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  1. I see the tags matchmaking, abusers and assholes and am thrilled, rightaway burning to join the discussion about dethreating. What do i have to suffer? Some random third worlder wants fps based mm.
  2. Only the enemy should be allowed to use OPGL, i'd like to use a mod that disables my owm team from killing me more than they do.
  3. If they fix their game and servers i'd pay monthly 60 bucks to play it.
  4. I swear to you, every single post u made, every thread you opened and every reply you gave was a disgrace to this forum and felt like a personal attack to me, your wishes for changes made visible that not only your gamesence but your whole worldview is kanda broken and you should try to get some help.
  5. Lets add wierd crosshair mechanics to punish people who are able to aim properly under high pressure in cqc with a sniper. Lets give every car the same HP without thinking about the other stats once.
  6. But if we balance the longrange weapons to be usefull again, they will fill the gap between ntec and hvr? Do u rly want to see peeps using different weapons again, like in the good old times? In the end they rly tried everything to make the obir unplayable for years now, RIP: PRE ROF NERF OBIR, we had so much fun.
  7. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Rifle_OBIR Drop Off at 55m When it was 60m if not more before? So @rooq u mean these changes were never implemented or did i miss sth.?
  8. So sad dislikes didnt count for the rep would be funny to see Todesklinge drop to -100k.
  9. Good changes and no wierd jumps in numbers, just slight adjustments over time. Glad to see that!
  10. Jericho and bishada can take more dmg now, the ntec will still be meta in a few weeks again and silvers will start crying again.
  11. Although i like the quick money in the kill missions, the few territory missions i was able to do were way more fun! So i'd like territory with less points to win if possibro.
  12. Gotta love it to see my own nades flying right through the ground into the nothing, while a nade exploding 20m behinde me 1hits me.
  13. Dear god, mod or blob pls, anybody make it stop, i am bleeding out of every hole of my body.
  14. Although i love my concs the way they are i'd say take away the player damage from explosives as a trade off and lets mess around with stuff
  15. Comedy, when the transition was made and we cleaely pointed out there were more cheater than before, we got trolled, downvoted and accused of hackusating now we learn the system was half buged again, ohhh what wonder.
  16. Hahaha may the flamewars begin I am preped for autobans since i was born. Roccat mouse software deactivated, no overlays, no macros, cheats or any other software known or unknown to be banable. COME ON BRING IT!!!
  17. iirc the ogre is golden by default. Most of the legendaries are not skinable afaik.
  18. This is true and ofc i picked the alig too. Aaaand iirc from the weapons to choose from it depends the least on mods to shine in its role.
  19. You do realize that the pc version is running on the game cubes version of APB?
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