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  1. PogoTheClown

    Balanced Shotguns: how are they?

    oh no new players have a chance against vets now? How horribly frustrating it must be to get killed by a lowly bronze. this aint it bro
  2. PogoTheClown

    Balanced Shotguns: how are they?

    Balancing a game around fluctuating 25 tick servers Think I found the problem fellas
  3. PogoTheClown

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    Blows my mind anyone would intentionally put the Anubis crosshair on any gun. Some of you fellas are not from this world
  4. PogoTheClown

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    chiming in again to suggest reverting what the 2015 sprint-shoot patch did to semi-auto guns like the Scout and Obir, which did not need to be affected in the first place thx
  5. PogoTheClown

    Do headshots count in this game?

    Do NTEC do as same many damage as CR5? Some say same gun?? my do not think so
  6. Good to see the comments section of ffbans is running their brains full throttle Dont hurt urself fellas
  7. PogoTheClown

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    Harsh Bro
  8. PogoTheClown

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    left handed gameplay to connect with perc users on a deeper level really high sensitivity for same reason zero skill crutch weapon only for droolers
  9. PogoTheClown

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    Why would you be reloading your secondary if you're in the middle of a 2v1
  10. PogoTheClown

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    that gold ten python
  11. PogoTheClown

    Delay When Swapping Weapon In Hand

    I thought this thread was going to be about latency added between switching sides from the server. Instead we got another "realism in apb" thread. bummer. Not trying to be toxic here, but one of the guys some of you are putting energy into arguing with is a fight club drooler known to hackusate anyone with a functioning wrist. Don't bother.
  12. Look at it this way right How often are weapons/mechanics nerfed in modern FPS games? How often of those mechanics were borderline broken overpowered? The ratio isn't close to 1:1, you get what I mean? And that's okay. Devs often do that in popular online games to shift the meta to taste.
  13. The "take it away" post I made was a joke. I thought that it was pretty clear.
  14. My opinion in a nutshell: ask the top players what they think Economy is important in counter-strike. There's a reason why pro teams aren't questioning why the AWP is in the game, because it's a high risk investment. The "shut up and counter it" is a valid argument, but it's kind of a shame that 9 times out of 10 it's being used by people that have thousands of hours invested in the game and still have much to learn. The higher-end of gold players obviously don't have a problem countering it, but there's a reason why that and the hvr are laughed about when someone's trying to get serious about the game.
  15. It's straight up just not a well thought out concept. There's a reason high golds have considered it embarrassing to use since the year it was added. The amount of nades you carry is just part of it.