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  1. This game is only 32 bit.
  2. In 2010, some reviewers thought that the game is not bad, but not everyone will like it. When the unification of the game engine is completed, I am very curious about what Little Orbit will do. In my opinion, they do not want to attract new players only those who have achieved everything and lack of new content bored them. This action can be compared to GTA Online because the new content caused the return of players.
  3. With the most toxic community, you can only dream about it. Gold weapons have their equivalents, but you have to buy them using Joker Tickets. For me it is impossible to collect as many Joker Tickets per week.
  4. The worst thing is that these movies have the number of views in millions.
  5. I got it by entering the Steam code from Armas about 2 years ago.
  6. No explanation of the basics of the game is probably a frequent reason. That discourages from playing.
  7. The only thing that has been done so far is the automatic emptying of the AssetCache folder. I have a better laptop, but with a 5400 rpm disk.I have a better laptop, but with a 5400 rpm disk. The guide is useless to me. So it remains to wait for the game to be 64 bits. In my opinion, it will not happen sooner than on the new version of the engine. Until they complete the transition to 3.5, probably LO will not deal with such technical issues.
  8. I have read that Matt Scott wrote that this type of program will not be allowed. Because BattlEye checks if the game files have been modified. In the future, new graphic settings may appear.
  9. The first winning mission during the day. Or several.
  10. lgawe1994


    You could even complain that phones in the game are not smartphones.
  11. Over the past six months, 1000 online players have been a record.
  12. If the majority is implemented into the game, I will be calm.
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