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  1. I hope apb forums never change, the popcorn is always great.
  2. Not just premium can access it now, lo changed it so everyone can.
  3. Nah they changed it so if one side quits, the side that "wins" gets all the money that got witnessed. So if an enforcer witnesses you and they instantly quit (for example sake) the crim would just get the cash instantly.
  4. The amount of people in this thread hurts that dont remember/dont know that you could only witness criminals in the past while they had their enforcer badge lit up at the radar and not constantly when they had over 2500 on them. It was pretty balanced too, it wasnt free money, if you hit any store to break it, you could be witnessed for like 10 seconds, and you could be also witnessed when grabbing a stolen item, or getting in a stolen car. There was plenty of time to witness ramraiding crims in the act instead of nowadays lazy fix of "2500 and over perma witnessable". Wish G1 never put this lazy fix for ramraiding against people that ramraided to sell apb monies for real monies. Oh also not even talking about the fact that G1 never managed to fix waterfronts nort region, where crims couldnt be witnessed at all, and their band aid fix was to move britney to the middle of waterfront...
  5. If you agree with OP, you might as well just disable the whole chat alltogether, cause you see that everywhere; in /s in /d in /y in /w so just disable them all, or ignore people idk. Plus they should fix the chat itself aswell, to have more than 6 lines of text in it, and also the whole friend system where you have to agree for someone to add you, but yeah.
  6. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/7-game-forum-suggestions/ Also why the fuck do everyone and their mother suggests to get more threat colors? Just make gold an actual hard as hell to achieve threat and make silver the majority of the average players, and bronze for people that are new and still learning the game itself. Also delete green cause its ugly and useless k thx.
  7. or you could just disable whispers in the chat itself and use something else like steam for friend messages like everyone does nowadays
  8. The login isnt tied to any of the servers... its global.
  9. Probably didnt realize that canadian dollar worths slightly less than american dollar. rip
  10. I dont think that this is even a poll to begin with, when you put the obvious good cars with the bad ones. Like how can you even compare a low-tier van to a top-tier van? Makes no sense.
  11. The only thing they should change about premium is, removing the faster cooldown and add it to everyone to be the standard pls thanks.
  12. They said having console forums isolated from the PC forums was useless. So now we only have one forum for the whole game, its the same shit anyway lol.
  13. Vaquero is better in most situations since its not a bouncy castle anymore, especially cause its higher, so it means more cover for you if you hide behind it, plus you can run over anyone if they just try to jump while if you do that with a mikro they just jump over your car. Jericho's handling is totally fine once you learn to control its oversteering, plus if you decide to hit the nitro from a standstill the jericho will just launch instantly like a rocket, while the bishada will just struggle. Also as a side note the growl made the bishada obsolete, sure the bishada looks great and all (i got all kits for it and its great) but the growl is what the bishada should have been since the start.
  14. can someone just ban this dude or something? this is getting old lol
  15. G1 made it, that if you have zero score, you didnt get any rewards, and your threat didnt change. How about changing it so that people with zero score would still get rewards if they died 2-3 or so times, but their threat didnt change, just to discourage dethreating by afk, which is what its meant to do. Or just change it entirely later, on how this whole thing works because its a mess anyway. Idk why i made this thread, its 5am and i was just bothered by this, where the enemy actually tried to kill us but failed cause they got seperated the whole end stage and couldnt regroup, and they didnt get a single thing for it, because the game thought "lul they are clearly afk".
  16. @MattScott Since you mentioned Armas design redoing stuffs, could you guys please make it so that we have a section on armas that says something like "purchased items", and make it so we can re-send those items to our characters via a button? Hate to admit it but i deleted some weapons i didnt want to (permanent stuff from armas), and well can't really get it back, support didnt care. Plus it would be more convinient to example get the same gun twice if i want to have two different mod loadouts in them aswell. Thanks. EDIT: I meant this for weapons mostly, because we cant rebuy them like we can with cars and clothes.
  17. They will start crying... but they already do? That makes no sense.
  18. No one asked for super detailed statistics here, only some basic stuff, i dont see how that would be any useful for closets.
  19. The thing with these forums is, just like the old one, everyone checked only the "General discussion" part of the forums, and never cared about anything else. Even myself i have a hard time reminding myself that other places exist on this forum other than the general discussion lol. Just look at the numbers on the main page of the forums, this section takes like the most traffic of any existing section.
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