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  1. StaN-

    Competitive District

    If your silver threat or lower and if your account is not older than 1 year (or 6 months) then you can play there. Maybe add another condition where your rating has to be lower than 100 or something.
  2. It's like the city is a simulation...
  3. StaN-

    Happy Birthday SKay! :D

    That's something someone with a birthday would say.
  4. We need at least 19 more threads about this pls.
  5. Only problem I have with Waterfront is when it becomes Laggyfront. Otherwise, I don't mind playing there at all. The map is meant to change up your play style, and allowing more play for ranged weapons. Also since when does WF get empty now that a large chunk of pop came back? O_o
  6. StaN-

    Jericho Just crashed

    Very true, I was thinking more of something like Tor which is just more enhanced since it bounces through multiple random nodes.
  7. StaN-

    Jericho Just crashed

    New servers aren't going to help if the software doesn't support it. New IP addresses wouldn't do anything because it can be easy to find. Tracing a DDoS to its source is pretty hard to do if not impossible. You have thousands of devices flooding your network with packets, and all commanded by one individual who isn't part of said thousands of devices. For extra safe measures he is using a VPN that uses a random place from somewhere in the world to send out these attack commands. How do you trace all that back to find him?
  8. StaN-

    bad support

    What a great deal! I'll take 20!
  9. StaN-

    In game acc's

    Yeah I thought of that as an option after I posted. Having the option to pay for a character transfer or just for the extra character slot(s) would work really well.
  10. StaN-

    In game acc's

    The way I see it is that it's a way to get more character slots on one account, which would be a slap in the face to anyone who has used G1C to buy extra character slots on their account... Then there's people who can abuse this system and create new accounts in order to gain more character slots on their main accounts. TBH I don't see it working positively whatsoever.
  11. StaN-

    last post

    Reply to your ticket and see what happens. Posting on the forums does absolutely nothing to help your cause.
  12. StaN-

    last post

    Did you not read the first sentence of that post states "The mass unbanning is not a perfect science"
  13. StaN-

    last post

    All it takes is a simple read about the unbans instead of posting and bitching about it in the forums: