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  1. except weve been told by the very people who did both for a time that ue4 apb just wasnt feasible keeping in mind that orbit hasn't really worked on a game of this scale before it seems pretty believable that it would be easier for them to work on the version that essentially has training wheels, rather than trying to create a AAA equivalent game from scratch
  2. at this point it would just be facebook, since facebook is dated and bad also myspace was dope af, don't hate
  3. you've accidentally posted your facebook status update on the apb forums
  4. there's a lot less german (?) in my apb
  5. the severity of the issue depends on what exactly matt did to get banned which afaik was never revealed, it could have been something bizarrely specific like standing in a certain spot and doing 360 camera spins or it would have been something anyone might do like tracking spotter tags when fairfight thinks you can't either way we were also told that fairfight wasnt paid for, updated, or maintained for about a year, which also led to it not functioning correctly
  6. they had literally no idea who was cheating or who wasn't and evidence that the anticheat wasn't functioning correctly for at least a year
  7. you would have a point if med spray wasnt buffed, but it was, and thats whats causing the imbalance
  8. the only time i get this is when there's a whole lot of packet loss happening
  9. except the engine is needed for that new content, unless you want more stuff that is absolute shit like riot
  10. then why not use the always sprint config that has now been officially approved?
  11. could have just leveled up via open conflict or mugging
  12. i have no idea how long ago "back then" means, but is it really surprising that a new company would have a different vision for apb?
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