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  1. When you crouch down in a bush you turn black, fix this first.
  2. Vanten

    Genger change

    Should we be able to change factions too?
  3. This idea is probably going to totally kill NA...
  4. I’m happy you guys are working as hard as you do right now, really I am. And thank you for being active in the community. What I am going to tell you now is maybe not that neccesary minding that you have already posted some what of a future plan for the game. But I would appreciate if you prestented the actual plans for APB. Right now I feel like it’s only the engine upgrade and a few things more that is being talked about (from what I have seen), and of course these are really important stuff, don’t take me wrong! But what exacly is your goal with this game? What more can we expect from you and Little Orbit, other than the engine upgrade, the anticheat etc?
  5. why don't you just apply for a job at Little Orbit?
  6. Isn’t FC the place where you actually want spawn protection? Like when you join the district and spawn in the base. It’s often crowded with enemies, especially in Baylan.
  7. Vanten

    Joker Boxes

    It's not very high, and if I were you, I would just save up some ingame money and buy the legendaries from the market or trade. Maybe buy premium to boost your progress. If you try really hard and play alot during the Christmas event, you can earn up to around 2-2,5 millions, with premium of course. But if you decide to spend some money, I guess you'll help Little Orbit.
  8. Honestly, I could not agree more with what you said.
  9. Vanten

    This fourm is a mess

    I'm sorry, but everything can't be all happy and have pretty pink unicorns running around. That is just not the reality. I also believe that if you can't accept and have criticism, you're going to have a harder time making the the problems better. Though some posts on this forum are kind off out of countrol, right. But don't except a paradise.
  10. has* Criminal* (or crim) ?! protection* and* criminal* (or crim)
  11. I have not encountered this bug myself. I have a few tattoos, but the bug you're describing might be because of how quite many tattoos you have?
  12. I mostly referred this problem to the Volcano, as I'm not quite sure about if this occurs with the Osmaw too since I don't use it that much either. Though some people say it does too. When it comes to the reason behind this, I think we are talking about two different bugs seeing that this bug I'm describing doesn't match what you say. For me it seems like this bug can occur at anytime no matter where you are and the frame rates. Whatever the reason, these are some annoying bugs. However I'm not sure about grenades and such since I haven't had this problem with them.
  13. Vanten

    About Halloween Event

    Though while Lixil explains the Halloween event, he/she seems to make it a difference between player and citizen. "Having discovered a dangerous contagion that will turn citizens into mindless zombies, an evil corporation has paid our players to spread...". So it might be the npcs we are suppose to infect. But I don't know now, it could be like you said.