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  1. I also got constant trade locks, but since i added 2-step verification I never got trade locked. My windows is up to date.
  2. Oh don't mind me I just read the topic title and ignored everything else.
  3. @gogeo Add 2-step verification to your account.
  4. Talking about the Armas, I think it needs some improvements. Since we are talking about money spent on games, I feel like these things need to be addressed. Yes, you should always either research or take a closer look of what you are getting if you don't want to waste your money. I have no problem with the no refund policy, I only blame myself if I fuck up, for example buying some things to the wrong character instead. They state the character name which you will be getting the item under the checkout button, ergo you can't blame it on them and you shouldn't. But this is a different story, just wanted to leave my side on the topic before jumping into it. I think it needs to be improved in many ways, but most importantly it should not charge you twice (or multiple times) for the same items from different packs. I understand if you are buying packs you get a reduced/discounted price, but technically you are still buying things twice or multiple times from different packs. I might be super wrong here and I'm just dumb or have a decent point. I own almost all of the clothing packs since I never really cared about car designing, but seeing the 50% discount I got the urge to buy all the packs with the cars+kits+weapons, because its a great value. This whole idea got in my brain and instead of jumping in the checkout I let the urge go. My point is that you get minus the items you already have from pack off the total pack value, you have the option to upgrade your clothing or other packs you already own to the full +cars+kits+weapons pack, you have the option to get every item account-wide (this is just a bonus idea) XY Pack costs 3000 G1C, this is the best value for the items included. You spent 800 G1C on item(s) included in the pack. Since you are getting the best value in the pack the 800 G1C worth of item(s) you spent only cost(s) 600 G1C in the pack. You get minus the item(s) value worth in the pack. Instead of buying the pack for 3000 G1C you get 600 G1C off, so it only costs 2400 G1C. Following this logic you can end up saving more and you don't have to get the bigger packs right away if you want the best value. People tend to spend more in smaller purchases, at least normal consumers. Yes, people will still buy your packs even if they already got some of the same items inside. It's just a matter of improving the system more. "It is too late..." - Well yeah it is too late for most of us, but with the reworked armas, the whole adding things to joker store and the already reduced prices this could be the next step in the right direction. And with this being said, I'm not asking for any refunds, loss cover in g1c or anything like that. Past purchases are in the past. Anyone asking for such things should own up to their spending habits. I kinda like where the Joker Store goes, I like the idea of the reduced prices on Armas, it was much needed, but with improved systems like this I would gladly upgrade all of my packs and get what's left.
  5. sounds amazing, please matt make it happen. thx
  6. Some of these are reposts. Sadly I lost the old imgur pictures. Edited the link
  7. These are all completely reworked outfits based on three of my old ones. Edited the links
  8. Or just remind the players without 2-step verification to enable it. A notification each time you log in would be enough. Most players don't even know it exist in this game. I told at least 3-4 persons only last week to enable 2-step because they had the same problem.
  9. I got trade locked quite often. I'm not an expert, but I think it can be triggered by any Windows Updates, IP Changes and so on. Have you tried enabling the 2 step verification? That should remove the trade lock right away and you don't have to worry about it ever again.
  10. He should just edit that nonsense part out and he gets a decent post out of this mess
  11. @Fortune Runner I mean this is clearly not a solution. I guess we both agree on.
  12. I appreciate his passion, his creativity and the fact he is not here to cry about the current state of the game. I have no problem with his core idea, at least he is trying, however his thinking process, his mentality and his ignorance is the problem. Never have I ever said anything about his core idea. Go for it, we need more creative minds in this community anyways... he needs to work on his presentation and get some common sense before mentioning anything about solutions on development.
  13. @Fortune Runner I'm a bit confused on why I got quoted
  14. You have to be naive to think game development works like you present it. You really think anyone would completely "just restart all over" ? I hope not... You either just having fun on the forums or your mentality is equal to a child. I can appreciate the creativity and the passion you show but it's almost disrespectful to think the world works like you presented this solution.
  15. Yup, that's exactly how game development works.
  16. Rapid

    Add Events (races)

    @iTzBlackout Sounds cool, it reminds me of the GTA Online design, which is not a bad thing. They would have to polish it and an anti-ram system would also be appreciated with a mode like this. Since this is APB, I can imagine a race mode where the Enfos and the Crims would have to play against each other in a "race", so more like a chase or something that makes sense. If I remember correctly in NFS Rivals they had some gadgets you could activate and disable car functions or target a car and so on. Crims would have to outrun the Enfs and both sides would have specific gadgets to make it harder for the opposite side. I think it would be cool to see something like this in APB. This mode would fit in the game, but it would also require lots of polishing and balancing.
  17. Rapid

    Add Events (races)

    I agree, racing would be cool. Fun, different, refreshing. Just to spice it up a little bit I think it would be a cool project after the engine update. Yeah, I might get some hate for saying it, but I feel like it would only make sense after. I think adding "mini games" to social would also work @ZoriaDunne, since there was/is this big gambling trend with the /cointoss anyways. Imagine playing "mini games" in social district for joker tickets if you are not into the whole fight club thing. They are also expanding the joker store, so I think it would be cool to see more ways to get the tickets if you are one of the "passive players". They are changing the trees in social district and in few other spots across all districts with the engine update. That will reduce the amount of jumps you can do in social. I'm pretty sure no one really cares about this, but for a burnt out player like myself, it is important. Every time I showed someone a cool trick in social or a jump they always liked it. I love this "broken" element of the game. It always satisfied me when we discover some new ways to break the game and get to/on a spot we are not supposed to be in/on. (not including missions) With the new engine all these things might disappear. I also suggested to remove the out-of-bound outside the missions, so enable it when a mission is running but keep it disabled so we can do the 4x4 and the dump truck jumps again. All these things might be gone with the engine update, so adding mini games to social, for example jump puzzles, hot lava >(maybe extend the district outside the dock area) and so on. You would get joker tickets for completing these mini games. None of these would hurt the game financtially. With the racing districts/modes people would focus even more on the vehicle appearances. I can see people making racing teams (clans) and maybe even brands. I can see an increase of money spent in the armas marketplace with this mode. With the "mini games" it's more about the inactive players becoming active again just to come up and chat/have fun more often. TL;DR I agree, we need more variety in this game.
  18. I just see two intellectual having a fairly complex rivalry. It's almost like trying to read those ancient hieroglyphs and when you finally solve them you just realise some pharaohs had beef with each other and those hieroglyphs are diss tracks. I'm kinda entertained...
  19. Why would you feel the need to express yourself over my unnecessary comment? Just leave a dislike and move on. Can't argue with that, get a grip on life. Godspeed.
  20. Why would you feel the need to express yourself over my shitty joke? Just leave a dislike and move on.
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