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  1. Belong

    d3d9 viewport crash

    this happens frequently on the district spawn select screen, with the circles to pick a spawn point.
  2. Modern games dont even use splash screens anymore. If the code wasn't so bloated and crap, the exe would just load right up.
  3. Awesome! ...but what about the Yukon nerf? The Yukon is absolutely overpowered.
  4. coywolf, some pio / seiyo kits / fresno + kits.... name changes. possibly a 3 slot oscar and rfp fang
  5. Yeah they should give you another chance, lots of people got unbanned who did what you did.
  6. Im starting to miss the old mod squad. Atleast people were afraid to post useless garbage like this.
  7. Yeah you say your leaving to grab attention. We all know when the 3.5 engine comes in a month you'll be crawling back.
  8. Premium doesn't discount USD to G1C - only Armas G1C prices for items.
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