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  1. This game got me to a point where i began to develop a deep hate towards cheaters. I quit apb but to this day when i hear somebody talk about cheating i just can't controll myself and have to start a physical fight to the death! thx APB for choosing cheaters first!!!
  2. (if)This is not targeted to a specific player or person, it is not griefing! Stop killing APB, target cheaters insted!
  3. Techdev

    Event district crash.

    The new event districts keep crashing ! Nice event but it needs fixing, latest crash on event district 3 hapened seconds before the mission ended, not cool.
  4. Techdev

    Event district crash.

    The new event districts keep crashing ! pls fix asap.
  5. 654 pop today, 50% of g1 pop. Joined FC and the speedhack guy was the only news in the /d chat. If they stay stuborn in alowing cheaters to roam free there is no game, checking in next year. hopefully for more than a driveby to pass yet another year. p.s. check out the old apb movies yalde made,
  6. ya im 100% hacking on my OBT original main account for sure. Recycle bin, done.
  7. Friendly reminder that no anticheat will ban 0%(maybe this one is the exception to the rule
  8. I just played a few missions, it has been a while. I played em to see the current state of the game. Hitreg is still a big issue, ppl still warp. And the overall smoothness is no where near like it was a year a go. Maybe a lot of you don't notice it that much because you have got used to this hitreglesswarpfest. So I'm staying retired. There has been more good sugestive topics that have been ignored in the past. I don't feel any of this mathers at all.
  9. No point in playing frustraties, cheaters/hitreg/low server ticks should be top of the list, not those pointles weapon Balance and so on. Untill the real issues get fixed my team is not playing.
  10. totaly why most ppl quit this game, its fighting lag and bad serverprediction instead of a game, rip apb
  11. LOL, If i had recorded the guy with the medusa and his triggerbot, hillarious, sounded like a shot down spitfire. Lets just hope they find a way to get rid of those aswell, soon.
  12. If it ain't broken don't fix it! There are more fun aspects to the chase and gameplay when you leave it as it is, it is a compettetive game, why on earth trying to ruin more apb !! Just no, you win some you lose some, get over yourself OP!
  13. Some one found a new /d crash bug/exploit it seems. gj turd.
  14. If there are so many cheaters ingame than they are on the forums aswell. If LO isn't banning them faster, these discussions are dead in the water due to cheaters ruining topics aswell. Not much point of logging in atm, almost feel the same about comming here aswel atm. Hire more staff, ban faster , enjoy more profit on the long term.
  15. Techdev

    high latency problems

    Same here m8, dutch(belgium), West side network seems to be doomed.
  16. The firework launcher will be a 1 shot kill so you can insta kill a whole team, thats some nifty balance right there. Wasn't in the stream that legend would be changed but weapon balancing in general maybe? First things first, servers, engine, network,... all the basics
  17. Hela hola, don't skip the line buddy, wait your number!! Seriously, not being able to log in is urgent, you skip the line for my part, good luck!
  18. playing from Belgium, the game is so unplayable, and not stutter, litteraly driving circles from 2 sec dc lag and so on, never ever seen this anywhere, my gtaV plays smooth as butter on max settings, this is beond me. What a waste of time. Wasn't ever this bad even with G1.
  19. As explained in the video, as tested on multiple platforms and providers myself. I spend alot of money on hardware and fiber connections, I always get the same outcome, server performance vs high latency players.(servers run great at restart but degrade verry fast) APB's low server tick rate , around 20 at best wich used to be closer to 30. The server has much to low update speed to handle high latency players(warping), so good latency players suffer ghost shots and bad hitreg on those high latency players, logical yes. @Dahel Love the way you help ppl out, +1 P.S. You can always run a tracert to the server (not sure if the server ip is still valid, can't test it cause the servers are down atm) Tiggs Jan. 22, 2014, 7:14 a.m. (Jan. 22, 2014) I've created this post today for players to report lag issues or service outages. If you have problems once the server is up please let us know below. Additionally, if you're experiencing excessive lag issues please post a traceroute below to the server you're connecting to along with where you're geographically located. ]To run a traceroute and copy the results to us: Click Start Go to Programs Go to Accessories Select Command Prompt Enter the word tracert followed by space then the ip address of the server you are trying to connect to. Right click anywhere on the command window and select ‘mark’ You can press Enter to copy all of the output, or select the text you want to copy and then right-click with your mouse. Paste the copied text into a .txt file by hitting Ctrl + V. Server IP addresses Joker: Colby / Han: Patriot / Obeya: For example, if I wanted to run a traceroute to Obeya I would type: tracert
  20. You stoped playing apb in 2015, nobody quits apb for 3 years! We all got our opinions , alot of long time players consider apb like home, so ofc the shotgun comes out if something new is lurking at your front door. I do agree some ppl on the forums are always spraying toxic insults, this should stop. Patience is so difficult, it's like 1 christmas moring every 4y in apb , that supper excited feeling can change into dissapointment,frustration, anger verry easy when something is not living up to expectations SOONtm. I'm guilty aswell to this, i don't like it but apb can still get under my skin some days. But good initiative from you OP. Sometimes we forget to step back and look in ourselfs, free selfreflections for everyone and a cookie;)
  21. It is about bad server prediction/lag compensation, as explained in the video. watch from 11.45m. Exactly the same way as apb.
  22. Watch this and you will understand how bad apb server infrastucture realy is.
  23. Server prediction is the culprit here I gues, alowing high/low latency players to fight an entire other battle than just the game. APB server prediction favours high latency players instead of otherwise, we've seen this in the past more than we could count ( in forum threads) The famous lag shield, players connected to the server that have high ms, and low bandwith connections. But hey, pop is still low, server(district) ristrictions based on ms should be a must but would kill pop even more atm. If there would ever be a chance for apb to build a healthy pop than districts should be ms caped.
  24. There is an increse in cheaters for sure atm, hopefuly BE is still getting tweaked to be as effective as possible in the future. (On the other hand, due to the relative low pop and x amount of cheaters in that pop, they might be afraid to actualy start the ban wave. But it would only mean they cary on G1's short term vision, pure speculation ofc)
  25. Yes, i always start apb trough the exe in the binaries and never had a problem, only use the launcher when a new patch needs to be installed.
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