imo R240 crim and R230 enf are the best ones until new contacts being added.
  15. aPb UsInG TrIaL vErSiOn Of BaTtLeYe We NeEd NeW aNtIcHeAt I rEpOrTeD hAcKeR 3 yEaRs AgO aNd hE iS nOt BaNnEd BiG cHeAtInG PrObLeM cAuSe 2 rUsSiAnS WiTh 10 iQ sTrEaMiNg "HoW tO Go nEgAtIvE WiTh TrIgGeRbOt" LiTtLe OrBiT sUcKs, BrInG bAcK tIgGs AnD g1
  16. Trade hold is an awesome decision, so you "traders" won't trade-jerk billion of your items in a day and start whining "game is boring again, give us new content".
  17. New contacts? Awww, let the grind begin. Hope new contacts will be in FIN cause WF is too low pop/cancerous gameplay.
  18. My previous password was like: b)Fj*Z%<4BgT Good luck cracking it. 2FA is needed only for banking accounts, emails and other personal stuff which can get you in REAL trouble in case of leak/crack. Steam introduced mobile auth in 2015 yet people still getting scammed in 2018 WITH 2FA enabled. 2FA won't magically save you from "hackers" if you're dumb.
  19. What is winapi, it that used to code? WinAPI is a Windows application programming interface, yes a lot of it's functions are being used in coding and are not limited to cheats only. What you see in this video is a poor GetPixel color bot. Imagine paying $50 for 10 lines of public code
  20. I bought my first one for 20m feelsFFAman, it was a status thing back then so I'm happy with all the swag I got. 3D glasses, FFA with gold skin and JT crown - APB Swag Pack 2015
  21. Sadly, FFA R&D III lost it's rarity and price after the unban-wave. Now every noob can buy it for like 5m on a lucky day.
  22. I know only one other big cheat that like 2/3 of NA closets used but it was shut down ages ago. You may refer to this >>> <<< one - it is a scam, they are just taking money from noobs without giving a cheat. Even more obvious, their so called administrator streaming with poor color trigger, with no signs of "proper" cheat functions they are advertising. There is no need, what you can find for free are just virus/malware and are not actual cheats. Which is an other story, because as I said before:
  23. Even if it's easy to find, advertising cheats here is a not a good idea anyway. Also, quick check on popular APB cheats excluding one from OP. Sure, big problem if there are even no cheats to buy :(
  24. Good job on censoring names but not censoring address of cheat provider. Thanks for free advertising! - Censored's Staff APB is Down? What the hell? Kool kids crying about BIG CHEATING PROBLEM every day so that must not be true. Change it to Undetected to get more upvotes from silvers.
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