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  1. sauce: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/
  2. I say they should do something for Canada day instead, because Fourth of July is overrated.
  3. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/06/apb-roadmap.html
  4. I hate having to watch how many TKs I have when in a group waiting for opp. It's a good way to have fun and kill time while waiting. Best is accidentally TKing mid-mission and getting kicked all because you TKed before the opp.
  5. idk why these kids think that Jericho used to be Joker when it used to be Onion.
  6. If your silver threat or lower and if your account is not older than 1 year (or 6 months) then you can play there. Maybe add another condition where your rating has to be lower than 100 or something.
  7. It's like the city is a simulation...
  8. That's something someone with a birthday would say.
  9. We need at least 19 more threads about this pls.
  10. u forgot to tag him... @SKay
  11. Only problem I have with Waterfront is when it becomes Laggyfront. Otherwise, I don't mind playing there at all. The map is meant to change up your play style, and allowing more play for ranged weapons. Also since when does WF get empty now that a large chunk of pop came back? O_o
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