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  1. APB Reloaded, AFAIK, cannot make use of a lot of CPU cores despite being CPU heavy. Your 8 core CPU is what's screwing you over. I've got an i5-3570 and I run the game fine. Settings are maxed ingame and I don't have FPS problems 99% of the time. The engine update (Slated to arrive in 2019) will hopefully fix this. The reason for this, as far as I understand, is that a lot of newer CPU's make use of a lot of weaker cores in order to attain high speeds instead of a lower amount of more powerful cores. My i5 with 4 cores has more power per each individual core than your 8 core does. Thus, with APB not making use of a lot of CPU cores your performance is suffering despite having a better CPU.
  2. Freewind

    How to CQC better?

    The usual issue is assault rifles, which do usually mandate ADS, but other people seem to be able to CQC with them just fine, which is a little annoying. I want to lower this but at the same time it's not currently that viable for me to do so. My mousepad isn't the biggest and I do genuinely have the issue of my mouse going onto my table if I push too far. My current mousepad is the Razer Destructor 2 and I plan on getting a Razer Manticor eventually. (D2: Width: 255 mm / 10.04" Length: 355 mm / 13.98" Height: 2.2 mm / 0.09") Given the often touted effects of playing low-sensitivity I might invest in a Gigantus instead. From what I've heard personally, the "meta" of mice is to use a high DPI mouse and then low ingame sensitivity. That way the high DPI mouse has a smooth sensor to it while still enabling smooth ingame movement like a low DPI setting would. I have plenty of SMG's and a few shotguns, main problem is actually getting to use them which is tricky at best due to the rapidly shifting scenarios in APB. Usually a more universal weapon is mandated.
  3. When I engage people in CQC, more often than not I've noticed that the people I'm fighting seem to be able to move a lot more naturally than I can, and can jump back and forth in front of my crosshair and often my attempts to track them end up hitting mostly the scenery and making it so that just swinging my mouse around and shooting in every direction would be more profitable. So, I have two questions: 1: How do I get a smoother strafe that covers more ground? Even with mobility sling I feel like I'm walking through knee deep syrup compared to them running around with jet powered ice skates. 2: How do I track strafing like this better so that I'm not looking like a kid playing with a garden hose when it comes to CQC fights?
  4. Freewind

    OSCAR how-to?

    On one hand, when I see people use the OSCAR, they tend to dominate with it and absolutely shred anyone in their way, long range and short range. On the other hand when I use the OSCAR, I can barely hit anyone at range even though the Joker Carbine and OBIR can both manage long range poking just fine, and when I try to CQC with the weapon my need to adhere to proper fire rhythms means that people with full auto weapons can just hold the button down and delete me. So, what gives? How do I use this thing right? What mods does everyone run for it?
  5. With the launch of ARMAS refresh I have edited this thread with new ideas and would like to bring it back to relevancy so that it may be reexamined and perhaps have parts of it implemented at some time.
  6. Freewind

    Pet peeves of APB.

    I'll dust this off: I'm not driving around in small circles honking for you to go and jack a car, I'm driving around in small circles honking for you to GET IN. I drive a 4 door for a reason, folks!
  7. If we're going to make IR and HB polar opposites, then you'd need to change HB. Remove the damage reduction from HB and instead reduce the overall range. Now IR and HB can be polar opposites: IR gives you longer range but more bloom to deal with, HB gives you less bloom/recoil but at the cost of range. I don't think this would pan out too well though. HB would probably become insanity broken.
  8. Freewind

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Oh. That's good. I missed that.
  9. Freewind

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Preface: This is full of opinions and "facts" that might be wrong. I do not speak as if I am correct, I speak from my view. Kay? Threat as it stands feels fairly arbitrary. The only threat that really matters is silver atm, since if you're silver you can enter into any district you want without restrictions. Being bronze is slightly restrictive because you can only enter Bronze and Silver districts, but most of the time I feel like 99% of the APB playerbase is in those servers so it's not really that big of a deal. That being said, Gold feels HUGELY restrictive because when the servers aren't at peak hours it feel like the biggest chunk of the APB playerbase plays in bronze which, as a gold, you can't join. I even encountered this earlier today where the silver waterfront district had ten criminals and ten enforcers and bronze waterfront had 20 ish of each. What also sucks, and what I believe you plan on addressing, is being "borderline" between gold and silver. If I get stomped on and lose a few games I'll drop to silver, but if I play in bronze and win like... 1-2 games? Right back to gold I go, prompting rage whispers about golds in bronze even though I should be a silver. If I want to not near instantly turn back into a gold I have to intentionally gimp my play, which most people would call "dethreating", though I would argue there's a difference between intentionally playing sub-optimally (Mostly using non-meta weapons) and intentionally not attempting to contribute to the objective at all. Anyway, what I'm not so keen on is phasing, as others have echoed. I would really rather not be phased into a district or instance where it was just my team and just the enemy team and nobody else. The game would feel very hollow and way too big if this were to be the case. Part of the charm of APB is zooming through another mission's gunfight trying to get to your own objective and, when unintentional, the occasional crashes with another player are a part of this charm. Sure it might be the make or break moment of the mission, but as long as it's not too consistent it's not so bad. I can understand the desire to fix greifing and ghosting, but I wouldn't want to fix griefing and ghosting if it meant that every mission was just my team and the other team. Imagine Planetside 2, if you will. If you're on the ground as infantry you can only see and fight other infantry units. If you're in a vehicle, you can only see and fight other vehicles. If you're in an aircraft, you can only see and fight with other aircraft. This would make the experience a lot smoother, but it would rob one of the core features of Planetside 2: The unity of infantry, armored, and airborne combat. You guys seem kinda gung-ho about phasing, but I would ask that you tread carefully and be willing to pull the plug if it doesn't work out so well.
  10. Freewind

    Scheduled district days?

    That would involve getting G1/LO involved. This would merely be community directed in an effort to not have... 73 people in bronze WF (even mix.) 57 people in silver WF (Biased towards crims.) 28 people in bronze Financial (Even-ish, slight bias towards enfs.) 1 person in green Financial (That poor soul...) And nobody anywhere else. And this is approaching peak hours. We're only ~73 people away from the routine peak. (I didn't count it but there's 52 people in social. Enforcer bias)
  11. Freewind

    Scheduled district days?

    Yeah, that's the downside. I only spent like 5 minutes on the idea so I can't proclaim it as being perfect.
  12. APB NA currently has a small playerbase. In the short term future this isn't going to really get fixed. Thus, I'd like to propose adding a schedule to APB so that the districts see use instead of having small chunks of players spread out. Saturday - Fight Club. Monday - Financial. Tuesday - Waterfront. Wednesday - Fight Club. Thursday - Financial. Friday - Waterfront. Sunday - Fight Club. This way, Financial and Waterfront see consistent use with weekends and wednesday set aside for Fight Club. (I added FC to Wednesday since I didn't want to have Wednesday alternate Financial/Waterfront and get people confused.) There'd be no enforcement on this, it's merely an idea for the community to better work with the small amount of players that NA gets. Thoughts?
  13. Most likely, but I figure I'd leave it with people who are experienced with the systems to do the balance work. In practice I'd expect them to perform like the NL-9 stun shotgun.
  14. Before I begin: I dunno if this would be better in Social or in suggestions. I'll put it in suggestions since I feel like that's better. Could be wrong. So, weapons are being balanced. That's great. But I've been chatting to a few folks on Discord and I've noticed something that concerns me: Some weapons feel like they're being nerfed to cut down the effectiveness of a particular mod setup, but in doing this they're making only that mod setup viable. For example, let's take the classic NTEC loadout: HS3 and IR3. IR3 and the NTEC have both been tapped with the nerf/change bat a bit, but it feels like they seem to be balancing the NTEC around the fact that IR3 is so common. This is a bit of a problem if you don't use IR3 on the NTEC. Since the game is being balanced around the expectation that you're using IR3, not using IR3 means deliberately handicapping yourself. In addition, due to the IR changes affecting all weapons, it feels like shotguns no longer have a useful red mod, as many people advise against using CJ in any form on shotguns as the spread/bloom gets awful. Now with IR3 making shots slower shotguns don't have a viable redmod since they need to get their shots out quickly to compete with SMG's, who can just hold the button down until they get a kill or die. This is especially notable on the Strife, which made heavy use of IR3 in order to help with it's abysmal range. A decrease in ROF on top of it's already abysmal ROF is simply unacceptable. I've got two ideas that could fix this issue. 1: Have weapon mods be tailored to individual weapons or weapon classes. So that way IR3 on assault rifles isn't the same IR3 that rifles/snipers get. 2: Introduce a new red mod (when the time is right) for shotguns: Slug rounds. Slug rounds: +damage, +range, -99% pellets, -spread. Affected by bloom. All damage loaded onto one pellet. (Note: I know this is probably a horrible idea, but it's an idea.) Anyway. I'm moderately concerned about weapon builds becoming very static, and I'd like steps to be taken early and often to ensure that they don't.
  15. I abandon a mission that doesn't get opp on the first stage. I don't feel like going through the motions and maybe getting opp halfway through a mission. Along with other reasons that people have mentioned here. I vote against removing /abandon. It's incredibly handy. Part of the reason why I don't really enjoy playing MOBA's anymore is that I can't leave when I desire. At least with /abandon I have a specific set of circumstances where if I don't like how the mission looks I can leave the mission. In League, for example, if I get put on a team with "Racist_Supremacy_666" then I have to stomach a punishment in order to not play with them. APB Reloaded? /abandonmission if I don't have any opp and go on with my day.