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  1. steam trading is even more toxic than apb, and thats quite an achievement really
  2. welcome to the marketplace of today, where if you wanna buy any kind of mods, you start by searching at the other end of the pages because yes people do that on purpose and no you cant get your money back it isnt a scam so rip
  3. You can use google translator. i dont think even google translator can save this
  4. i was trying to read what he wrote, but midway it just turned into some voice screaming gibberish at me and i gave up
  5. you know what else is broken? pedestrian crossings missing like 70% of them rip
  6. this whole game is a glitch anyway rip
  7. i mean that one gives you a 365day car, which also unlocks its permanent version, thats how i got a 4 slot fresno and cisco and even a bishada/jericho rip
  8. yeah but you can still do 85 damage with the hvr if you just crouch and hipfire it when the crosshair is closed, so technically you can qs just as much as before, minus the lucky shots
  9. I think @Selali meant Thursday, unless im too tired and dont even know what day it is rip.
  10. people like u are too good for this game, i just kill the closest available bounty anytime be it crim or enf lol
  11. language barrier is op, russians arent taught english in schools afaik
  12. that big patootie gumball picture in the top middle of the screen is going to get pretty annoying in bout 10 minutes of play, pls dont add that shit to the live game ok thanks also the shotgun buff looks real good yes lmao
  13. Its as if multiple people dont want the same thing. Unimaginable. I mean yeah the loud minority can be toxic af but still.
  14. jeez irrelevant sounds harsh... isnt that like the bulk of the player base? The bulk of this game's playerbase plays like they are either under 18, or this is their very first game in their first pc with less than 30 fps. Idk whats up with that tbh.
  15. Hope you are playing in silver districts, because bronze districts are irrevelant, and is filled with people that cant even shoot straight to save their life.
  16. This thread is as salty as when the crims get witnessed and lose their 5 figure stash tbh rip.
  17. Stopped reading there. C9 is a reskin of the oca bruh. Edit: also lol'd at "omg" instead of pmg nice
  18. You have to explain it like you were talking to 4th graders. Basically this change means that lets say your shotgun shoots 5 pellets: 1st one does 10 damage; 2nd does 9 damage; 3rd does 8; 4th 7; 5th 6 Currently shotguns work this way: those 5 pellets all do, lets say, 7 damage; that means when you hit those pellets they will all do that 7 damage. In the scenario of you missing any of those "5" pellets, right now you will do less damage, but after the change, you will do more damage, because the first few pellets do more damage compared to the last pellets. If they still do not get it they should seek some help or something, and im not even trying to be mean.
  19. The original concept of witnessing in RTW was, that whenever a crim done anything illegal, enforcers could witness them for whatever rewards. Imagine that nowadays: steal a car? witnessed, run over civs? witnessed
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