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  1. as long as games are making money without it, i doubt most devs want to bother adding another complex and potentially resource hogging system to their game it certainly doesn't help that the only example is a twice failed f2p game where the increased customization capability has negatively affected the pvp experience
  2. theres a plugin available for unreal 4 that essentially replicates how apb does custom clothing iirc cant remember the name but it had some ex-apb devs involved with it afaik
  3. one of the mattscott q&a sessions iirc
  4. gta 5 is significantly more complex and indepth than even a modern apb remake imo while nowhere near cheap i think 10-20 million and a couple years of dev time could result in a decent modern recreation of apb, altho it might lean heavily on a more "fortnite" aesthetic from relying on free unreal licensing, off the shelf plugins, and less realistic graphics to keep costs down
  5. really feels like you're the only angry one here tbh (altho im flattered you went to the trouble of reading my old posts), if it makes you feel better then i'm sorry i think your hypothesis is dumb nowhere did i imply that companies in general never let things die, but i did say that orbit isnt going to continue to pay for a game they're intentionally sabotaging, all while generating negative pr, chasing off their customers, and just tarnishing their reputation in general, in the hopes of getting those same customers they chased away to spend more money i don't have to be a big business mogul to see that costs orbit a whole lot of money for very little gain
  6. fallen earth wasn't "intentionally let die" - orbit couldn't justify the complex server maintenance needed on a regular basis and the game itself was very unstable so it was shut down, afaik it got so bad they were having to reboot the servers daily its not really comparable to apb, which could be (and has been) left on autopilot while the upgrade work happens in the background if you think its "discrediting" to point out how dumb it is to think a company would willfully tank a product that they paid a lot of money for and have put a lot of money/time into just so they might get the 400 people still playing to buy more cash shop items, then maybe you shouldn't blurt out such silly ideas i have no idea what punctuation has to do with anything, if you have a hard time determining where sentences end then i'd recommend glasses
  7. probably one of the dumber conspiracy theories i've heard
  8. roadmap wasn't accurate as it was being written :^)
  9. obviously ingame names don't count as doxxing, what even?
  10. ffbans immediately became an ego stroke for most cheaters, leading them to cheat longer or more blatantly for their 5 minutes of e-fame i also dont think doxxing falls under name&shame or acceptable retribution for cheating, but thats merely a personal opinion
  11. punkbuster was a dumpster fire, but i dont think its really relevant since all pb bans were lifted and the anticheat was discontinued before g1 sold apb to orbit
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