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  1. Overhaul missions. Getting defense just automatically puts you at the advantage. Attackers having to reach the final stage to win, but defenders could potential win at any stage. Not to mention just some of the completely one sided defending missions. Yeah there is a couple of plant and defend type missions, but the overwhelming majority of missions are straight defend or attack.
  2. If only you could fight the group comps that used to exist. Or even just the public social battering. You got it easy my guy.
  3. I've always been convinced that Silvers have to have been lobotomized to be so bad at the game. I've made alts and legit try to throw games and still end up as gold somehow. You legit have to have no spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination to end up as silver. Gold is literally the standard of APB. Sorry but it's the truth.
  4. Oh lmao LO gave up Who didn't see that coming
  5. I'm honestly surprised more people aren't holding on. Decided to play a couple of days and it seems like most of the people who dedicated their lives to the game have moved on after all this time. It ain't happening bro and no matter what they did to improve this game, I think the majority of vets wouldn't give a shit to come back. A new audience is honestly out of the question with the current gaming market. Nobody would like this game. Give it up man.
  6. Low Yields No seriously. I steadily lost interest in the game when gunplay got overshadowed by throwing grenades before every single encounter with another player. Everyone is so scared to play the game now before getting in free chip damage with the hard to avoid low yields.
  7. Or rewards players for using a gun at a range they shouldn't be. Overall just makes the game more frustrating to play for everyone when base accuracy gets nerfed instead of drop-off when a gun is deemed too effective at longer ranges.
  8. or maybe it would make some guns actually more challenging to use Yea fighting RNG is a challenge for sure
  9. Nerfing accuracy is always the worst way to go about weapon balancing imo
  10. just avoid CQC you idiots lmao dont even show up to attack the close quarters points haha
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